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How To Contact Influencers

  1. @roypovar
  2. Who’s an influencer How to find influencers How to recognize influencers
  3. Who’s an influencer?
  4. People your target audience: Read Share Respect Listens to
  5. How do we know where to look for them?
  6. Buyer’s persona: Types of websites Preferred social networks Professional literature
  7. How to recognize influencers
  8. Google: top lists # Twitter followers Blog comments / Shares Mentions References
  9. Create a spreadsheet: Influencer’s name Twitter Bio Website URL Blog URL Email Address Twitter Handle LinkedIn URL
  10. 8 ways to contact influencers
  11. Engage on Twitter: See what they’re talking about and start a direct conversation
  12. Top lists blogpost Write a top-influencer post, mention them and then make sure they know about it via Twitter or Email
  13. Referrals Write an article using their post as a resource and then notify them
  14. Comment on their blog Everybody loves comments. 
 Everybody notice comments
  15. Interviews Do an interview with the influencer on your blog. Make it easy to answer with interesting questions you know fit the influencer’s agenda.
  16. An extended version / different angle on their posts Write a post that extends on a topic they wrote about and share it with them via Twitter and Email
  17. Featured articles Write an article about the influencers. Find the angle that is both useful and valuable
  18. Trending topics See what the influencer is talking about and write content that you know will interest him
  19. Share their article and mention “Great post by @influencer - ….”
  20. Send email Simple as that. Send an email thanking him for his influence on your work. That’s it.
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