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Great tips on Getting a Butler, Maid, or Private Chef

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Great tips on Getting a Butler, Maid, or Private Chef

  1. 1. Great tips on Getting a Butler, Maid, or Private ChefWe are occasionally faced with the job of choosing staff - maids, butlers or private chefs - forour large estate. One of the several secrets to getting this done, is by employing the properdomestic staffing company. Here are a few factors to consider when hiring a domesticstaffing company for your personal needs.Be sure that they have working experience. There are lots of start-up companies whodefinitely have the best intentions, but not really the ideal candidates, or sufficient workingexperience to do an excellent job of helping you find the best fit for your home. Have a lookat how long your choice in domestic staffing company has been around in business.Make sure that they have a very good guarantee of service. If you want good quality help,just choose from a company that backs its choices with a full satisfaction guarantee. Not onlywill that mean you can have your fee back if not completely satisfied, but it also means thestaffing company is actually really serious about only recommending good candidates.Private Chef Manhattan, thewellingtonagency.comBe sure that theyve got references. Does your choice of a domestic staffing offerreferences? If not, maybe they havent been in business long enough, or even worse, theydont have staff or service that is worth recommending. Ask to find out some referencesbefore inviting anyone into your home to work.Always make sure they have plenty of staffing choices. There ought to be several, if notdozens of good looking candidate for you to definitely choose from. Many staffing firms havehundreds of butlers, maids,and personal chefs who wishes to work in your home. The greaterchoices they have, the greater established they are, and the better chance theyll have justwhat you and your family needs.Have a list of your conditions ready. Nobody knows your requirements like you do. Each andevery household has different conditions. Does your personal chef need to know how to cooklow-fat meals? Youll need to pass those requirements along to whomever is helping you todo the hiring. They will know the best candidates you should really be looking at. Does yourcandidate should have medical certification? Should they be able to speak French, so theycan help your kids with homework? Your best candidate may exist. It is best to communicateyour needs exactly, and you may be pleasantly surprised by who will be sent to you tointerview.Ask plenty of important questions. Be sure to ask all the important questions you will need toknow answers to before hiring anybody. Do a list of what is important to you over the courseof a month or so. It is hard to think of everything at the last moment. You do not want the onequestion you didnt remember to ask be something that is so important that you become not
  2. 2. satisfied with your choice at a future date.All in all, itll make your choice of candidates much simpler if you are working with a skilledprofessional domestic staffing service from the beginning. They have made each of thetesting and pre-screening expected to be sure your choice is actually a correct oneClick