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P manifold thoughtleadership_messaging_positioning_services

Growing need to showcase ‘Knowledge’ Leadership, while continuing to do what you do.

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P manifold thoughtleadership_messaging_positioning_services

  1. 1. Services: Establishing Brand Leadership, Messaging & Positioning via Blog, Newsletter, Webinar etc. 7/3/2014 © pManifold. All rights reserved. 1 Catalyzing emerging business models through CONSULTING | RESEARCH | STAKEHOLDER ENGAGEMENT | TRAINING
  2. 2. Growing need to showcase ‘Knowledge’ Leadership, while continuing to do what you do How does this help? Can we do ourselves? July 3, 2014 pManifold Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd. 2 Engaging your customers and networks online through regular ‘content’ is the key… • You stay on top of mind of your prospects/ customers, and start getting seen as ‘Givers’ with distinct1 • You create strong social profile and content, and start getting noticed by cos. not in radar, including building niche industry connections 2 • Your team gets better engaged to support creating content, and in that process pick knowledge mgmt.3 • Your branding improves, retaining clients, attracting new projects, favorable pricing, partnerships, star resourcing etc. 4 VisibilityLead/Sales Employee EngagementBrandPower Yes, you can, but most times, we have seen company’s struggle with required skill set, regular commitment of employees, and scarce bandwidth of Management to track, inspite having strong intent and business case. Here are a few more reasons why joining hands with us is a good deal Customer Sense: pManifold’s team prides itself in understanding the customer & broader stakeholders perceptions and can better support in the sustained management of this communication channel Third party: pManifold executes the program independently and thus the results are devoid of any internal bias that sometimes employees may have. As we do it for others as-well hence you benefit from the best-in-class processes we use and continually improve. Management Sense: This fully managed service is offered on a fixed fee basis which becomes an opex for you to continuously monitor
  3. 3. Our Solutions: We build, engage, write and manage your knowledge and Community Execute a specialized mailing list for your industry professionals in and outside your network •Continue growing this list throughout the year •Use it to share regular monthly content Mailing List Researched content via Blog or article per month on pre-agreed select topics relevant to your business and objectives •One to be prepared by pManifold, •Others could be shared by your team, with final reviews and publish done by pManifold Research based Blog/ articles 1 online Newsletter per month to be sent as Mailer to all contacts in the mailing list •This to share above research content, relevant co. updates, and broader industry news of relevance Newsletter Professional business white papers on select topics meeting any of objectives: •Launch and publish in participating conferences •Business Case study of projects completed for wider dissemination and scale-up BD White Paper Organising interactive Online webinar for you, •Supporting turnkey subject design, speaker finalization, content review, marketing, hosting etc. Webinar Organising custom conference/ workshop for your targeted stakeholders •Thought Leadership •Advocacy Conference 7/3/2014 © pManifold. All rights reserved. 3 We do it turn-key under your brand name, and integrate with your existing outreach channels and tools Monthly On Demand
  4. 4. Case Studies Webinar, BlogPower Quality • Client, a Global institution was interested in promoting Power quality in Indian market across all stakeholders, and support its member cos. (mostly electrical equipment cos.) to increase their market share. • pManifold writing regular monthly blogs and conducting quarterly webinars for them (see webinar and blog) NewsletterGIS • Client, a GIS service provider and utility Infra co. was interested in building its Thought Leadership in GIS market segment for both domestic and International markets. • pManifold doing regular monthly blogs, quarterly webinars, and quarterly white papers for them (see news letter and blog) Conference, Outlook SurveyUtility ERP • Client, a global IT outsourcing and technology company was interested to enter into emerging new Power Distribution Franchisee market in India • pManifold designed and turn key conducted a close group conference with targeted stakeholders under IUKAN (see IUKAN BTC Conference) Linkedin Community, NewsletterLife Sciences & Pharma • Client, a Global Life Sciences and Pharma Consulting co. was interested to build a global knowledge community of professionals in Life Sciences space • pManifold created a devoted KPO model to support the client with all its regular research and communication (see Linkedin Community, and Newsletter) 7/3/2014 © pManifold. All rights reserved. 4
  5. 5. Let’s get in touch… Joinusinourconversationsat, Power Distribution Franchisee AT&C Efficiencies True Distributed Generation Power Distribution Franchisee Community of Interest Connecting talent & Making Local companies discoverable pManifold Insights Premium & Free Reports, Presentations, and more… pManifold Community Blog Articles, technical notes. Talk to us or drop by… Sandeep Waghmare +91 98237-58532 Rahul Bagdia +91 95610-94490 India (Main office) 741 Byramji Town Opposite Marina Residency Byramji, Nagpur - 440013 Maharashtra, INDIA USA (Liaison Office) 2020 Calamos Ct., Suite 209 Naperville, IL 60653, USA Mr. Dinesh Jain +1 630-853-3520 Let’s deploy our insights and actions for your business to improve and grow! Water Sector Reforms - India Community of Interest 7/3/2014 © pManifold. All rights reserved. 5
  6. 6. About pManifold Customer Surveys – KYC, CSAT, Indexing, Vigilance Customer Touch Point Audits Customer interfacing processes improvement & Mgmt. Brand Leadership, Messaging, Positioning, Customer Communication Market Research, Go-To-Market Strategy, Partnership Development Mobility & IT Apps Training, Capacity Building, Vendor Development Financial Modeling & Bid Advisory Stakeholder Engagement Conference Around 4 years strong Utility Research and Consulting portfolio, with Operators and Service Providers to build viable business models and operations, improve services delivered and customer experience, and engage all stakeholders Power Distribution Water Distribution Waste Management Support strengthening of emerging PPP models for improved end- service delivery & overall viability & sustainability ...7/3/2014 © pManifold. All rights reserved. 6 Download: Corporate presentation Utility Practice Services Portfolio