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My Experience with Tribe-Squads

My lesson learned about 10 months experience with Tribe Squad model. What I've learned so far, what traps, and how we solve many problems along the way.

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My Experience with Tribe-Squads

  1. 1. 10 Months with Tribe / Squads & What I’ve learned so far…
  2. 2. 10 Months with Tribe/Squad What’ve I learned so far… It’s a trap. Don’t come this way!!!
  3. 3. Who am i? • Olarn Ungumnuayporn • Work for ODDS. • Scrum Master / Agile Coach Agile Practitioner • Certified ScrumMaster, LeSS, Kanban
  4. 4. Disclaimer #1 I will tell only what I can. Focus on Lesson Learned and just that.
  5. 5. Disclaimer #2 Every decision we made are based on the limitation at that time.
  6. 6. Disclaimer #3 My point of view may be wrong. Don’t trust me.
  7. 7. Spotify Engineering Culture • The Spotify Agile Model (Engineering Culture) adopt from Scrum to scaling multi-self-organizing teams. • It needs maturity and strong continuous-improvement culture.
  8. 8. 1/2 Part 1
  9. 9. 2/2 Part 2
  10. 10. Lesson Learned #1 Spotify Engineering Culture composed good engineering practices, experiment & learn process, with fail- friendly culture, that focus on very clear what is their product. Can we copy it?
  11. 11. PO Squad Members Product & Features Tribe Lead Direction, Culture, Motivation, etc. Chapter Lead Standardi ze & Policies IT Supports Issues, SLA Agile Coach Agile, Mindset, Ceremony , etc. BUs Requests, Complain, etc. Management Deadline, Budget, etc. Legacy, Tech Dept., Obsoleted Tech. Tune up, Migration, New things to learn Solution, Integration with another teams, etc. No Time!!! Too many things in a very short period time.
  12. 12. Doing multiple teams at the same time. TL PO Development Team SA Squad A PO Development Team SA Squad B PO Development Team SA Squad (N) . . .CL Agile Coach CL Ouch!!! ?? ? ? ?? ? ? ? ? ? ??
  13. 13. Cross-functional Structure TL PO Development Team SA Squad A PO Development Team SA Squad B PO Development Team SA Squad (N) . . .CL Agile Coach CL BUs BUs BUs . . . BUs Focused
  14. 14. Business Unit Focused PO Development Team SABUs Squad A BUs @#$%&*# @! PO Development Team SA Squad B OK OK BUs @#$%&*# @! OK BUs @#$%&*# @! OK Ha? 💀 BUs BUs What do we missed?
  15. 15. Look Closely
  16. 16. Lesson Learned #2 Spotify Engineering Culture is for Scaling Agile Team that value on Community over Structure, and more, NOT just grouping multiple Agile Teams together. That’s not Agile.
  17. 17. Lesson Learned #3 Scaling Agile Team ≠ Group of Agile Teams
  18. 18. Lesson Learned #3 v.2 Multi-Team Scrum ≠ Multi-Scrum Teams
  19. 19. So, what we’ve done so far?
  20. 20. Requests from Business Units SQUAD SQUAD SQUAD SQUAD SQUAD
  21. 21. Prioritization
  22. 22. Demand Management SQUAD SQUAD SQUAD SQUAD SQUAD Tribe Lead Do it ASAPPrioritization & Plan High-Level Management Tribe Product Backlog
  23. 23. Increase Visibility SQUAD SQUAD Tribe Lead SQUAD Product Backlog QUEUE PO PO SQUAD SQUAD PO PO SQUADPO
  24. 24. The Same Cadence Tribe Lead Product Backlog SquadPO PO PO PO PO Squad Squad Squad Squad
  25. 25. Multi-Level Alignment Tribe Level Output / Outcome Business Alignment Level Direction, Business Direction, Strategy 🏁 🏁 Squad Level Sprint, Goal
  26. 26. Flight Levels Prioritized DOING DONE (2019) TL CL Initial Flight LEVEL 2 Flight LEVEL 1 Alliance Lead Super PO Management To be discuss Deferred Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Squad A Squad B Squad C Squad D ...
  27. 27. Lesson Learned #4 Don’t be a child who got a hammer on Christmas Day.
  28. 28. Technical Debt
  29. 29. Normal Sprint Sprint Backlog TODO DOING DONE
  30. 30. Issues? Sprint Backlog TODO DOING DONE Bugs Requests Tech Debt Deliver as committed Not Deliver ‘cause adhoc.
  31. 31. Issues? Sprint Backlog TODO DOING DONE FEATURESISSUES
  32. 32. Handle with Tech Dept. Sprint Backlog TODO DOING DONE FEATURESISSUES Tech Debt.
  33. 33. Lesson Learned #6 You should not ignore technical debt… Fix its LATER == NEVER be fixed
  34. 34. NEXT STEP
  35. 35. The Next Problem SQUAD SQUAD SQUAD SQUAD SQUAD Tribe Lead SQUAD Product Backlog QUEUE ???
  36. 36. Tribe Lead Doing Scrum @ Scale Not Scale Scrum Team Product Backlog Feature TeamPO PO PO PO PO Feature Team Feature Team Feature Team Feature Team Product Owner
  37. 37. Guideline: Large Scale Scrum
  38. 38. Guideline: Flight Levels
  39. 39. Conclusion
  40. 40. Agile Coach My Toolbox Our highest priority is to satisfy the customer through early and continuous delivery of valuable software. Simplicity — the art of maximizing the amount of work not done — is essential. Starting work spend money, only finished work make money!!! Large inventory introduce cost and delay. Stop starting, Start finishing. Working Software Comprehensive Documentation over Customer Collaboration Contract Negotiation over
  41. 41. Lesson Learned • Scaling Agile Team ≠ Sum of Agile Teams • Agile process is based on experiment & learn, you cannot copy/paste then expecting it just work. • Technical debt reduce agility and may take business down. DONOT underestimate its. Apply “Stop & Fix” practice. • Every transition take times (based on teams skills, organization’s culture, etc). Don’t be rush. • It is an ongoing journey, not the complete picture. Keep motivating and learning.
  42. 42. Topics not covered • Application designed that solved the complex requirements. • User Story Mapping & User Journey workshops that solve business problems without a single line of code. • Team Guardians. How to protect team from C&C management. • Kanban at team level in details and what’re I learned so far. • As an Agile Coach / Scrum Master, how to survive in the complex organizational environment.
  43. 43. Disclaimer #last My solutions may not work with your problems. Copy/paste will never work. Encourage to apply experiment & learn by yourself.
  44. 44. References • Spotify Engineering Culture Videos :- Part 1: Part 2: • LeSS by Craig Larman and Bas Vodde Video :- • Flight Level by Klaus Leopold organizational-improvement-levels/