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Why we keep failing in really implementing social media for #TSC12

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Why we keep failing in really implementing social media.

The first articles on social media were written in 2003. And we're pretty much where we were then. So what went wrong and how can we solve this?

A plea for boring stuff.

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Why we keep failing in really implementing social media for #TSC12

  1. 1. Polle de Maagt @polledemaagt Why we keep failing in really implementing social media. A plea for boring stuff by @polledemaagt
  2. 2. Polle de Maagt @polledemaagt Yep. I know I look like 18. But I’m actually 29. Most old people tell me I will be happy with them when I’m 50. I doubt that. I sooooo love Blackberry ... ... but recently switched to iPhone (it’s not you, it’s me). Polle de Maagt. The reason to move to Gent The love of my life. What better Changing companies to be reason is there?! more about acts, less about ads.
  3. 3. Polle de Maagt @polledemaagt I worked for companies like Currently, I do long term digital (and social) strategy for Consultant Retailer Global NL NL/Global Global
  4. 4. Polle de Maagt @polledemaagt
  5. 5. Polle de Maagt @polledemaagt The first articles on social media emerged in 2003*. Honestly, what changed since then? * I published my first article in spring 2006 on called “Hyves for marketeers”.
  6. 6. Polle de Maagt @polledemaagt Social media discussion is dominated by recycling. A lack of great cases. Discussion is dominated by social The true experts stay hidden. media watchers. What is your favorite social media case? Mostly client-side, a limited amount of Really? Was it converting? What part of Most presentations are about the cases followers and no time or eagerness to be the success is because of a sick media other people did. And that is good, but we on stage every week. budget? need more real cases and less meta A tribute to Gert Wim ter Haar, Koen discussions. Don’t worry, I either Spiers, Thije Nobbe, Rogier Reker, Mirjam experienced or was involved in 100% of the Esveld, Marielle Snel and the others that cases in this presentation. do all the work behind the screens. *You will love Steven’s book by the way. And get his new one, The Conversation Company.
  7. 7. Polle de Maagt @polledemaagt Start a Geeks/nerds/evangelists twitter The social media team account Staff/marketing Webcare Actually making Social media merely money scratches the surface. Like Campaign Core processes QR codes
  8. 8. Polle de Maagt @polledemaagt The problem.
  9. 9. Polle de Maagt @polledemaagt
  10. 10. Polle de Maagt @polledemaagt
  11. 11. Polle de Maagt @polledemaagt
  12. 12. Polle de Maagt @polledemaagt
  13. 13. Polle de Maagt @polledemaagt
  14. 14. Polle de Maagt @polledemaagt
  15. 15. Polle de Maagt @polledemaagt It isn’t them, it’s us.
  16. 16. Polle de Maagt @polledemaagt Create momentum. Make them shine. Make them fail. Become agile. Create small wins. Celebrate small wins. Test. Beta. Pilot. Fail. Stumble. Fall. Get up. Decide on key vectors and do targeted Facilitate your bosses in celebrating their Measure. Learn. Tweak. Fail again. experiments around those vectors. wins.
  17. 17. Polle de Maagt @polledemaagt Build the case you need to make. “Using social media can really “Social media gets us into contact “Social media makes mainstream touch people” with our main B2B clients” media horny” and “If that old guy can do it, we all can” The huge internal effect of KLM Surprise. A simple Slideshare experiment. *Sorry Daniel, it’s not personal.
  18. 18. Polle de Maagt @polledemaagt Talk excel, not bullshitbingo. We really blew it with texts like “there is no return on social media” and “let’s do a retweet and win campaign”. Define projects Define key challenges and chop them +70% cost efficient up into manageable projects. Projects that test hypothesizes, show progress, make you learn and fuel momentum in other ways. Clear aimDefine a clear aim that describes the main purpose of the project. Roadmap Sketch a progessive roadmap with main todos and milestones.
  19. 19. Polle de Maagt @polledemaagt Add real value. Shouldn’t we use social media to fix the top-10 customer annoyances?
  20. 20. Polle de Maagt @polledemaagt Prove return in conversion, knowledge and change. Intrinsic KPIs Your ‘normal’ set of KPIs that are easy to measure. E.g. grow 50% in number of followers. INTRINSIC LEARNING CHANGE MANAGEMENT Learning KPIs Change management KPIs What can we learn from these How will this project help change the projects? E.g. learn which content organization E.g. convince manager X that works best to convert people to fans LinkedIn is as converting as twitter, or followers. gather a spearhead group of 50 internal enthousiasts.
  21. 21. Polle de Maagt @polledemaagt You can’t pull it of on your own. Integrate. Business & Logistics. Reputation & Care. Marketing & Commerce. Usually the internal oil tanker. Convince Monitoring what’s happening and solving The digital age requires a different kind of them in their own language. But from the consumer problems. Arguably the most brands and branding. Commerce usually moment they’re moving, they are moving. important part of integrating social. has very healthy reflexed when it comes to conversion and actually making money out of social media.
  22. 22. Polle de Maagt @polledemaagt You can forget most of the things I said today. But please, remember 6 things.
  23. 23. Polle de Maagt @polledemaagt Build the case you need to make. Talk excel, not bullshitbingo. Prove return inconversion, knowledge Create momentum. and change. You can’t pull it of on your own. Add real value.
  24. 24. Polle de Maagt @polledemaagt 48 Help me change companies. Act yourself. Every little act is a step closer to leveraging unused potential. Every act is a little less ads. Do something in the next 48 hours that actually makes your company or your clients more customer connected.
  25. 25. Polle de Maagt @polledemaagt Let me know how you change your company. @polledemaagt / / Download the presentation at (and please, give me a nice speaker rating)