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The core GATR capability is really about rapid response.
In an article by Debra Werner of Space News published on December 5, 2017, the role of GATR was highlighted.

Cubic Corporation’s GATR satellite antennas continue to provide communications links for residents and community leaders in Puerto Rico more than two months after Hurricane Maria devastated the U.S. territory and nearby Caribbean islands.

Employees of GATR Technologies, part of Cubic Corporation’s Mission Solutions Division, were in the U.S. Virgin Islands working to reestablish communications in the wake of Hurricane Irma, when Help.NGO’s Disaster Immediate Response Team and Cisco Systems’ Tactical Operations Team called for assistance in Puerto Rico.

Victor Vega, GATR Technologies director of emerging solutions, and his colleagues packed inflatable satellite antennas in suitcases and brought them to areas of Puerto Rico where hurricane-force winds and fallen trees had dismantled the terrestrial communications infrastructure. They installed inflatable GATR 2.4 meter antennas on rooftops, including two U.S. Army National Guard buildings that served as a distribution point for food and water.

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  1. 1. GATR Disaster Response Efforts
  2. 2. Our Disaster Response 2 • Hurricanes • Katrina - 2005 • Ike - 2008 • Typhoon Hiyan (Philippines) – 2013 • Sandy - 2012 • Harvey, Maria, Irma – 2017 • Michael – 2018 • Idai (Mozambique) - 2019 • Tornados • North Alabama - 2011 • Kansas - 2013 • Earthquakes • Haiti - 2010 • Nepal - 2015
  3. 3. 2017 Response Hurricanes Irma & Maria Caribbean Islands
  4. 4. Locations - 2017 4 Texas St. John, USVI Texas • Houston (NRG stadium/Center) • Emergency Operations Dispatch Center Florida • Marathon, Florida Keys (Airport) • Not able to get there • Cisco asked – Datapath go there • FEMA said “On Your Own” Antigua • Cisco Deployment St. John, USVI • Clinic: DeCastro • National Park Visitor’s Center • Clinic: Myrah Keating Smith • Coral Bay Fire Dept Puerto Rico • Vieques (Mayor’s Office) • Utuado (National Guard) • Aibonito (National Guard)Puerto RicoAntigua
  5. 5. 5 Customers & Partners Roles in 2017 Response NetHope Provide disaster response SMEs, team insertion, acquisition of equipment and shipping logistics. Coordinate site locations & comms needs with military and local govenrments Provide Technical support for network integration and satcom setup. Embedded with NetHope & customers OEM of cell service hardware. Coordinated with cellphone providers (T-Mobile, AT&T) for frequency clearance and site coordination. Global DIRT VanuCisco TacOps Cubic | GATR communications equipment operator FEMA Provide flights for aid and equipment/ personnel insertion. Mission Aviation Fellowship
  6. 6. Services Provided 7 Texas (Harvey) • Public Wifi Hotspot St. John, USVI (Irma/Maria) • Public Wifi Hotspot • Private Wifi Hotspot • Cell Service (Coral Bay) • Internal Infrastructure Backhaul • Clinic Staff Internet • NY State Police (BGAN) • Chesney Group (BGAN) Puerto Rico (Maria) • Pharmacy backhaul • Cell Service • National Guard Wifi
  7. 7. System Configurations 2.4m Antenna 1.2m Antenna Communication Solutions
  8. 8. Why SWaP? Transportation Flexibility 9
  9. 9. 2.4m & 1.8m 40W Ku HPA HPA Power Supply HPA Cables CUPS Cables/PS iDirect Modem Ku-Feed, 3W Amplifier & LNB Set IF Cables Spectrum Analyzer Compact UPS Antenna Ground Anchor Plates Stake & Tool Bag Inflation Unit Inflation Hoses 98 lbs 110 lbs
  10. 10. 1.2m Ku-Band Compact UPS Power Supply 1.2m Antenna GATR/iDirect e850 Modem Ku-Band Feed/HPA Ground Anchor Plates Tool/Stake Bag 100 lbs GPS Cables Wireless Router Extension Cord
  11. 11. 12 Radio/Modem & Power Supply Antenna Cables (LMR-240) Attaching Cell Phone Access to GATR antenna
  12. 12. Interoperability of Radio & Cell Phones Satellite Network Cubic Confidential
  13. 13. 2018 & 2019 Hurricane Michael Cyclone Idai
  14. 14. Hurricane Michael - Florida 2018 Four dual band antennas fit in a Ford Expedition Rental
  15. 15. Cyclone Idai - Mozambique 2019
  16. 16. 17 Questions?