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Gift 4 life v 1.1 (Blood Camp Management System)

Solution for a Blood camp management system. We have suggested a web base and a mobile base solution.
Contribution - Parinda Rajapaksha, Thrilakshi Ratiyala, Isuri Udayangi, Pavithri Fernando and Sumudu Jayawardhane

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Gift 4 life v 1.1 (Blood Camp Management System)

  1. 1. 1Blood Campaign Management System
  2. 2. Introduction2
  3. 3. Why blood donation important?• Only way to maintain sufficient blood suppliesfor medical treatment.• Feel good about themselves• Supports local communities and hospitals• Supports community culture• “pays back” to the society3
  4. 4. Current Procedure• Manual procedure for organizing a blood drive– Go to the hospital– Find a feasible date– Book for a drive• No proper publicity for events4
  5. 5. Problems with existing manualprocedure• Very time consuming process.• Difficulties with finding a feasible date• No way to encourage the donors and organizers• Lack of publicity on upcoming events5
  6. 6. Similar Systems6Official web site of National Blood Transfusionservice (NBTS)Official web site of American Red Cross
  7. 7. Draw backs?˟Basically information providing web sites˟No other user involving functions other thanregistration of donors˟Doesn’t support any interactive connectionsbetween different users˟No facility to book a date online for a blood drive˟Lack of giving publicity to upcoming events˟No motivating activities for donors and organizers 7
  8. 8. Similar Systems cont..• Similar Mobile applications– No. of related mobile applications in Google Playex: IDonate, Emergency blood bank directory, Give Blood– Unfortunately no App use in Sri Lanka– No connection with a official website (Fullymobile based )– Only some use location based services8
  9. 9. Our SolutionWeb based Blood Campaign ManagementSystemAndroid Application “ Gift4Life”9
  10. 10. Our Solution cont..• Communication bridge between donors, blooddrive organizers and the hospitals• Automate the operations online• High user involvement– User registration– Hosting a blood drive– Search for a blood drive10
  11. 11. Our Solution cont..• Blood donor information management system• Support interconnection– Email /notification alerts /feedbacks– Social media• Monitoring of statistics (report generating facility)• Location based services11
  12. 12. Our Solution cont..• System interconnected with an Android app– Searching ,Filtering and Navigating facilities– Updating donor profile with NBTS– Get and spread information– Use of social media– Location based services12
  13. 13. Requirement Analysis13
  14. 14. Functional Requirements• User registration (Donor/ Organizer )• User login/logout/update profile• Request for a blood campaign• Search for an event—By distance—By district/city—By date—In-house or mobile14
  15. 15. Functional Requirements cont..• Event confirmation• Notified for an event• Vote for an event(going/may be)• Publicity for an event through medias.• Event calendar• View upcoming events• View donation history• Statistical representation of data(annual/monthlyreports)15
  16. 16. Non Functional Requirements• Security Requirements– Role base access control– Data encryption using security mechanism.• Localized mobile app16
  17. 17. Design17
  18. 18. ArchitectureData Access LayerBusiness Logic LayerPresentation LayerDataSourceJsp/StrutsServletsJPAMySql18
  19. 19. 4Get result &set in scope<<Controller>>ServletController HelperJava Class,SessionEJB<<View>>Jsp<<Model>>JavaBeanBrowser1Request6Response2Access Modeland InvokeBusiness LogicUses5Dispatch tonext view3Connect to datastore& get dataDataStore19Architecture cont..
  20. 20. Use case Diagram20
  21. 21. EER Diagram21
  22. 22. Tools& Technologies22
  23. 23. Tools & Technologies cont..• Java EE• Jsp Servlets23
  24. 24. Tools & Technologies cont..• MVC Architecture24
  25. 25. Tools & Technologies cont..• SVN (sub version control system)- Tortoise SVN25
  26. 26. Tools & Technologies cont..Screenshot 1 26
  27. 27. Tools & Technologies cont..• SMS• Email• Social Media- Facebook- TwitterScreenshot 2 27
  28. 28. Tools & Technologies cont..• Netbeans• Eclips• Server (GlassFish)• MySQL Database• Reporting tools (IReport)• Adobe Fireworks for interface designing• Android SDK with Google Maps28
  29. 29. Demo(Web site)29
  30. 30. Demo(Android App)33
  31. 31. Demo cont..Filter by Distance34
  32. 32. Demo cont..• Spherical Law of Cosinesd = acos( sin(φ1).sin(φ2) + cos(φ1).cos(φ2).cos(Δλ) ).RDistance between given Latitude and Longitude -Lat 1,Lon 1Lat 2,Lon 235