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Ppma paul taylor 2015

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Ppma paul taylor 2015

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Ppma paul taylor 2015

  1. 1. To  infinity  and  beyOnD   Paul  Taylor  
  2. 2. Hello my name is Paul Paul Taylor Assistant Director - OD NHS Employers @NHSE_PaulT #DoOD   Do OD LinkedIn: NHS OD @NHSE_DoOD
  3. 3. #DoOD   Putting Theory into Practice
  4. 4.
  5. 5. #DoOD  
  6. 6. #DoOD  
  7. 7. Here’s what I said I’d do. #NHSDoOD   “   ”   How  we  can  equip  the  workforce  of  the   future  with  the  resilience  and  mindset   needed  to  thrive  in  a  complex  and  changing   world.  We’ll  look  at  how  the  art  and  science   of  OrganisaHonal  Development  can  help  us   as  workforce  leaders  to  look  at  complex   problems  with  fresh  eyes.   To infinity and beyond
  8. 8. #DoOD   WWBD?  
  9. 9. #DoOD   What’s  the  problem  with  the  problem?  
  10. 10. The values of OD #DoOD   Social  jusHce     Equality     ParHcipaHon   Enquiry     Self  efficacy     Helper  not  Guru     Democracy     ExperimentaHon     Fairness     Respect    
  11. 11. OD   Complexity   Theory   PsychoanalyHc   Theory   Psychodynamic   Theory   AcHon  Research   Group  Dynamics   Social   ConstrucHonism   Theory   AppreciaHve   Inquiry   Change  Theory   Systems  Theory   Ref: Quality & Equality
  12. 12. Meg Wheatley #NHSDoOD   Leadership and the new science “   ”   The  present  moment  overflows  with   informaHon  about  ourselves  and  our   environment.  But  most  of  those  learnings  fly  by   because  we’re  preoccupied  with  our  images  of   how  we  want  the  world  to  be.  
  13. 13. Diagnostic to Dialogic #DoOD   Diagnos(c  OD   Dialogic  OD   Linear   Complexity   OrganisaHonal   System   Machine   Living  Human  System   Problems   Strengths   SoluHons   Inquiry   Slow   Rapid   CriHcal  realism   Social  ConstrucHonism   Cantore,  2014  
  14. 14. David Cooperrider #NHSDoOD   Appreciative Inquiry “   ”   The  best  path  to  the  good  society,  we   believe,  is  the  construcHon  of  great   organisaHons  that  nurture  and  magnify   the  best  in  human  beings  
  15. 15. Eve Mitleton-Kelly #NHSDoOD   Complexity Theory “   ”   Seeing  organisaHons  as  complex   social  systems  means  we  can   enable  collaboraHon,  innovaHon,   regeneraHon  and  sustainability.  We   can  address  apparently  intractable   issues.  
  16. 16. The Future of Employment #NHSDoOD   Frey & Osbourne (2013) “   ”   47%  of  all  jobs  are   at  risk  because  of   computerisaHon  
  17. 17. #NHSDoOD   Passion               Purpose   Performance  +   =  
  18. 18. #NHSDoOD   Passion               Purpose   Performance  x   =  
  19. 19. #NHSDoOD   “   ”   I  do  not  want  to  foresee  the  future.       I  am  concerned  with  taking  care  of  the   present              -­‐  Ghandi