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This is for my final presentation

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  2. 2. WHAT IS BLACK CAT BISTRO “The Black Cat Bistro is a contemporary contribution to East Lansing that will provide a sense of elegance, but in a fun, relaxing environment. (Their) objective is to provide the perfect atmosphere with a high-end menu at an affordable price. Seating up to 100 guests, (they) provide a fun evening out for any occasion. You will be impressed not only by (their) food and drinks, but by (their) fast service and friendly staff. “ • Located relatively close to campus at 115 Albert Ave., East Lansing, MI which is really close to campus.
  3. 3. BIG IDEA • 25 Days of Christmas with Black Cat Bistro will be an online campaign that will begin on December 1st, 2014 and end the day of Christmas, December 25th, 2014. • This campaign will use specials and social media to bring awareness to Michigan State students and local residence in Okemos and Lansing. • The extent of the campaign will require participation that will prompt people to follow the social networks that my digital strategy will make for my client. • Each day will need participation with contests, games and other things that will require our followers to be engaged and participate!
  4. 4. TARGET AUDIENCE • College students and recently graduates are the primary target audience for our campaign. • Secondary target audience are residents of the surrounding areas; Okemos, East Lansing, Lansing.
  5. 5. TOOLS & TACTICS • Mass Following: Use social medias; Facebook and Twitter. • follow the mass of people on newly made accounts that will represent the official social media pages of Black Cat Bistro. • Will converse with students through out following to get following back and also through out campaign. • Social Media Monitoring: TweetAdder, TweetDeck and Klout • Use these social media monitoring applications and websites to measure the effectiveness. • Tweetadder has many features; mostly known for automated tweet settings. • TweetDeck can view many screens at once, making it simpler to keep track of feeds. • Klout shows good posts that you can put to continue your projected subject and measures your influence on your social media pages. • Hashtag: #BlackCatEL
  6. 6. TOOLS & TACTICS (CONT.) • Blogging and Search Engine Optimization • Although this campaign will mostly rely on the social media usage of Facebook and Twitter it will also have a blog that will reflect all of the positive feedback from customers and also show the effects and participation of the particular special of that day. The pictures and small interviews will be posted daily. • The posts will have the search engine title tag of the hashtag #BlackCatEL and the other tags will include #25DaysofXmas #25Days #BlackCatChristmas
  7. 7. TOOLS & TACTICS (CONT.) The 25 Days Example • 1 – 1 Free Drink (Alcoholic/Non) • 2 – 2 More Hours of Happy Hour • 3 – 30 Free #BlackCatEL Shirt Giveaway • 4 – 4 hours of Open Mic (Poetry) • 5 – 25% off Starters • 6 – Groups of 6 or more get 15% off • 7 – Lucky 7th Person Every Hour Gets Free Meal • 8 – Share What You Eat (8) w/ Hashtag • 9 – Study Break Night • 10 – Study Break Night • 11 – Karaoke Night • 12 – Graduates Get Half Off • 13 – Graduates Get Half Off • 14 – Graduates Get Half Off • 15 – Christmas Song Joy • 16 – Q/A and Win Online • 17 – Suggest A Plate – Best New Item • 18 – 1 Free Drink (Between 9-10) • 19 – Online Quiz possible prize • 20 – Free Shout Out 1st 100 • 21- Take a pic with chef (50 people) • 22 – Show Us What You Want • 23 – Show Us What You Want • 24 – Show Us What You Want • 25 – Merry Christmas Show Us What You Got
  8. 8. KEY PERFORMANCE INDICATORS • Inbound Marketing • A list serve will be at each of the events urging the participants to sign their name and email for a chance to win prizes; free food, free drinks (if of age) and other things. This list serve will provide our inbound marketing, cause weekly emails can be sent out to all of the customers. • Google AdWords • This will be simple and only touch the areas that the target audience are shown. This will have about 25 keywords, and will run throughout the months prior to the campaign in hopes to generate audience that will participate due to enjoyable previous experiences at the restaurant.
  9. 9. BUDGET • The budget will remain low because it will be done by the efforts of the restaurant. • The Google AdWord will only run the month prior to the actual campaign resulting in it estimating around $250.00 • The contests and other things will have a cost, but those would depend on the likings of the owner. I approximate them totaling in about $500-$1000 in total expenses. • Total Maximum Projected Budget $1250.00.
  10. 10. CONCLUSION • This campaign is hugely impacted by participation. With the campus being heavily into social media and showing it is willing to participate with companies they favor the campaign will raise awareness and brand image along with long term profit. It also is something that has not happened close to campus, which will receive an instant interest.