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Updated ii unit ii homophones

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Updated ii unit ii homophones

  1. 1. English grammar fundamEntals-ii Course: B.Tech Sem. II Subject: ECLS Unit: II Homophones, Homonyms and Homographs 1
  2. 2. What do all of these words have in common? How are they the same? • Homophone • Homonym • Homograph Each begins with the root word homo. Homo means same. All of these words have to do with sameness.
  3. 3. Homophone Phone = sound Telephone = across sound Homophone = same sound Words that sound the same but have different spellings are homophones. Examples: petal / peddal or to / two / and too.
  4. 4. Homophones • A type of homonym: words that sound alike, have different meanings, and are spelled differently. Sea My family is traveling to the Carribbean Sea for vacation. See If I don’t wear my glasses, I can’t see! Their Their class won the pizza party. There Please stand over there to wait for your turn.
  5. 5. Homophones See Meet Meat Sea
  6. 6. Homophones BlewBlue Pair Pear
  7. 7. The phone began to just as I stepped in the house. (Remember: Press enter after you circle each answer!) ring wring
  8. 8. The phone began to just as I stepped in the house. ring wring
  9. 9. The duck is near that over there. reed read
  10. 10. The duck is near that over there. reed read
  11. 11. I loved the second of that play. scene seen
  12. 12. I loved the second of that play. scene seen
  13. 13. The of bread baking was all through the house. scent sent
  14. 14. The of bread baking was all through the house. scent sent
  15. 15. The watch doesn’t to be working. seam seem
  16. 16. Homonym Nym = name Pseudonym = fake name Homonyms = same name Words that sound the same and have the same spellings are homonyms. Examples: bear / bear or stalk / stalk
  17. 17. Homonyms • Words that have different meanings and are either spelled the same or sound the same. Fair I went to the county fair. Fair It is not fair that I can’t go to the party. Base I slid into second base. Bass I caught a giant bass while fishing. Pair I washed my pair of socks Pear I ate a pear for lunch.
  18. 18. Homonyms their there they’re to two too by buy its it’s your you’re
  19. 19. What is a Homonym? • Homonyms are words that : o sound alike o are spelled differently o have different meanings
  20. 20. Let’s look at some common Homonyms! Word Definition Picture • their possessive of “they” • there location • they’re contraction for “they are”
  21. 21. More Work with Homonyms Word Definition Picture • to direction • too excessive; in addition • two number
  22. 22. Its vs. It’s Word Definition Picture • its possessive of “it is” • it’s contraction of “it is” Rewrite the following sentence using a homonym: “The dog’s leash is long. “
  23. 23. You’re vs. Your Word Definition Picture • you’re contraction of “you are” • your possessive of “you”
  24. 24. Bare vs. Bear Word Definition Picture • bare uncovered • bear animal; to endure Thinking like a scientist, create a simple scenario using both homonyms to the left. (A paragraph using both homonyms will suffice.)
  25. 25. A flower found in your eye. iris
  26. 26. Look at this to see what the time is. watch
  27. 27. Your money is not in danger when it is in this. safe
  28. 28. Practise for a match as you travel on the rails. train
  29. 29. Press down hard with your foot to stick this on the envelope. stamp
  30. 30. A learner in the middle of your eye. pupil
  31. 31. A sixtieth of a minute is not first. second
  32. 32. A place where a group of fish learn. school
  33. 33. A keen supporter to cool you down. fan
  34. 34. Move your hand as the water comes in. wave
  35. 35. A less heavy way to start a fire. lighter
  36. 36. A dog does this on the outside of a tree trunk. bark
  37. 37. Shake with fear holding the arrows. quiver
  38. 38. Smooth, not odd numbers. even 2 8 4 10 6 12
  39. 39. Does it squeak when it moves the cursor? mouse
  40. 40. The colour of a fruit. orange
  41. 41. Glue the long piece of wood. stick
  42. 42. A season to go boing! spring
  43. 43. A tree in the middle of your hand. palm
  44. 44. Homographs graph = writing biography = life writing homograph = same writing Words that have the same spellings but sound different are homographs. Examples: wind / wind or bass / bass
  45. 45. Homographs • A type of homonym: words that are spelled the same but have different meanings. bow I tied a bow to the present. bow The hunter used a bow and arrow. bow The dancer took a bow after her performance. tear A tear rolled down my face after the sad movie. tear I told my little sister not to tear my homework. lead Can I borrow some lead for my pencil? lead Please lead the students quietly down the hall. lead I lead the class down the hall.
  46. 46. Homographs: words which are spelled the same but have different meanings Example: • I went on a trip to Hawaii. • “Trip” in this sentence means to go somewhere. • Tie your shoelaces, or you will trip. • “Trip” in this sentence means to fall over something. • The word “trip” is a homograph because it was two meanings but it’s spelled the same.
  47. 47. Homographs Ruler Ruler A tool used for measuring length. A king or queen.
  48. 48. Homographs Pool Pool A table game where you shoot balls into pockets. A place for swimming.
  49. 49. Homographs School School A large group of fish. A place for learning.
  50. 50. Homographs Pitcher Pitcher A container for liquids. The baseball player who pitches the ball.
  51. 51. Homographs Block Block A cube-shaped toy used for building. The section of a neighborhood.
  52. 52. Homographs Chest Chest A container with a lid used for storing valuables. The upper part of your body.
  53. 53. Homographs Top Top The highest part of an object. A toy that spins.
  54. 54. Homographs Batter Batter The baseball player who hits the ball. A mix to make cakes and breads.
  55. 55. Homographs Pit Pit A deep hole. The hard seed of a fruit.
  56. 56. Homographs Scale Scale A tool used for measuring weight. The rough skin of a fish or reptile.
  57. 57. Homographs Star Star A mass of gas in space. A famous person.
  58. 58. Homographs Bat Bat A flying mammal. An object used to hit the ball in baseball.
  59. 59. Read the following sentences: 1. Jill got water from the well. 2. Jill wasn’t feeling well at school today. well (n.) – a deep hole from which water is drawn well (adj.) – healthy
  60. 60. Example: 1. The dove flew by the window. 2. She dove into the pool. dove /dav/ (n.)–a small white bird dove /douv/ (v.)–the past tense of dive Non-example: 1. The knight drew his sword. 2. It was the middle of the night. Knight /nit/ (n.) –a soldier who followed the king Night /nit/ (n.) –when it is dark outside
  61. 61. References • sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=1&sqi=2&ved=0CBwQFjAA&url=http%3A %2Fuploads %2F2014%2F02%2Fhomonyms.ppt&ei=crWsVPWgHsKouwSf34DIBg&usg=AFQjCN Gr5f0YrUNc4er0zpq64ML4UN4E5A&sig2=TUAVUwY8EHXgstkmOFGJ9Q • sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=8&sqi=2&ved=0CEcQFjAH&url=http%3A %2Fhomophones-homonyms-and-homographs- lesson.ppt&ei=0q6sVMzOH47GuASc4IH4Dg&usg=AFQjCNFFEyaWNyT0etW_sz60U Adozj6ruA&sig2=XAWk0Zqnb3HUVNCvzadovQ • sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=1&ved=0CBwQFjAA&url=http %2FLAppts %2F35%2Fhomoph.ppt&ei=pcOsVNC7EczluQTS5IK4Ag&usg=AFQjCNFg7O q0qe2A0AmIs3NnuTvUlDC8JA&sig2=YpAASS7RgY_bW3z- kdAaDQ&bvm=bv.83134100,d.c2E
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  63. 63. • sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=1&sqi=2&ved=0CBwQFjAA&url=http%3A%2F %2F22%2F5th_R_13_Homographs.ppt&ei=0q6sVMzOH47GuASc4IH4Dg&usg=AFQjCNGSaF21 voff4Zg2MOUrGeG7czppPg&sig2=UoYIO6DZT1_5Lxg8LNbeaw&bvm=bv.83134100,d.c2E
  64. 64. Thank You
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