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How does your media product represent particular social question 23

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How does your media product represent particular social question 23

  1. 1. By Sohail Qureshi How does your media product represent particular social groups?
  2. 2. My Target Audience • Class = Working Class • Gender = Targeted at both genders • Music taste = Indie music • Age = 16 to 25 • Hobbies/leisure activities = Playing an instrument, attending gigs, singing • Fashion = Trendy, current clothing, very causal • Future Aspirations = Wants to break through into the music industry • Products they may buy = Clothes, CD’s, typically youthful things
  3. 3. My Target Audience • The puff is eye- catching to the audience I have aimed my magazine at, this is because they will genuinely believe that they magazine is the most successful brand. This is because they will be getting free things and exclusive interviews by artists. • I have positioned it at the top of the page, just above the masthead of the front cover as this will catch the eyes of a musically passionate demographic. • The puff is small and catchy because I wanted the sentence to be easy for the reader to understand it.
  4. 4. My Target Audience • The masthead has been positioned at the top of the front cover. This is because the reader sees the masthead before anything on the font cover. • The colour of the masthead is black, yellow, and red. You can tell b y the colours that this magazine has been aimed at a older audience rather than younger ones. This shows the gender of both demographic, as the colours are simple, bold, and dramatic. • the masthead is eye-catchy to the targeted audience as it is clear and simplistic. • The masthead has trendy and out of the box style font because it very different from the ones you get from other magazine covers. This will interest a laid-back, youthful demographic.
  5. 5. My Target Audience • All the image my media product are targeted at the audience I have chosen for my magazine. • The photograph will interest working class demographic, as it shows casual impression. • The article photograph targets a audience from 16 to 25 demographic, as the clothing on the artist looks reliable and that very working class demographic. 16 to 25 year olds would be more impressionable, and the clothing looks retro/indie inspired.
  6. 6. My Target Audience • The cover lines are positioned around the centred feature article photograph. It has been positioned to fit the target audience style because the font of the text on the front cover is big, bold and very easy to read. The reason I have done this because of the target audience being a working class demographic. • The cover lines show a series of indie/rock style fonts, this showing the reader that it has been aimed at a 16 to 25 year old demographic. • Like the “The Indie Rock Legends Are Back.” this will be appealing to the target audience I have chosen for my magazine.
  7. 7. My Target Audience • The plug quote in each of the media product I have created will appeal to an audience who is not particular or aimed at any religions, this is because they will value their music to be the most important thing to them. • These plug quote will target the demographic I have aimed my media product at, as it appears clear and simple to the reader. • The typography is big, bold, and easy to read for the reader. The bright, and simplistic font will also interest a working class demographic to read the information in the media product. • The plug quote on each of the media product has been written differently and different colours have been used to attract the demographic.
  8. 8. My Target Audience • Like the NME and Q, they are used to separate boring and long winded text so the reader is still reading the text without thinking that the writer has wrote to much in the magazine, this might mean that the reader will might not read the magazine. • My magazine features pull quotes, pull out posters of artists, this will mean that the younger demographic of my magazine will decorate there rooms with, therefore appealing a big range of people for the media product. • The colour scheme for the magazine is black, red, white and yellow. I am breaking the colour conventions because I have more than three colours used for the colour scheme in the magazine. • This shows what my target audience like and how the house style is just right for the reader.