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Checklist for a New Inventory Management System

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Inventory is your store’s largest asset, so ensuring that you have an inventory management system that is multifunctional is essential for running an efficient retail business. We have created a checklist that includes everything your point of sale and inventory management system should be capable of so that you can get the most out of your business!

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Checklist for a New Inventory Management System

  1. 1. 800.654.3123 Having a point of sale system that also has inventory management capabilities is essential for retailers. Making sure your retail software is multidimensional and can meet all of your inventory needs is important for your business’s success. This checklist will take you through different features that you should ensure your system has. If it lacks any of the following, you may want to consider switching your system, so you can get the most out of your business. □□ API that allows you to integrate with other partners □□ Ecommerce □□ Payment gateways □□ Open-to-Buy Consulting □□ Gift Card □□ EDI/Trading Partners □□ Invoice Reconciliation INTEGRATIONS @ricssoftwareMORE INFORMATION: □□ Monthly subscription based model that includes upgrades and training □□ Cloud-hosted solution □□ Can accommodate an unlimited number of stores □□ Real-time data □□ Offline access to data □□ Automate purchase orders □□ Track non-sellable inventory □□ Transfer inventory between stores □□ Access to support INVENTORY □□ Robust Reporting □□ Sales Analytics □□ Employee Analytics □□ Customer Analytics □□ Ecommerce Analytics □□ Frequent Buyer/Loyalty Program REPORTING □□ Easy to learn and operate □□ Track sales □□ Collect data and customer information □□ Scan items at checkout □□ Credit card processing □□ Can process layaways and special orders □□ Email or print receipts □□ Process transactions offline POINT OF SALE