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Using Block Patterns in your Block Theme.pptx

  1. Jonathan Bossenger Let’s Code Using Block Patterns in your Block Theme
  2. 2 👋🏽 Welcome! As you join, please get your local WordPress install ready: Install and activate the Create Block Theme plugin Then, let everyone know in the chat where you’re joining us from…
  3. Introduction â—‹ My name is Jonathan â—‹ I am from Cape Town, South Africa â—‹ Ex-developer turned code instructor â—‹ Sponsored contributor at Automattic
  4. Let's code! Creating Blocks Patterns for your Theme Jonathan Bossenger
  5. Announcements ○ Welcome, and thank you to Kathryn for co-hosting today! ○ We’ll be presenting in focus mode. ○ You are welcome to ask questions. ○ You are welcome to unmute to ask questions, or post them in the chat.
  6. Announcements ○ Let’s get your local install ready: • ○ If I am going too fast, please let me know! ○ We will be posting this session to afterwards ○ For more WordPress focused content please visit
  7. Learning Outcomes â—‹ What are Block Patterns â—‹ Comparing Patterns to Template Parts â—‹ An overview of the Block Pattern Directory â—‹ How to create block patterns in PHP â—‹ How to create block patterns using the patterns directory of your theme â—‹ How to use patterns for custom functionality
  8. Resources â—‹ â—‹ reusable-blocks/ â—‹ â—‹
  9. Objectives 1 1. Create and use a simple button pattern 2. Create and use a custom header pattern 3. Register and use a pattern category 4. Create a cover pattern, with an image that is part of the theme 9
  10. 10 Let’s code.

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