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Adamson Jones Ip Manager

Adamson Jones IP Brochre

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Adamson Jones Ip Manager

  1. 1. IntellectualProperty— the difference is —in the detailPatents | Trade Marks | Designs
  2. 2. AdamsonJones: Intellectual Property 02Contents—— AdamsonJones offers you a refreshing difference 04 Welcome to AdamsonJones 05 Communicating and sharing 06 Listening and understanding 07 Analysing and advising 08 Defining and delivering 09 Managing the relationship 10 Maintaining the relationship 11 Getting in touch
  3. 3. AdamsonJones: Intellectual Property 03
  4. 4. AdamsonJones: Intellectual Property 04Welcome to AdamsonJones—— In the complex world of intellectualproperty protection, AdamsonJones offersyou a refreshing difference.Our approach is based on a spirit of openness. Flexibility – we are approachable, personable,Efficient communication and the highest level cost-effective and, because we firmly believeof technical expertise combine to make the it is what’s best for our business, completelyjourney to protection simpler, smoother and focused on what is best for yours.more satisfying for all. The AdamsonJones DifferenceBut delivering the optimum degree of We are completely client-focused. This is notprotection also requires a number of additional a hollow claim, but a quality we value aboveattributes, and once again AdamsonJones is all others. Putting the needs of your businessblessed with qualities our clients value and ahead of all other factors is the touchstone torely upon: which we return, regardless of the pressures and complexities of the work we do for you.Insight – we have the depth of technicalknowledge to enhance the value ofyour innovation.Efficiency – we communicate clearly,effectively, meticulously and proactively.
  5. 5. AdamsonJones: Intellectual Property 05Communicating and sharing—— Effective communication is at the heart ofeverything we do. The clear manner in which we keepyou informed, and the way in which we interact withthe Intellectual Property Office, are central to thesuccessful outcomes we achieve.Capturing concepts The AdamsonJones DifferenceIn communicating with the Intellectual Good communication is built into all ourProperty Office, we capture the concept of processes, throughout our relationship withthe innovation in the words that are most you. Critically, we are strong advocates ofappropriate. This means explaining the merits the need to be clear about all procedures andof the innovation and what is novel about it in to explain issues with total transparency –the manner most likely to deliver success. so building trust and avoiding unnecessary complications or misunderstandings.Providing clear feedbackAdamsonJones is the intermediary betweenyour company and the Intellectual PropertyOffice. Feeding back and delivering news onprogress is critical. For this reason, we takegreat care to share information in a clear,simple and direct way.
  6. 6. AdamsonJones: Intellectual Property 06Listening and understanding—— When you’re explaining your innovation, describingwhat is novel about it and why it will be welcomed by themarket, it’s good to know you’re talking with someonewho understands the issues you’re describing.High level technical expertise The AdamsonJones DifferenceAdamsonJones’ IP attorneys, many of whom We offer an engaging and vibrant blend of youthhold 1st class degrees or a PhD in a specialist and experience, with technical expertise in ascience or engineering discipline – augmented variety of different disciplines. AdamsonJonesby several years of rigorous training as an IP is ambitious. We all know that our successattorney – demonstrate an unprecedented depends on delivering success to you.level of technical expertise.Understanding the opportunityUnderstanding the value of your innovationrequires not only technical expertise andknowledge of intellectual property law,but also an appreciation of the commercialfactors involved. Again, these are areas wherethe AdamsonJones team is well versed, andwhere the true value of AdamsonJones’advice is based.
  7. 7. AdamsonJones: Intellectual Property 07Analysing and advising—— Having gained a thorough understanding of theinnovation and its potential benefits and applications,AdamsonJones’ IP attorneys are ready to formulate aneffective plan of action. It is here that our expertise andexperience truly bear fruit.Analysing what is required On the other hand, a narrower approach mightWe take an intelligent view of the protection produce an appropriate level of protectionthat is required. This means analysing your within realistic time and budget parameters.innovation and your business needs, both of Our experience and expertise enables us towhich are factors that influence how we go plot the best route forward.about protecting your interests. Such is the The AdamsonJones Differencedegree of insight we bring to this process, AdamsonJones brings a refreshing commercialAdamsonJones can often see things you focus to everything we do, ensuring that themay not have seen. actions we undertake on your behalf reflectAdvising on the scope of the protection your objective, whether that be securingAdamsonJones will advise on whether your growth for your company, increasinginnovation is likely to meet the Intellectual market penetration, or gaining anotherProperty Office’s requirements. If we believe commercial does, we will also advise on the breadthof protection that should be sought. Broadprotection is always desirable, but it can takelonger to secure, cost more to achieve andbe more difficult to enforce.
  8. 8. AdamsonJones: Intellectual Property 08Defining and delivering—— Once we have agreed the best way forward, thenext stage is to implement our plan in order to securethe intellectual property you require. AdamsonJoneswill clearly define what is novel and inventive aboutyour innovation to gain protection in line withyour objectives.Drafting the application The AdamsonJones DifferenceWe draw on our experience and skills to draft AdamsonJones fights your corner in theapplications for protection that are as specific application process. In seeking the optimumas is necessary, yet which are also broad degree of protection, AdamsonJones has a rareenough to give the desired protection. We tenacity in all negotiations and a determinationare proud of the quality, meticulous detail not to take the easy way out.and care in presentation that we bring tothe drafting process.Negotiating on your behalfFiling an application is just the start of a toughprocess of negotiation with Intellectual PropertyOffice examiners. Throughout that process, westrongly represent your interests to producethe most satisfactory outcome possible.
  9. 9. AdamsonJones: Intellectual Property 09Managing the relationship—— Such are the timescales, procedures and processesinvolved in applying for intellectual property protection,the need for robust administration systems is paramount.The AdamsonJones office systems enable us to manageyour project efficiently and effectively.Highly efficient we communicate with you in the clearest andAdamsonJones operates a completely most direct manner whenever you need toelectronic system of file maintenance and job do anything, and we provide clear progresstracking. This encompasses all correspondence, updates whenever a key stage hasscheduling and document filing. Not only does been reached.this enable us to call up information on your The AdamsonJones Differenceapplication at a moment’s notice, it also means AdamsonJones has a completely openwe are able easily to update you on the key approach to processes, communication andstages and to notify you each time your charging. This builds trust and approachabilityinput is required. in our relationship. The flexibility we provide onKeeping you informed fees ensures that you can contact us withoutTo make life easier for you and to ensure that worrying about incurring charges every timeall documentation is supplied when required, you pick up the phone.AdamsonJones takes a proactive approach tomanaging the application process. This means
  10. 10. AdamsonJones: Intellectual Property 10Maintaining the relationship—— At AdamsonJones, we are in it for the long haul.We aim for long term relationships with our clients andwe know that these can only be achieved by adhering toour belief that what is best for us is always to do whatis best for our clients.Renewals service The AdamsonJones DifferenceAs part of our complete service, AdamsonJones AdamsonJones offers a complete intellectualalso takes care of all necessary patent, trade property service encompassing patents, trademark and design renewals on a proactive basis. marks and design protection. This service is tailor-made to suit your precise requirementsIP portfolio management, strategy and policy and objectives. We do not provide off-the-shelfAdamsonJones ensures your investment in solutions or quick fixes. The AdamsonJonesintellectual property best serves your business difference can be found in the detail ofneeds through ongoing advice and strategic everything we do.portfolio management.
  11. 11. AdamsonJones: Intellectual Property 11Getting in touch—— For more information about how AdamsonJonescan help your business contact Steve Jones orSimon Cooper. Steve JonesAdamsonJones Talk to us Whatever your intellectual property needs,BioCity Nottingham AdamsonJones is ready to help. Whether you arePennyfoot Street a start-up company encountering IP issues for theNottingham NG1 1GF first time, or an established business consideringUnited Kingdom the options for the future handling of its IP portfolio, we would like to explore the ways that we canTelephone work with you. Please call us to arrange an initial0115 947 7977 discussion, with no obligation and at no charge.+44 115 947 7977 Find us Simon CooperFax AdamsonJones is based at BioCity, Nottingham’s bioscience and healthcare innovation centre.0115 947 7978 Located close to the M1 and the A1, BioCity can be+44 115 947 7978 reached easily by road. Nottingham railway stationEmail is within walking Visit us Go to our website for up-to-date information and contact details, to download a location map and to subscribe to our email newsletters.