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Conversion Rate Optimization for Local Businesses

Rand Fishkin's presentation from Be-Wizard! San Marino on Local Business traffic and conversion rate optimization, March 2011

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Conversion Rate Optimization for Local Businesses

  1. CRO for Local BusinessesHow to make your local/small business website optimized for visitor conversions.<br />Rand Fishkin, SEOmoz CEO, March 2011<br />
  2. At SEOmoz, we make SOFTWARE!! We don’t offer any consulting.<br />
  3. What is Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)?<br />Visitors Who ConvertTotal Visits<br />
  4. CRO Measures the Rate at Which Your WebsiteGets Visitors to Make Desired Actions<br />Hotel Forum probably wants lots of visitors to use this button<br />http:/<br /><br />
  5. Desired Actions Could Include:<br />Booking a Reservation<br />Watching a Video<br />Viewing Contact Details<br />Tweeting a Link<br />Signing Up for An Email List<br />Sending an Email<br />Filling Out a Form<br />Liking/Sharing on Facebook<br />Taking a Virtual Tour<br />Clicking an Ad<br />Downloading a Document<br />Buying a Product<br />Making a Donation<br />Leaving a Comment/Review<br />http:/<br />
  6. Example of a Typical Local Website’s Funnel:<br />Home Page<br />List of Cheeses<br />Hours + Directions<br />15%<br />10%<br />Hopefully, this means a customer is going to come buy some cheese!<br />http:/<br /><br />
  7. How Can We Improve Desired Actions?<br />Let’s Make it Better!<br />
  8. More Traffic<br />Home Page<br />List of Cheeses<br />Hours + Directions<br />15%<br />10%<br />More visits to the home page means more people will decide to visit<br />http:/<br />It’s a lot of hard work to get more visits, though, and we don’t know if they’ll be the kind who love cheese!<br />
  9. A Better Funnel<br />Home Page<br />List of Cheeses<br />Hours + Directions<br />25%<br />20%<br />A better “conversion rate” means more people who already visit the site will come to the store!<br />http:/<br />Woo hoo! Now for every 1,000 people that visit the site, 25 are potential cheese buyers!<br />
  10. Tracking Local Business Funnels<br />That which goes unmeasured cannot be improved.<br />
  11. Basic Google Analytics Data<br />2.7% of visitors click the “sneak a peek” link; maybe we should make that more obvious.<br />http:/<br /><br />
  12. Advanced Segments and Filters<br />Our “Social Media” segment<br />Includes sources like Twitter,<br />Facebookand LinkedIn<br />http:/<br /><br />
  13. Adding “Goals” in Analytics<br />http:/<br /><br />
  14. Click-to-Call Tracking<br />http:/<br /><br />
  15. Creating a Weekly Conversion Dashboard<br />http:/<br />This is the overview report SEOmoz’s marketing team tracks each week<br />
  16. Analyzing Quality of Traffic Sources<br />Quality > Quantity<br />(at least, most of the time)<br />
  17. Segmenting Traffic by Conversion Rate<br />Looks like Facebook & Twitter traffic are reasonably good, while StumbleUpon + LinkedIn aren’t so great.<br />http:/<br />We can use “goals” to understand which visit sources sent the most valuable traffic<br />
  18. Focusing on “Good” Traffic Sources<br />This filter lets me show only sites that sent more than 100 visits<br />http:/<br /><br />
  19. Experimenting to Stay Fresh + Relevant<br />http:/<br />From November – February, I experimented with answering questions on Q+A sites<br />
  20. Keys to Local Business Successon the Web<br />What does it take?<br />
  21. The Right Content<br />
  22. Contact Information<br />Excellent! The Gelateria has a link that says “Contact Us”<br />http:/<br /><br />
  23. Services List / Pricing<br />There’s a list of all their offerings, but no prices <br />http:/<br /><br />
  24. Photos<br />Once I see it, I REALLY want to go!<br />http:/<br /><br />
  25. Reviews (Editorial + Users)<br />http:/<br /> and<br />
  26. Viral/Blog/Share-Worthy Content(on the same domain!)<br />http:/<br /><br />
  27. Search Friendly<br />http:/<br />Good recipes AND they’re included in Google? Way to go!<br />
  28. Mobile Friendly<br />http:/<br /><br />
  29. Important Information is Easy to Access<br />http:/<br /><br />
  30. The Right Interface / Design<br />
  31. Simple<br />http:/<br /><br />
  32. Easy to Navigate<br />http:/<br /><br />
  33. Great Design: Not Critical, But it Helps!<br />http:/<br /><br />
  34. The Right Funnel<br />
  35. Contact Form and/or Conversion Page with Phone Number<br />http:/<br /><br />
  36. Conversion Page w/ Events that “Trigger”<br />http:/<br /><br />
  37. The Right Kinds of Traffic<br />
  38. Local-Focused Intent<br />http:/<br />
  39. Evangelists and Those Likely to Share<br />http:/<br /><br />
  40. Recommended Tools + Resources<br />
  41. Wordpress, Drupal and Joomla for CMS<br />http:/<br />, and<br />
  42. (US/UK only right now)<br />http:/<br /><br />
  43. Google Local / Maps / Places Registration<br />http:/<br /><br />
  44. Whitespark Local Citation Tool<br />http:/<br /><br />
  45. MailChimp for Email Lists<br />http:/<br /><br />
  46. Local SEO<br />
  47. Make Your Information Consistent!<br />Address<br />Business Name<br />Phone Number<br />http:/<br />,+wa<br />
  48. Consistency Everywhere on the Web<br />http:/<br />
  49. As Many Citations as Possible<br />http:/<br />
  50. Optimize Profile Pages & Places Listings<br />http:/<br /><br />
  51. Examples of Great Local Sites<br />
  52. http:/<br /><br />
  53. http:/<br /><br />
  54. http:/<br /><br />
  55. Q+A<br />Rand Fishkin, CEO & Co-Founder, SEOmoz<br /><ul><li> Twitter: @randfish
  56. Blog:
  57. Email:</li></ul>You can now try SEOmoz PRO Free!<br /><br />
  58. Summary of This Presentation<br />Creating a Conversion-Rate Optimized Local Site Requires:<br /><ul><li> Key information to inform curious users/searchers
  59. Accessible content (to search engines and mobile devices)
  60. A conversion funnel with proper tracking
  61. Experimentation with the quality/quantity of traffic driven by various sources</li></ul>http:/<br />