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Cdp year in_review

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Cdp year in_review

  1. 1. MANAGINGAQUOTALEASINGPROGRAMAYear in ReviewCreated by the CapeCod Community Development PartnershipJune 2013
  2. 2. The Cape Cod FisheriesTrust has been managed through acollaboration with the Cape Cod Commercial Hook Fishermen’sAssociation and the Community Development Partnership since2008.This collaboration allows the trust to take advantage ofthe strengths of each organization and assure that the quota isallocated through a non-fishing partner, to eliminate conflict ofinterest. The critical players and sequence of events involved inthe process of managing the CCFT Scallop lease program areoutlined below.
  3. 3. RecurringEventsMonthly MeetingsFishermenQuarterlyMeetingsLeadershipTeamMeetings* Staff prepare for a monthlymeeting with all fishermen inour program.*The Agenda is reviewed byfishermen leaders & anyfisherman can add an agendaitem.*Topics include: datacollection, key points on theCCFT Scallop Program,Regional & national fishingpolicy, CCFT program issuesthat need discussion.* Attendance is mandatory at50 % of all meetings that wehold. Attendance is taken &minutes recorded.* Quarterly Meetings with“Business Builders” & thosenew to the program.* About half of the scallopersin our program are requiredto meet with staff quarterlyto review their current P & Land progress against goals* Quarterly meeting withExecutive Directors, Chieffinancial officers & keyprogram staff of bothorganizations.
  4. 4. FirstQuarterActivitiesJANUARY FEBRUARY MARCHReview Applications: Staffreviews all submittedapplications & checks forcompleteness. Quota managerresponds to fishermen to reportmissing or incomplete itemsprior to submission deadline.Staff confirms tax filings withIRS form 4506-T. Program StafffromCCFT and CDP review allapplicants & preparerecommendations for Business&Credit Committee onallocation.The Business & CreditCommittee is the loancommittee for the CDP & makesthe final decision on allocation.Monthly meetingLeadershipTeam MeetingAllocation approval: Staff setup Business & CreditCommitteemeeting to vote on allocations.Send Program Letters: QuotaManager sends notificationletters to fishermen regardingtheir acceptance into theprogram & allocation for theupcoming fishing year.AllocationAcceptance:Fishermen respond by signingacceptance letter & returning ittoCDP by deadline to give quotamanager visibility to who will bein the program.Prepare for Lease Signing: CDPQuota Manager prepares leasesto be signed prior to May 1.Monthly meetingLease Signings: Quotamanager meets one on one tosign leases (March – May 1)Critical time for staff to meetone on one with fishermen innon-confrontational setting.Opportunity to hear aboutindividual businesses, engage ininformal conversation & obtaininformal feedback.Quota Release (beginning offishing year): CDP QuotaManager begins & continuesmonthly release of quota basedon individual harvest plans.Quarterly meetingsMonthly meeting
  5. 5. SecondQuarterActivitiesAPRIL MAY JUNELease Signings continueMonthly meetingLeadershipTeam MeetingEnd of Signings: Final date tosign leases is May 1 ( Staffcontinues to remind fishermenof this and all critical deadlineswith US Mail, E mail,Text orwhatever means is mosteffective per person.)Monthly meetingAnnual Program Review: Staff& fishermen look at programneeds for the coming year andidentify items for furtherclarification and development.Final date to pay for Quota2013. (For 2013 staff felt itnecessary to expedite thepayment of leased quota due tomultiple conditions. In pastyears, quota has been allocatedand then paid for up until Dec 1based on individual HarvestPlans.)Quarterly meetingsMonthly meeting
  6. 6. ThirdQuarterActivitiesJULY AUGUST SEPTEMBERMonthly meetingLeadershipTeam MeetingAnnual ProgramUpdate/Revisions.Application Review: Reviewprior year application &prepareimprovements/updates forcoming year’s applicationprocess.Monthly meetingComplete Application ReviewQuarterly meetingsMonthly meeting
  7. 7. FourthQuarterActivitiesOCTOBER NOVEMBER DECEMEBERMonthly meetingLeadershipTeam MeetingFinalize Application: Havefinal application for theupcoming fishing year ready toannounce & distribute tofishermen, include timeline,deadlines and changes.Announce applicationscheduleAnnounce ApplicationscheduleDistribute ApplicationMonthly meetingQuota Review: Present StatusofCCFT program to CDPBusiness and Credit Committeeincluding quota projections fornext yearProgram Introductions: Meetone-on-one with any fishermento explain the program &discuss eligibility in preparationMonthly MeetingApplicationTA: Work one-on-one with fishermen tocomplete their applicationRemind fishermen to get endof your P& L from theirbookkeepers before taxseason.Program Status: PresentStatus of CCFT Program toCCCHFA Board and programgoals for next year.Accept applications till lateDecember deadline
  8. 8. AdditionalActivities• Collecting facts & reporting program related facts, writing stories about fishermen in theprogram for grant funding /reporting and annual reports for each agency.• Helping fisherman 1x1 with business planning & loan applications.• Teaching fishermen record keeping like quick books or other tools.• Reconciling NMFS reports with fisherman• Monthly meeting with fishermen leadership team from partnering organizations.• (Exec Directors, Program Directors, Finance Directors) Plan agenda, hold meeting minutes• Sharing information with CCFT Weekly. Call with Program Staff weekly to daily. Face to faceMeeting every week or every 2 weeks .• Press & Public relations• Collecting information and details about fishermen and families for grant reporting andstories