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What's new in NetFlow Analyzer 12.2

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Check out to know all the new features and enhancements made in v12.2.

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What's new in NetFlow Analyzer 12.2

  1. 1. Industry’s first network traffic management software with integrated configuration management.
  2. 2. Analyze. Identify. Resolve.
  3. 3. New features in NetFlow Analyzer v12.2 • Enhanced UI • Network configuration manager add-on • One click flow export • Wireless LAN Controller monitoring • Tight integration with network management solution • Auto-refresh for zoomed traffic graphs • And more…
  4. 4. Enhanced UI • New UI makes navigation to be much more faster and easier. • Improved drill-down option, filtering option, and enabling settings from device page has reduced no. of clicks up to great extent.
  5. 5. One click flow export • With Config. Management, now it is possible to export flows with a single click. • All the device configuration available as configlets in UI saves time in getting started without logging to terminal.
  6. 6. Wireless LAN Controller monitoring • WLC monitoring provides traffic details wrt. each controller and its associated clients, SSID, APs, app traffic, QoS, and conversation . • It gives overall bandwidth consumption by all wireless hosts.
  7. 7. Tight integration with network management solution • NetFlow Analyzer has option to upgrade to OpManager – complete network management software through license key. Network & Server monitoring Bandwidth analysis Config. management Firewall Log analysis IP address & port mgmt.
  8. 8. Network Configuration Manager add-on • Config. Manager brings network change, configuration and compliance management to manage all config. changes of network devices. • It helps to save time by automating various tasks such as schedule backup, execute configlets, etc.
  9. 9. Night mode for NOC view • This new feature brings low contrast screens to monitor critical items that needs constant monitoring.
  10. 10. Added AD integration & radius server setting • For user management, AD integration & radius server settings are added.
  11. 11. Google maps view • Now you can create visual view of network maps with the help of this setting and add network devices and priority links to get live status of your network links.
  12. 12. Collaboration tool added • Group chat is available to interact within teams to resolve/assign the issues in more simplified way. Alerts can be discussed with the help of this tool.
  13. 13. Enhancement: Tree view for CBQoS policies • Tree view option for CBQoS policies gives policy hierarchy for better classification..
  14. 14. Enhancement: Added “Report Profiles” • NetFlow reports added "Report profiles" option to add bulk filters and manage the most important reports at single location.
  15. 15. Enhancement: Auto-refresh for zoomed traffic graphs • Traffic graphs zoomed for selective time interval will respectively auto-refresh all other device snapshot page graphs. • Thus, helps to drill down further and troubleshoot a spike occurred at that particular time interval.
  16. 16. Enhancement: Report option from device page • Generating reports from device snapshot page is now available for faster troubleshooting.
  17. 17. Enhancement: “Filter by time” option • Inventory page provides option to select time interval as a filter.
  18. 18. • NetFlow Analyzer 12 Overview • Tech videos • Release notes • Existing customer Service Pack upgrade Resources