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Future web developer, you are going to be tremendously valuable

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Let’s find out why it’s so good to be a programmer!

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Future web developer, you are going to be tremendously valuable

  1. 1. Future web developer, you are going to be tremen o ly val a le
  2. 2. a e you e er ondered ust ho many o are evelo er there are in the orld
  3. 3. The ICD es mates that the number is around 18.5 million, including 11 million pros and 7.5 million hobbyists. It’s a lot! It‘s very li le!
  4. 4. It’s a lot, because: It’s more than the en re popula on of the Netherlands (just over 17 million people)! It’s a lot, because: It’s more than the number of all Microso employees …over 160 mes more!
  5. 5. It’s a lot, because: ec just ima ine… over 1 million so are developers! but also
  6. 6. e l le, because t’s ot ea l as a t at a e ee e b e lo e s all o e t e o l
  7. 7. nly in the . . the number o ne so are de elopment obs created e ery year is... t ple t e n mbe o me can o ad ate ith a bachelor’s degree in computer science during the same period o me.
  8. 8. th s h a reat ema and such a poor supply, companies go out of their way to a ract talents AAccording to o ert alf nterna onal, in , the average salaries for professionals rose faster than in other industries y a whopping
  9. 9. ma t at ga t n d mand and m m t m t d d nt i t t a d in nt i t o t o living a e lowe t there are a fe ro ems th th s a roa h
  10. 10. mmig a on to o nt ie a even o illed o wa e enginee i n t alwa a ie e o a e
  11. 11. evelo ing o nt ie al o e om o tage o o wa e develo e
  12. 12. o o now w o t i i ? t a sa ec u te t ing o ve a d to nd a illed o wa e develo e e o e a a ve ala ie and m l le bene t b t to no avail
  13. 13. o why aren t you trying now, a e peak re you a raid o o et ing allenge at on o tu to learn
  14. 14. What you don t know always seems scary. ut so ware development, especially web development, is a really friendly eld - and so diverse, that you can become successful regardless of what kind of skills you enjoy the most. e e l te all omet n o eve one
  15. 15. o you believe you have an eye for design o you consider yourself a right-brained individualDo you belie e you ave an eye or de ign Do you consider yoursel a rig t brained individual Then, you should consider becoming a ont end develope .
  16. 16. s a ont end develope , your task will be to code the fa ade of a website or app in other words build a structure for what it looks like to the naked eye. ou will also write code incode in ava cript that will allow users to interact with your website by clicking, hovering etc.
  17. 17. our skills will revolve around the markup language of the web you will use to de ne your content the style sheet language you will use to de ne the look of your projects the programming language used by modern browsers
  18. 18. some o the most popular C preprocessors that e tend the language ith ariables, mi ins and more, speeding up de elopment. the most popular a a cript library. and eact some o the most popular a a cript rame or s. and ounda on some o the most recogni able C rame or s you can use to gi e you ebsite style and layout really uic ly. As you progress, you will also get familiar with some advanced applica ons of the three technologies such as: tas runners that ill let you uit as ng me or repe e ac ons.
  19. 19. ut perhaps you would rather prefer to deal with a lot of data than care about the outward appearance n that case - you should consider the job of a back end develope .
  20. 20. With your back end development skills, you will be in charge of server-side programming and data, powering all of the amazing features that make websites and apps more than just ststa c frames.
  21. 21. t least one of the popular back end programming languages such as ou will learn database technologies such as
  22. 22. ater in the game you will also come across frameworks created to help you program in languages such as the three below
  23. 23. Web development and so ware development in general are terms behind which you can nd some ama n l nte e n top c to dive into out of sheer curiosity. big data clou tec olo es data mining internet of things saas e health tec smart devices
  24. 24. ni ersity is s ll a great way to learn the undamentals o computers and become a true e pert. ut the good new i t at it per e tly po ible and ery common no adays to become a eb de eloper ithout ormal educa on in computer science.
  25. 25. free to use portal full of interactive courses to learn the basics computer science course by Harvard, freely available on, among others comprehensive source of web development knowledge from the organization that develops web standards The internet is literally packed full with fantastic resources to get you started. And the best part is that most of them are free! and other web services offering both free and paid online courses
  26. 26. ome o yo r o on in l e ootcamp - intensive training camps where you can learn the basics of front end or back end development within just a few weeks. ook for some in your vicinity. ould your rather learn in the real orl
  27. 27. Internships - if you already have some skills, you can try to find a paid or unpaid internship. Every year, the Polcode software house offers fun and educational paid internship.
  28. 28. ind some events that are table o o level of e perience. vent o all k nd meetups, conferences, hackathons - technology communi es are vibrant and love to meet up to learn more.
  29. 29. With this much choice, you will de nitely nd omet n o o el
  30. 30. Feeling a bit mo vated now? tart learning web development today and set yourself on a path to a really successful career nd if you are already on that path, why don t you try yo r l at ol o e
  31. 31. y an ading