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How to Create a Digital Offline Marketing Platform

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The campaign will incorporate an integrated marketing experience using smart phone devices that will engage new and existing consumers with a fun and rewardable point of difference, unique to the pharmacy market.

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How to Create a Digital Offline Marketing Platform

  1. 1. Proposed Marketing Plan Christmas Paul Guy Competing to Engage
  2. 2. Executive Summary Doc Morris is preparing to launch a new campaign to the Irish Christmas market using the theme of the ‘12 days of Christmas’, but with a difference. The campaign will incorporate an integrated marketing experience using smart phone devices that will engage new and existing consumers with a fun and rewardable point of difference, unique to the pharmacy market. The proposition of the campaign is value and loyalty. The call to action offers a fun and experiential way for consumers to get involved and get rewarded in return.
  3. 3. The branded theme will be to engage with customers in a unique way through their smart phones. The audience from analysis determines an age sementation between 25-34 of whom 770,000 use smartphones to purchase and search online. The Theme Competing to Engage The campaign will encourage customers to join in on a ‘treasure hunt’ type experience by finding hidden QR Codes in all branches Nationwide. By scanning the codes they can win spot prizes or discounts on instore products. They will be encouraged to go further by entering into the draw for 1 of the 12 special holidays on offer.
  4. 4. The Objective The objective will be the retention of existing customer base and acquisition of new potential customers, showcasing the new brand strategy by reinvigorating the brand in a direct manner and lastly to align the franchise partners with a collabrative approach built on community and innovation.
  5. 5. The Strategy This December DocMorris will release a new campaign for all stakeholders (consumers and partners) in the retail market place. It will encourage localised businesses to look at the brand as an oportunistic way forward for their own startegy. 1. Customers will be aligned to advertisements/radio/print to engage with the campaign. The concept is to discover QR scans in stores and online to discover spot prizes. 2. Customers will also receive communication about 12 special codes that if found will then be entered into a national draw for 12 exclusive holidays, possibly health related, Yoga.
  6. 6. The Concept Once consumers hear and read about the new campaign the following steps will occcur for the experience to be complete. Users will search their local outlet for QR codes placed around store, each code when scanned will display a product with either a discount or free CTO with image of the product. When product is displayed, the user shows to store rep to recieve reward for clairification. The rep then exlains about the campaign and pushes user to enter the competition. After clicking to enter competition the user will simply fill in three details and will be entered into the draw. User will be told which day they have been selected for.
  7. 7. The Budget The marketing budget will be spent using the following: Radio adverts on Today FM guiding people to the new DocMorris portal campaign. A Metro Herald Ad for the week leading up to campaign. A PPC Google campaign targeting localised areas around nearest store. Create a Facebook Ad to targeted audiences and demographics. A POS instore and within footfall areas leading up to store.  Interior design amendments, using colour Pantone TPX. Outdoor advert on bus shelters around strategic areas. Web presence on corporate brand site. Development of QR Media on smart phones.
  8. 8. External Analysis According to a recent 2013 survey by the IPU, 54% of pharmacies are less optimistic about business prospects. Number of pharmacies expecting fall in sales increases from 46% to 58% in past three months. Since Tesco have entered into the pharmacy market the stakes are now higher with prices and stock being the main difficulties. This will encourage operators to differentiate to gain more brand awareness and better sales avenues. No other pharmacy chain has used an integrated strategy like this, it is modern, instant and ties web and real-time analytics together than simple discounts with no consumption.
  9. 9. Internal Analysis Each member of Marketing dept. will have a strategic input to the success of campaign with regards to: Social media content and content data consumption. Buying advertisement space and radio slots. Working with our strategic agency partners. Monitoring CRM current database. Consistency with theme in retail outlets and analysing data customer communications. Bi-weekly meeting on progress of campaign build up.
  10. 10. A new portal site will be created This site will link with existing loyalty scheme to convey the traction on existing or new customers. The existing corporate website home page will need to change to highlight the new campaign. By creating the new portal, products on offer for Campaign will be shown as free or as discounts. Further Discussion
  11. 11.  Profile the brand as a market leader in their field.  Increase sales by 15% throughout the tournament.  Grow the Facebook fanbase from 7,590 to 10,000.  Take 30% of brand aquisation from rival Boots.  Gain more franchise partners and retain existing. Aimed Results & Analysis
  12. 12. Thank You