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  1. 1. No Man’s Land…or why your business isn’t 20 times bigger than it is
  2. 2. 4 Reasons You’re Likely Stuck1. Lack of marketing - #1 killer of small business growth.2. Lack of talent – Top people usually work for companies that are growing.3. Lack of systems – This usually comes with good people – Crutial to scale4. Lack of capital – To fund only growth after 1,2,& 3 are addressed
  3. 3. MarketingThe life’s blood of every growing business
  4. 4. Why Jimmy Can’t Do MarketingMarketing Options for MOST biz owners:1. Learn it yourself – in a couple of years you could be pretty good.2. Hire it done – Real marketing strategists NEVER work for a paycheck.3. Partner - The ONLY real option for most businesses
  5. 5. Only 3 Ways…The only three ways know to man to grow any business
  6. 6. 1. Get More Customers EIN leverages 34 methods of customer getting
  7. 7. Customer Getting Methods• Trade Show Marketing • Bounce Back Offers• Joint Ventures • Channels like Amazon,• Facebook Ads, Overstock• Direct Mail Postcards and NewEgg• Groupon • YouTube Marketing• Google Adwords • Linkedin & Meetup• Search Engine • Power Referrals Optimization • Trade Publications• Social Media Marketing • Mobile Marketing
  8. 8. See why we typicallyTRIPLE new customeracquisition in 90 days or less
  9. 9. 2. Raise Profit Per Sale EIN leverages 3 big methods of increasing your average transaction value
  10. 10. Increasing Profits Per Sale• Immediate Upselling – Do You Want Fries with that (McDonalds)• Cross Selling – People who bought the also liked... (Amazon)• Bundling – You can get Phone, Cable & Internet… (Cable)
  11. 11. The McDonalds Example• $1.91 to get a person in the drive thru• 0.18 profit on a $2.09 burger sale• $1.77 fries and Coke add on $1.32 Profit 8 times that of the core sale
  12. 12. See why we typicallyTRIPLE transaction profits in 90 days or less
  13. 13. 3. Increase Frequency EIN leverages 4 big methods of increasing the frequency with which your customers buy
  14. 14. Boomerang Marketing• Constant Contact • Continuity Billing – Direct mail, Email, – adding auto-billing Newsletter Phone, solutions is the VERY TXT message, Social best of all methods to Media & Retargeting increase frequency• Loyalty Programs • Line Extensions – VIP promotions, – Sell more of what our Frequency discounts, customers buy often free merchandise via joint ventures incentivized referrals
  15. 15. See why we typically TRIPLE how oftencustomers come back to a business
  16. 16. The Good Part The Magical Math of Business Growth
  17. 17. Dynamic Business Growth• If a company profits $1,000 a day…• With 3 times more customers $3000• With 3 times the profit per sale $9000• With 3 times frequency $27,000How big would this $365,000 companyprofits be in 6 months?
  18. 18. $9,855,000.00
  19. 19. New Valuation $50,000,000.00 Us $35,000,000Owner $15 Million
  20. 20. The Better PartThere are more buyers for $10,000,000and Up Businesses Than Their Sellers? A Lot More
  21. 21. The Buyer’s EcosystemPrivate Equity Firms – 3-6X Multiples(Many times NO cash is needed at all) 6-18 monthsMergers and Acquisitions Firms 8-12X(Simply Aggregate to $100M+ to increase multiple)Public Companies 12-15X(MUST buy to meet street expectations, and have an instant way to double their money)
  22. 22. The Sucker (Stockholder)• Pays 25 – 30X multiple the very next day after the merger.• Usually takes 20+ years of holding to ROI from earnings alone• High risk of failure
  23. 23. $4 Trillion The amount of money public companies WISH they couldspend buying cash flow in 2012
  24. 24. See why it’s so easy to sell our businesses when they grow past $10M
  25. 25. M&A is a SELLERSmarket where businesses often sell to the highest bidder
  26. 26. At EIN, we specialize in growth from $2-$20M
  27. 27. There’s more:• We have 2 of the world’s most brilliant marketers on our team• We have in-house legal, accounting, HR & project management• Import and Export department with office in the US and Asia• Award winning technology and web team, social media and more
  28. 28. And all the capitalyou’ll ever need to fund your growth
  29. 29. The Filter Company• Bought 70% for ZERO out of pocket• Secured a factoring line $200K• Doubled Sales 1st month• Reduced raw materials 40% via import• Immediately TRIPLED net profitsCould flip today for a $1.2 profit… after just62 days ownership
  30. 30. Should Sell Next year for $8M to $13M
  31. 31. So here is the question: Are you happy where you are or would you rather…
  32. 32. Have a smaller piece of a MUCH bigger pie
  33. 33. That Owner Should Pocket Around a $4,000,000