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Organizational behaviour-effective waysof communication.PGDHRM-SIBM-2012-2013

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Organizational behaviour-effective waysof communication.PGDHRM-SIBM-2012-2013

  3. 3. •Instant Messaging•Email• Website•Voice Mail•Social Networking Sites•Text Messages/Sms•Voice /Video Call•Blog
  4. 4. Text Message/SMSText messaging, ortexting, is theexchange of briefwritten text messagesbetween two or moremobile phones or fixedor portable devicesover a phone network
  5. 5. EmailAlthough email is notbrand new, there aredefinitely new andinnovative ways ofaccessing this toolremotely and without theusage of a computer.Eg-Yahoo Mail•Gmail•Hotmail•Wndows Live etc
  6. 6. WebsiteA website, also writtenas Web site, web site, orsimply site, is a set ofrelated web pagescontaining content suchas text, images, video,audio, etc. A website ishosted on at least oneweb server, accessible viaa network such as theInternet or a private localarea network through anInternet address
  7. 7. BlogA BLOG is aWeb site onwhich anindividual orgroup of usersrecord opinions,information, etc.on a regularbasis.
  8. 8. Voice /VideoCallThe capabilities ofcell phones havecontinued to increasesince their introductionin the late 1980s. Inaddition to basic textmessaging andwireless phoneconversations, manycell phones enabletheir users to send andreceive email, picturesand recorded videos.
  9. 9. SocialNetworking SitesA social networkingservice is an online service,platform, or site thatfocuses on facilitating thebuilding of social networksor social relations amongpeople who, for example,share interests, activities,backgrounds, or real-lifeconnections.Eg:- facebook, twitter,flickr..etc..
  10. 10. InstantMessagingInstant messaging (or IMing)enables users tocommunicate with eachother on the Internet viashort written (or sometimesspoken) messages deliveredalmost immediately after thecontent is created.Eg-MSN, Yahoo messenger,gtalk, skype…etc..
  11. 11. VoicemailVoice-mail (also known asvoice message or voice bank)is a computer based system thatallows users and subscribers toexchange personal voicemessages; to select and delivervoice information; and toprocess transactions relating toindividuals, organizations,products and services, using anordinary telephone. The term isalso used more broadly todenote any system of conveyinga stored telecommunicationsvoice messages, including usingan answering machine.