validation packaging of pessaries formulation of pessaries evaluation of suppositories testing of suppositories compression. hand rolling moulding compounding of suppositories cocoa butter classification of suppositorie displacement value suppositories bases pessaries suppositories biphasic liquid dosage forms stability of emulsion identification of emulsion type of emulsion emulsifying agent flocculated and deflocculated preparation of suspensions suspensions emulsion pharmacy prescription abriviations error in prescription handling of prescription legal requirement for valid pr types of prescription parts of prescription introduction of prescription installation qualification ( iq) design qualification (dq) qualification calibration certificate calibration records importance of regular calibration calibration procedures commonly used calibration methods calibration process support equipment that require calibration measurement traceability & equipment for calibrati frequency of instrument calibration calibration interval equipment classification for calibration equipment needs & documentation for calibration quality critical equipment for calibration advantages of calibration scope of calibration purpose /need of calibration introduction of calibration iq pq oq dq urs user requirements specification (urs) structure and content of urs fat factory acceptance test site acceptance test sat equipment qualification steps of equipment qualification design qualification installation qualification operational qualification performance qualification maintenance qualification re-qualification concept of urs factor affecting vmp cleaning validation organization chat for vmp who perform vmp contents of vmp componetes of vmp documentation in vmp prepration of vmp vmp validation master plan importance of validation process validation defination of validation defination of quality quality organisation for validation types of validation scope of validation introduction to pharmacutical validation water waste tretment of water waste waste water system guideline for etp regulations for etp tretment level in etp designing of etp etp special test for tretment of water types of waste water discharge test for etp effluent treatment plant proces effluent treatment plant objectives of auditing quality assurance maintenance of engineering department audit checklist for maintenance audit checklist of quality assurance auditing in maintenance of engineering department auditing of quality assurance product audit audit in quality assurance self inspection classification of defects in audit audit program type of audit principle of audit audit report audit process auditing in pharmacutical industries
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