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Curriculum Vitae

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Curriculum Vitae

  1. 1. Curriculum Vitae REZA BADIEE Marital status: Marriedone child Sex:Male Date of born: 1972 Militarystatus: Done ID No.:122 Email: Address:No.8-ShahidBehestAlley- EdalatSq.-Shiraz-Iran Tel: +98-0711-8423892 Mobile No.: +98-09173172148 Objective: QA/QCENGINEER, PIPING/PIPELINE EXPERT, MECHANICAL & CONSTRUCTION SUPERINTENDENT  Experiences: 1. May 2013 Up To Now, Sinopec InternationalPetroleum Company YADAVARAN Oil Field Development Project/Ahvaz Senior QA/QC Engineer  Pipeline Supervision, Fabrication And Execution Of Pipeline, Pre-Commissioning And Commissioning Activities. 2. Jun 2011 Up To May 2013, ARIA NAFT SHAHAB COMPANY (ANS) South Pars GAS Field Development, Phases 15 & 16, GAS Refinery/ASSALUYEH Piping Expert  Piping Supervision, Fabrication And Erection, Document Control, Hydrostatic Test Packages Also Pre- CommissioningAnd CommissioningActivities. 3. September 2010 Up To April 2011, China National Petroleum Company International (CNPCI) Masjed-I-Soleiman (MIS) Oil Field Development/Masjed Soleiman Mechanical Engineer  Supervision Of Static And Rotary Equipment, Storage Tank, Piping Supervision, Final Book And Hand Over Package. 4. August 2009 Up To July 2010,Persian Gulf Star – Oil Company (PGSOC) Bandar Abbas Condensate Oil Refinery/Bandar Abbas Head Of Mechanical Section (Mechanical Superintendent)  Supervision Of Construction Activities In Static Equipment, Storage Tank, Preparing Documents And Procedures. 5. April 2008 Up To June 2009,Pars Oil & Gas Company (POGC) South Pars GAS Field Development, Phases 9 & 10, GAS Refinery/ASSALUYEH Senior QA/QC Engineer  Supervision Of Piping Fabrication, Welding, Mechanical, Static Equipment, Double Wall And Atmospheric Storage Tank, Hydrostatic Package Also Pre-Commissioning And Commissioning Activities. 6. February 2005 Up To December 2007, Technical Inspection & Corrosion Control Management Company (CCM) Ghadir UREA & Ammonia Petrochemical Company/ASSALUYEH QA/QC Engineer  Supervision Of Piping Fabrication, Welding, Static Equipment, Storage Tank, NDT Interpreter And ProvidingPunch ListAnd CommissioningActivities.
  2. 2. 7. April 2003 Up To January 2005, ENI IRAN B.V Company (Italian Co.) South Pars GAS Field Development, Phases 4 & 5, GAS Refinery/ASSALUYEH QC Welding & Piping Field Supervisor – High Supervision  Supervision Of U/G & A/G Piping Fabrication, Installation, Utility & Process Unit, Hydrostatic Packages, Storage Tank, High Supervision Of 56"Pipeline(From Phases 4 & 5 To JAM Gas Refinery) 8. July 2001 Up To April 2003, Consortium Of Daelim & IDRO Company South Pars Gas Field Development, Phase 1, GAS Refinery/ASSALUYEH QA/QC Engineer  Piping Engineering, Execution And Installation, Fabrication And Welding Of Piping And Pipeline, Hydro Static Test PackageAlso CommissioningActivities. 9. January 2000 Up To July 2001,TECHINCO Company Bandar Imam Petrochemical Company/Bandar Imam QC Welding Engineer  Supervision Of PipingFabrication,WeldingAnd NDT 10. January 1999 Up To January 2000,Shegerf Abzar Company Bandar Imam Petrochemical Complex/Bandar Imam Technical Office Manager  Technical OfficePipingSections,PipingSupervision And Fabrication Also WeldingActivities. 11. February 1997 Up To December 1998, Ministry Of Defense Bandar Abbas Technical Office, Welding Supervisor  WeldingAnd NDT Supervision  Educational Status : B.Sc. Degree in metallurgy Engineering, Shiraz University (1991-1995)  Skills :  Fluent in English Language(Writing & Reading & Speaking)  Radiographic testing Interpretation (RTI), ASNT-TC Level ll  Full Knowledgeof material used in refinery, petrochemical and powergeneration plant  Good Ability with ComputerProgram Such MS office and so On  Familiar with code& Standards (ASME , ANSI , API , AWS , BS … )