Canberra principals leading adoption

Education Director, Verso Learning en Verso Learning
21 de Sep de 2010

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Canberra principals leading adoption

  1. Remove barriers to learning
  2. Classrooms
  3. School Gate
  4. Department boundaries
  5. School day and timetable
  6. Teacher as knowledge giver
  7. Teacher as principal audience
  8. Access to the best learning experiences available
  9. New audiences
  10. New collaborators
  11. Authentic learning
  12. Authentic assessment
  13. Accountability
  14. Relationships between learners
  15. How educators approach teaching
  16. Relationships between teachers
  17. Alignment with existing school priorities
  18. Senior leaders are beginning to plan how to use the cLc to support school objectives.
  19. cLc Manager trained
  20. Selected teachers have received some input into the potential on offer.
  21. Staff have started to experiment and have ideas about how the cLc can support teaching and learning, using, for example, tasks, thinking and peer assessment activities
  22. School based training to enable initial pilot plans
  23. Pilot projects are being shared with wider staff
  24. In-house experts identified as trainers
  25. School is reviewing policies starting with e-Safety / AUP and aligning cLc with Essential Learning Activities
  26. Beginning to organise and share key documents and policies / planning via cLc
  27. The cLc is becoming part of day-to-day practice for pilot teachers and students.
  28. Use of the cLc is appearing in planning
  29. Parents of pilot stage students are aware of the potential of the learning platform.
  30. Ethical use
  31. Parents

Notas del editor

  1. Can not select all at once. Select one area and work on it.
  2. Not about technology or replicating existing practice: Needs to support existing programmes and strategies- move them forward
  3. You are the mayor of the town---NOT your technician
  4. Focus: Unable to identify school priorities
  5. Set expectations/ timeframes/ deadlinesTeachers –Accessto 3 experts rather than one- access to 100 voices rather than 30Children broader audienceWhich administration tools would be valuable? calendars
  6. What change have you managed before my IP. Not sharing with my colleaguesHow do you align the use of cLc with school priorities and staff’s developing visionMUSt View policy and vision of schoolHOWWorkshops are very useful processes to develop collective understanding, approaches, policies, methods, systems, ideas, etc. See the section on workshops on the website.
  7. Re-assess and re-align your organization's aims, beliefs, integrity - all of it - with your people's. Then they might begin to be interested in helping with new skills and change, etcIf you don’t know were you are going you will never arrive
  8. Parents will compare and critique teachers. Set a min requirementMy panel description / overview username and password
  9. Lead teachersTheir teams Students coaching / training each othercLc teachers inset resources
  10. Unconscious IncompetenceThe individual neither understands nor knows how to do something, nor recognizes the deficit, nor has a desire to address it.Conscious IncompetenceThough the individual does not understand or know how to do something, he or she does recognize the deficit, without yet addressing it.Conscious Competenceunderstands or knows how to do something. However, demonstrating the skill or knowledge requires a great deal of consciousness or concentration.
  11. Parent lettersCopyrighteSafety bullying
  12. Social learning –formalising the informal