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Chapter 2.4
Chapter 2.4
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  1. 2. It all started on a boring spring day....
  2. 3. .......I was looking at my wonderful face in the mirror....(Christie's simself, or omggchristie on boolprop)
  3. 4. ...that lazy Dan was leaning against the wall, and Trisha was making herself comfortable in a chair....(Dan is Smartguy on boolprop, and Trisha is Patphoo on the same site.)
  4. 5. ....and Shadow was asleep in a chair.
  5. 6. Suddenly, a beautiful woman walked in. Now there was two gorgeous creatures in the room. The prettiest being me.
  6. 7. She glided in, and no one in the room seemed to notice.
  7. 8. "Hey, how's it going?" She asked Trisha, who had her eyes closed next to her.
  8. 9. “Welcome to P.I.S.S, People In Sim-form Sleuthing. I am Christie, how can I help you.
  9. 10. "I will tell you now, it has to be interesting and not dangerous to myself. The people of P.I.S.S have short attention spans."
  10. 11. "Also, we can not guarantee the solving of your case, and there are no refunds. At all."
  11. 12. "Uh, I come here with a difficult case."
  12. 13. “You see, the reason I am here is because my friend. Was murdered.”
  13. 14. “Murdered?!”
  14. 15. “I raised my hand and lowered my amazing head in fury. "No! We do not do murders here! What if I get killed? The world would be in mourning!"
  15. 16. “I’M A NINJA!”
  16. 17. “Now you listen to me, Missy!”
  17. 18. “I refuse to endanger myself working for you!”
  18. 19. “Wahhhh!”
  19. 20. “Aw, its okay. Shadow ninja is here for you.”
  20. 21. “ I just wanted to solve my friends murder!”
  21. 22. “Please help me.” “Absolutely not.”
  22. 23. “Actually, P.I.S.S needs the money.” “We always joke here at P.I.S.S. Of course I’ll do it!”
  23. 24. “But for the money, not for you!”
  24. 25. "Hiya!“ Welcome to "Person's Fruity OWBC!" Meet our founder, Juicy Fruiti. She will be the snowball to create the avalanche. -.-
  25. 26. Since the rules of the OWBC allows premade houses, I went with the second biggest lot and used the leftover money to built this place.
  26. 27. Pretty inside, no? Notice the flamingos and gnome. Rules say I need 3 flamingos for every member of the household, and there is a bonus for a gnome protecting them.
  27. 28. The first pee of an OWBC!"Get away."
  28. 29. Like most of my legacy sims, I start off with making the founder dig holes until she gets a treasure chest.
  29. 30. "Oh my god. Aren't I the best founder ever?"
  30. 31. "This is for all the sims my owner has ever made, forced to dig holes until their palms were bloody and their back ached." I don't do that! Too much.
  31. 32. "I've never done this before, matchmaker.“ "Don't worry dear! All you do is give me your first born child and all the money in your account.”
  32. 33. "I got twenty bucks and some grass.“ "Then you'll get a man worth twenty bucks and grass."
  33. 34. Ha! We got a face one sim! My luck is amazing!
  34. 35. "He hot stuff, play your cards right and I'll let you touch my fanny pack.“ I don't know if that's a good thing or bad.....
  35. 36. "As much as I would love to get me some of that fanny pack, your long boyish hair and shorts are not a turn on. Or that huge ugly nose."
  36. 37. "Just so you know, I get a lot of money modeling with this nose."
  37. 38. "You know, maybe I was wrong about you. Now you are attracting me like flies on poo."
  38. 39. "You are adorable! And so am I! WE NEED TO MATE!"
  39. 40. “Calling me poo hurts my feelings. Goodbye.”
  40. 41. "Stupid flamingo.“ Don't take out your anger at not being able to seduce a townie on a bird. "Shut up."
  41. 42. To make Juicy feel better, I sent her to FM. Pajamas and all.
  42. 43. However, there is no time for fun. She came here to work. "I hate you.“ Stop stealing drinks and get to work.
  43. 44. "Thank you for meeting me here." No problem. The P.I.S.S will do anything to solve a case."
  44. 45. "We just want to put this killer in jail, Ms. Ivy.“ Ivy better not say anything. Or else.
  45. 46. Look at that redhead on a date with Christy! I would marry her into the family if Juicy liked women.
  46. 47. "Mmm...Creator, why am I having lobster?” We're dining the Person way! We eat the most expensive things on the menu....
  47. 48. ...then run like the wind!
  48. 49. "Aw...I'm sorry I kicked you over little bird. Flamingos sometimes stand on one leg anyway, right?"
  49. 50. "Dammit."
  50. 51. "I should have never worn my Halloween costume to work. Especially if a 1920's flapper is my costume."
  51. 52. Look who's Downtown! The face 1 stud! But no blonde hair, so no babies.
  52. 53. And then I saw him. The blonde, not too bad looking guy.
  53. 54. "Creator, I thought you told people this was a uglacy.“ Eh, I decided that I don't have to have completely ugly sims. So think of it as not too pretty (like a legacy), but not too ugly (like an uglacy). This is a...decancy.
  54. 55. "Heeheehee!“ No! Not another one! This is the second gnome I needed to replace!
  55. 56. But at least Ryker came over!
  56. 57. "That hits the spot, baby. I'm so tense from doing nothing."
  57. 58. They hug in the bathroom... AWW!!
  58. 59. and in front of their friends. AWW!
  59. 60. Aw, they just fell in love!
  60. 61. And they create the first baby of the OWBC. Notice the heart JUST forming over Juicy. *coughwhorecough*
  61. 62. "Doesn't she look good, collecting fireflies that will die now that they are in an airless jar.“ Sweet.
  62. 63. "Juicy?" Yes?"
  63. 64. "I don't know what I'm thinking, but do you wanna ring?“ “Yes!! This is worth more than my house!”
  64. 65. "Creator, I thought we were child free in this OWBC!“ Oh, I said "child three". Yup.
  65. 66. Ha! You're pregnant and dressed skanky!
  66. 67. First belly rub of the OWBC!
  67. 68. They can't keep their hands off each other.
  68. 69. For a slob, he has a lot of skills. Right now he's a slacker with a LTW to marry off six kiddos.
  69. 70. All together now! AWWW! Doesn't their love make you want to puke rainbows?
  70. 71. Ha! You can't fit into that thong, whale!
  71. 72. Eating more, porky?" Shut up Creator, or I will miscarry." You look radiant. :)
  72. 73. "'s my unborn child?" “Fine, Ryker."
  73. 74. "It's coming out!"
  74. 75. "HOLY CRAP!"
  75. 76. Aw!! The first kid! Meet Olive Fruity. Yes, I know that since I'm supposed to name in this order, B-O-O-L-P-R-O-P, but its my OWBC, and we are so wacky we name out of order. And knowing me, I wasn't going to give this kid a basic fruity name like Orange. Did you know olives are a fruit?
  76. 77. "Why won't you shut up?!" Great parenting skills. "My life is falling apart!"
  77. 78. Juicy and Ryker are excited to make baby #2. And yes, they are still unmarried. But they are WACKY.
  78. 79. Another bun in the oven for Juicy! Or should I say, another pit in the fruit! I'll say bun in the oven.
  79. 80. "Oh god. Ryker, I think I'm pregnant again.“ "No! I don't want any more!"
  80. 81. Even though its hard to tell, there is a birthday cake there. Its Olive's birthday!
  81. 82. Isn't he cute? Yeah, I don't think so either. One ugly baby.
  82. 83. Ha! You're very pregnant.
  83. 84. "CREATOR!“ What? I left to go get some chips. "I NEED TO HAVE SOME FUN. I AM SO PREGNANT, AND MY SON IS CRYING.“ Can we use cheats just once? Only one maxmotives?“ DO IT!“ (I ended up not doing it. Person didn't cheat.)
  84. 85. Yay! The baby's coming! I know the walls are down, but its either witness the birth or have the walls up "OWW! I don't want any more kids!“ Suck it up, Juicy. You have 18 days left to produce kids.
  85. 86. Thong picture.
  86. 87. Yay! A girl! This is Banana Fruiti. I hope she's cuter than her brother. "Creator, life sucks." I know, Juicy. I am starting to get annoyed with your constant whining.That’s the end of chapter one! I hope you enjoyed reading it than I did writing it. :) Questions to Ponder: + Will P.I.S.S find the killer? + What does Marisa have to do with anything? + Will the kids be cute? + Can I stop Juicy from growing up? + Will Olive get a personality? Thanks for reading!