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Blogging As The Backbone of Social Marketing

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Blogging can be an invaluable tool, supplying new and engaging content for website, social media networks, press releases, newsletters, and more. Here are some examples of how our transit agency uses blogging to connect with our community.

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Blogging As The Backbone of Social Marketing

  1. 1. Blogging as the backbone of social marketing How one transit agency engaged its riders and grew an award-winning blog in just six months. Juno Kughler Carlson
  2. 2. Old headlines live forever on the Internet. Important to tell your own story.
  3. 3. Omnitrans Ridership: 16 million The agency provides over 55,000 passenger trips each weekday across the San Bernardino Valley.
  4. 4. The concept: For Valentine’s Day, spotlight one of our employee couples. “Our little story has reached so many people and the feedback has been incredible.”
  5. 5. The concept: Write about a family that uses Omnitrans regularly. “Omnitrans has made it possible for us to enjoy life in ways we never would have imagined.”
  6. 6. The concept: Interview a college student who saves money by riding the bus. “Krystle is a true heroine.” Dick Riddell Omnitrans Board Chair
  7. 7. The concept: Spotlight a wheelchair user who also rides Omnitrans. “For 14 years after I became disabled, I almost never left my home.”
  8. 8. The concept: Profile a cyclist who also rides the bus. “One of the nice things about public transit is that I can be flexible in the way I travel.”
  9. 9. Coach operator JoJo shared a sweet thank you note from two little girls.
  10. 10. Feature a Destination Independent local businesses appreciate the support.
  11. 11. Say it with pictures Behind the scenes photos can help build social buzz.
  12. 12. Omnitrans A Great Solution for this Newlywed
  13. 13. Why is blogging now a cornerstone of our marketing strategy? Builds online brand reputation Defines who we are and what sets us apart in our industry Identifies brand ambassadors Humanizes us as an agency Encourages social sharing Provides content for our website and social media networks Creates partnership opportunities Forms the basis for press releases Breaks customer stereotypes
  14. 14. Our blog now receives more than 9,000 visits per month
  15. 15. Our blog is now the backbone of our online marketing PRESS RELEASE Constant Contact Rider Alerts
  16. 16. Listen: When interviewing people, listen for interesting side stories that go beyond your original concept. Network: Think about what social partners might be natural tie-ins for your article. Some tips for blogging success: Share: Add a tagline at the end of your blog articles to encourage sharing: Do you like this story and want to use it for your blog or newsletter? All our stories may be freely re-posted and shared with others! Do you have a great Omnitrans story to share? Let us know! Email
  17. 17. “I would enjoy being employed by someone who cared as much as Omnitrans does about your team and passengers” – Oratio Comments from our readers: “I was struck by how cut off from our community we can be when we ride in our individual automobiles, and also how much cars keep us from moving our bodies and getting fresh air. Thanks for an inspiring story.” – Susan