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Webinar #29 - OpenBOM Basics: A Single Source Of Truth

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This is a slide deck for the webinar about managing a single source of truth about product information using the OpenBOM reference-instance model

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Webinar #29 - OpenBOM Basics: A Single Source Of Truth

  1. 1. Use and Re-use Steve Hess Director of User Experience, OpenBOM September 9, 2020 © OpenBOM, 2020 (Newman Cloud Inc.) OpenBOM as your Single Source of Truth
  2. 2. Webinar basics You are all muted Please type questions in the chat window or send to We will publish a video recording following the event I will share this deck with the playback. This is meant to be a casual event….. And maximise use of time © OpenBOM, 2020 (Newman Cloud Inc.)
  3. 3. About this webinar….. The purpose of this webinar is to get you thinking about OpenBOM as the abitur of truth; a single source of info for a discrete item, an alternative to never ending (multiple) updates of Excel. At the end you will be able to organize your BOM(s) to reuse common items. Lately I’ve been avoiding a lot of preparation for these webinars, choosing to take questions as we go and do them live…. So here we go! If we don’t cover anything please email me at
  4. 4. Definitions: A Bill of Materials is a list of the raw materials, sub-assemblies, intermediate assemblies, sub-components, parts, and the quantities of each needed to manufacture an end product. Catalog: A list of Items in OpenBOM used by your company to make your products. Often called a Classification or Inventory or an Item Master, this is a list of parts and sub-assemblies and associated information needed to put your final product together. A Item (a Part or Assembly) is generally defined as a thing in your BOM or Catalog. Order BOM: Often called a Planning BOM this is where order calculations are done in in preparation to create Purchase Orders © OpenBOM, 2020 (Newman Cloud Inc.)
  5. 5. Lessons Lesson #1 - Let’s make a BOM of parts? (two skateboards, 4 and 6 wheel variants) Lesson #2 - Creating an “instance” of common and uncommon items (in a Catalog) Lesson #3 - (Re)using items(s) in a BOM Lesson #4 - Controlling how/when BOMs update Lesson #5 - Driving updates down through purchasing © OpenBOM, 2020 (Newman Cloud Inc.)
  6. 6. Live session….Lesson #1 Let’s make a BOM 1. Open dashboard 2. Import the W29-SB-100 3. What do we have? 4. A BOM, fully self self contained 5. What if we have another variant, the 101? 6. Import 101 and discuss the two BOMs 7. Some common parts, some unique (the deck) 8. They do NOT know anything about each other!! 9. Change the Cost of the screw in the 100, will not change in 101. They are not related! © OpenBOM, 2020 (Newman Cloud Inc.)
  7. 7. Part Number Cost Description Manufacturer Image 00060 2.00 Wheel ABC Skate Catalog (Skateboard PARTS) Part Number Quantity 00060 4 BOM1 (A Skateboard) OpenBOM: Reference-Instance Copyright © Newman Cloud Inc, 2019 Instance-reference link Instance (BOM) properties Reference (Catalog) properties
  8. 8. Part Number Cost Description Manufacturer Image 00060 $2.00 Wheel ABC Skate Catalog (CAT1 213) Part Number Quantity 00060 4 BOM1 (Std Skateboard) Part Number Quantity 00060 6 BOM2 (Extra Long Skateboard) Part Number BOM properties Catalog properties OpenBOM: Catalog & BOMs Copyright © Newman Cloud Inc, 2019
  9. 9. Cost Description Manufacturer Image $2.00 Wheel ABC Skate Part Number Quantity 00060 4 BOM1 (Std Skateboard) Part Number Quantity 00060 6 BOM2 (Extra Long Skateboard) Part Number BOM properties Catalog properties OpenBOM: A line in the BOM Copyright © Newman Cloud Inc, 2019 Cost Description Manufacturer Image $2.00 Wheel ABC Skate
  10. 10. Live session….Lesson #2 - Now let's try again using Reference-Instance method 1. So we have some BOMs we want to make them more versatile by Referencing the item Instances to Catalogs of the common items. 2. Let’s go back to the original Excel BOMs and import them (again) but for use as a Catalog of items 3. Import the W29-100 to a Catalog 4. Remove columns which don’t make sense as a Reference like Total Cost 5. Note that Quantity on Hand was added 6. Rename the Catalog to SB Items 7. Start thinking of this Catalog as the list of all items that go into your products (BOMs) 8. Were not going to get clever here… but Catalog this is now a full citizen of OpenBOM and can add formulas, vendors, QOH, etc 9. Now import the W29-SB-101 and watch how new items are appended and duplicates are Merged into the Catalog 10. Remove the Total Cost column again 11. Let’s Setup the Vendors 12. Our Catalog is looking good © OpenBOM, 2020 (Newman Cloud Inc.)
  11. 11. Live session….Lesson #3 Let’s wire up the old BOMs to the new Catalog 1. Now we are ready to “enable” the reference-instance model in our two BOMs. 2. Open the 100 BOM 3. Review the BOM, , note that all properties are still Instance (that is, no reference to a Catalog) 4. Connect the Catalog 5. Review the message, continue 6. Review the BOM, note that properties P/N and Quantity are Instance, all others are coming for the Catalog (Reference) - Note [brackets] 7. Let’s make Total Cost a formula 8. Do the same above for the 101 BOM 9. Now we have two BOMs each with their own variations but referencing the common items (Catalog) 10. Change the price of the screw. See it updates in both BOMs. 11. Both BOMs are have live references to the data 12. Create a -102 and add a few Items © OpenBOM, 2020 (Newman Cloud Inc.) *Compare to slide 6
  12. 12. Skateboard SB-102 Axle Screw Board Board Front Axle Wheel (Left) Wheel (Right) Rear Axle Wheel (Left) Wheel (Right) Screw (x4) Screw (x4) Wheel OpenBOM™ Reference-Instance & Quantity Qty=4 Qty=1 Qty=1 Qty=1 Qty=1 Qty=1 Qty=1 Qty=4 Qty=1 Instances References © OpenBOM, 2020 (Newman Cloud Inc.) Confidential Information Skateboard SB-101 Skateboard SB-100
  13. 13. Live session….Lesson #4 Using “Revisions”to control when a BOM updates 1. So now as our products mature and we are ready to go to production, the -100 is ready. 2. We have all the items defined 3. Save new revision of -100 it as REV 1 a. Create an Order BOM for 25 units b. Create POs c. Export PDF d. Release Order BOM to update QOH e. Send PO to Vendor f. There is a video blog on Orders and PO’s (link) 4. Go to the Catalog, change cost of 5401 to $20 5. Note it updates in Latest but not REV 1 6. Change cost of Screw 7. Note is updates in -100 (latest) and the -101 8. So, by creating a Revision, we FREEZE all the properties and values at that moment in time. © OpenBOM, 2020 (Newman Cloud Inc.)
  14. 14. Review...
  15. 15. Create a BOM, do not manage catalog(s) Good for flat part lists, one time export from CAD systems and simple reports. Create a BOM, later connect catalog (s) Good for starting to work with BOM and migrating to reference/instance model Create catalog with Items and then create BOM for Assemblies The most comprehensive scenario of work. Organize references first, then manage to create a BOM for assemblies Model 3: Pros: Easy to start and manage data Cons: Redundancies for part data Pros: Easy to start with BOM first. Cons:Possible data restructuring between BOM and Catalos Pros: Clean reference/instance model, no redundancy Cons: Requires some upfront thinking OpenBOM™ - Data Management Best Practices Model 2: Model 1: Copyright © Newman Cloud Inc, 2020
  16. 16. A A1 A2 P1 P2 A3 P1 12 1 1 5 10 P1 2 P1P3 P4 611 © OpenBOM, 2020 (Newman Cloud Inc.) Confidential Information BOM BOM Top-Level BOM BOM Catalog Part Number Type Description A BOM Skateboard A1 BOM Board A2 BOM Axle Assy A3 BOM Wheel P1 Part Screw P2 Part Top P3 Part Wheel P4 Part Axle Part Number Quantity A1 2 A2 1 P1 10 P1 2 BOM: A Part Number Quantity P2 1 Part Number Quantity A3 1 P1 5 BOM: A2 BOM: A1 Part Number Quantity P1 6 P3 1 P4 1 BOM: A3 BOM
  17. 17. References Google drive demo BOMs (-100, -101): OpenBOM Webinars OpenBOM Basics OpenBOM Help - a great place to start OpenBOM Data Management © OpenBOM, 2020 (Newman Cloud Inc.)
  18. 18. Questions / comments ? Please send to or use the Support feature in OpenBOM © OpenBOM, 2020 (Newman Cloud Inc.)