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BCockpit - Help (EN)

This is a quick tutorial of BCockpit´s MVP web version. It is very simple and intuitive. Share it among your friends.

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BCockpit - Help (EN)

  1. 1. TurningContactsintoValuableRelationshipsTUTORIAL Disclaimer: BCockpitis underdevelopment. Alfa version. Continuousimprovementsontheway.
  2. 2. 1.Login 2.User Profile 3.Import Contacts 4.My Contacts 5.Contacts Map 6.Geolocation 7.Street View 8.New Contact 9.Search10. Company Profile / Edit11. Send Email12. Social Media13. Early Birds14. Angels & Investors15. Coming Soon16. BenefitsTutorial for EarlyBirdsBCockpitwillbeaB2BSocialGeoSRM-StakeholderRelationshipManagementplatform,i.e.,itwillbeamuchsimplerCRMbasedoncorporatestakeholder´sgeopositioning.
  3. 3. Login–Demo1. WatchTutorial
  4. 4. UserProfile3.Changeyourpassword4.Edityourprofile(Address) 2. Clickonphoto5. Clickhere
  5. 5. ImportContacts7. Uploada complete .XLS file(themore, thebetter) File´s name= tag6. Download template.XLS
  6. 6. MyContacts File´s name= tag
  7. 7. ContactsMap8. Clickhere
  8. 8. Geolocation9. Clickhere10. Getdirections
  9. 9. StreetView11. Zoom in andpositionyellowmanverycloseThisiconindicatesdestinationis close
  10. 10. AddNewContact–1 by112. Clickhere13. Complete allfields(themore, thebetter)
  11. 11. Search 14. Typehere15. PressEnterorclickhereSendemail 16.MapEdit Contact
  12. 12. CompanyProfile17. Clickhere
  13. 13. CompanyProfile-Edit18. Clickhere19. Complete allfields(themore, thebetter)
  14. 14. SendEmail20. Sendemail CompanyprofileupdatedCc ownuser´s email alsoincludedSeveraloptionsRecipient´s email alreadyinserted
  15. 15. Social Media
  16. 16. EarlyBirdsIfyouseeouruniquevalueproposition, pleaseCLICK HERE andinvite yourpeers& friendsto becomeEarlyBirdsas well
  17. 17. Angels& InvestorsDearSir/Madam, Inordertospeedupdevelopment, weareopentotalktopotentialangelsandinvestors. Mayyouwishtoseriouslysupportourgrowth,pleasecontactussothatwewillsendyoutheinvestor´sdeckforyouranalysis. Thanksinadvanceforyourinterest.
  18. 18. ComingSoonAndroidversionAvailablein 4 languages
  19. 19. Top 10 Benefits* 1.Organizemessy contact databasisin one single point 2.Accessible via smartphone(coming soon) 3.Developa good habit of keeping contacts updated 4.Geolocalizecontacts of interest (address required) 5.Help managing sales efforts and time by region 6.Get directions on Google Maps / Street View 7.Search and reach contact details promptly 8.Send emails with automatic copy to own user 9.Recoverallcontactsin case ofphoneloss/damage 10.Benefitjobseekers, professionals, entrepreneursandmanagers *Subjecttodatabasisquality.Themorecomplete,thebetter
  20. 20. OctavioPitalugaNeto(LinkedIN) BCockpit Chief Networking Officer Tel: +55 21. 2235-8721 Cel: +55 21. 9 8829-4933 Skype: octaviopitaluga GTalk: @bcockpit ContactDisclaimer: BCockpitis underdevelopment. Alfa version. Continuousimprovementsontheway.