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Giving honor commemorative speech

  1. 1. Our Military Service Members
  2. 2.  Introduction:  Hello All, today I complete my speech and give honor to our Military Men and Women,  I have said in past speeches that I wanted to work with Military Families, I know what they go through, I have been apart of one and I work with them on a daily basis now in the field of Early Childhood Education.  At a cost of much, sometimes their lives, they give for this country, our country.
  3. 3.  Their sacrifice cost them and their families much.  It’s a job that has changed since September 11, what used to be a 6 month deployment at best, can now be 10 months to a year then coming home for two weeks and out again for a year.  Their families suffer much by being the spouse or child of the service member but they too are proud of what they offer so the service member can be at his or her best.
  4. 4.  The United States Navy  The United States Army  The United States Marines  The United States Air Force  The United States Coast Guard  The Military Family Spouses and Children
  5. 5.  The great sacrifice they take on for the American People.  They are willing to serve. Sometimes coming home for 2 weeks and then off to serve more time until the job is done.  The military family sacrifices the holidays together, Birthdays together, Everydays together.  Sometimes they come home without limbs, sometimes with disorders, sometimes not at all.
  6. 6.  They are Brave  They Sacrifice  They show exemplary Strength  Show Your Appreciation!!!!!  HOOAH!!!!

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