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Digital serves not only as a powerful medium for interacting with consumers in a cost-effective and highly scalable way but also a way to ensure caregivers and healthcare providers have all of the necessary inputs to ensure the highest quality and most personal treatment possible. When used correctly, digital can provide the ability to track patient biometrics and adjust treatment in a timely manner, interact with patients beyond office visits, provide value added health information including revenue opportunities beyond reimbursements, and ultimately generate positive health outcomes. Thus Digital Transformation moves Pharma 'Beyond the Pill’ , Digital Drives Brand Awareness, Favourability and Conversions, Digital Creates value by embedding products into a holistic offering with the aim to improve patient outcomes.

Thus following keynotes to consider while drafting any campaign:
Scale of Digital Marketing: The Internet of things will become much more important to your customers than it is today. So act Now!
Customers choose communities online: they refer to for advice, recommendation and peer reassurance about your products – they will place their trust in what they hear
Context is king: The value of information is weak without context; search engines and communities provide context and enhance value
Mobile is coming: What you are familiar with on the web today will migrate into our pockets tomorrow; mobile platforms are simply a gateway into the same data
Information is the new marketing tool As the barriers of access to knowledge melt away at every step in the supply chain, more questions will be asked and more answers needed to be found
Getting your products and information found: at the very moment of a customer’s greatest potential interest will remain critical, but the number of tools and techniques will continue to swell

The businesses that succeed will be those with adaptive marketing structures that can learn these new environments and quickly respond.
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  1. 1. THE ‘WHY’ & ‘HOW’ OF By Rupali Digrajkar, Head Online Initiatives & Social Media Twitter: @rupalikd
  2. 2. 2 Why Multi Channel Marketing Approach in India…?
  3. 3. Digital boom in India… A snapshot India Set to have 243 Million Internet Users by June 2014 Report Internet & Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) Key statistics on connectivity • 40% Year-on-Year growth in the number of Internet users • 64% of Indian mobile users are male • 137 million internet users in urban India; 68 million in rural India • 85 million mobile internet users in urban India; 25 million in rural India • Mumbai has the highest number of internet users (12 million) followed by Delhi (8.1 million) and Hyderabad (4.7 million) • 75% mobile penetration among the age group of 19-24 years 3
  4. 4. Indian HCPs are Technology Savvy … Opportunities are available… 4
  5. 5. 5 Some more statistics on connectivity…
  6. 6. 6 Complex Indian Pharma Industry Dynamics
  7. 7. 7 Internet Savvy Indian HCPs… Opportunities Available…
  8. 8. …adopt the Multi-Channel Marketing route for…. Physician and customer engagement • Face-to-face contact increasingly difficult..hence needed innovative channels to Connect.. Converse... Collaborate... Engage... • Physicians’ needs for real-time information • Physician support service Customer-Centric-Market Segmentation • Integrated CLM (close Loop Marketing) tactics incorporated to the wider marketing strategy canvass 8
  9. 9. 9
  10. 10. …by understanding the Rx behavior… online… 10 DIGITAL SOCIAL
  11. 11. Four key questions that we, pharma advertisers need to ask ourselves in order to meet their campaign goals • How can I reach my target? • Can I reach my target at scale? • Can I reach my target safely? • Am I reaching my target effectively? 11
  12. 12. Multi Channel Marketing... is not to Multiply but to Diversify... leveraging different channels of communication understanding how our customers interact with each channel and then tailoring our approach accordingly Learning from customer behaviour is key Segmentation Profiling Targeting 12
  13. 13. Leveraging Different Channels of Communication 13
  14. 14. Start Targeting Your Audience Now… The Smarter Way… 14
  15. 15. PHARMACEUTICAL DIGITAL MARKETING: IT IS TIME TO GO BEYOND TRADITIONAL TARGETING… Detailing Visual Aid Leave Behind Literatures Sampling Practices Circulating Journals/ Publications Detection CampsTo Make a Difference… The MCM Way… 15
  16. 16. Digital Transformation Moves Pharma 'Beyond the Pill’ Digital Drives Brand Awareness, Favourability and Conversions Digital Creates value by embedding products into a holistic offering with the aim to improve patient outcomes
  17. 17. Health Leaders Need Fast And Accurate Answers to Following Questions: • What is the online behaviour of patients, caregivers, healthcare providers and administrators? How do I most effectively communicate with them? • How do I most effectively integrate online communications as I convert to an Accountable Care model. • How did my communications campaign impact condition and treatment awareness, attitudes towards prevention, and intent-to-seek treatment? • What is the effectiveness of my digital marketing (search, display, video) campaigns on desired health outcomes and treatments? • Is there any integrated way to capture all the patient interactions for my healthcare system including patient calls, direct marketing communications, online campaigns and website visitations and use it to drive growth? 17
  18. 18. Digital is dynamic... future isn't as opaque as many think…. Few aspects that Pharma Marketers will need to employ in the near future: • Scale of Digital Marketing – The Internet of things will become much more important to your customers than it is today. So act Now! • Customers choose communities online – For advice, recommendation and peer reassurance • Context is king – Search engines and communities providers of context • Mobile is coming - Web today will migrate into our pockets tomorrow • Information is the new marketing tool – Easy access to knowledge, more questions will be asked and more answers needed to be found • Get visible Online – Especially during customer’s greatest potential interest will remain critical, number of techniques will continue to swell • Be ready for adaptive marketing structures – Learn these new environments and respond quickly. 18
  19. 19. Few Things to Try in your Next Campaigns: • Place the web at the heart of the mix, using it as an engine to process and advance the brand activation created through other channels • Extend the depth and richness of information on your own site, by letting its content and messages reach out into the high traffic digital media properties your target audiences now log onto • Use the web as a return path to connect customers back to the brand • Harness established technologies like podcasts and videocasts routinely to present and discuss products at a time convenient to the HCPs • Take part in conversations with your customers to listen and respond 19
  20. 20. 20 The ROI Funnel is Critical to define at your Marketing Programmes Foundation Stage!
  21. 21. ROI is just not Sales… It is Definitive KPIs at all levels of Campaign Journey using B2B Digital Strategy Cycle 21
  22. 22. 22 Using the Multichannel Marketing and Social Media Communications Tactic-driven marketing Foundation development Customer- centric marketing Insight-driven, informed marketing Merck Serono India’s journey from Tactical Marketing to Informed Marketing practices
  23. 23. Merck Serono India on Social Media 23 Fan Community 64,250+ fans and growing 1,700+ members and growing 180+ Followers and growing 91,100+ Followers Featured in the Top 100 blog list on the India registry
  24. 24. 24 Online Web Portals
  25. 25. Use of Audio-Visuals: an Integral element in the MSI’s Communications Practice 50+ Audio Visual Assets for Internal / External Stakeholders
  26. 26. Case Study - Fertility MSI’s pioneering initiative to spread awareness and engage stakeholders on infertility issues, management and treatment options available 26 FERTILITY  Parents of Fertility Webportal  Social Media Optimisation  Fertility Awareness Programmes  Public Relations  Mass Media Campaign  Webinars  e-Detailing
  27. 27. Launched in 2013 27,52,000+ visitors 350+ Fertility Specialists engaged 3,300+ couples engaged struggling with infertility issues 27
  28. 28. Position on major Search Engines Search engine Summary Keyword Position advanced fertility centre infertility solutions best fertility centre in india best infertility center in india fertility treatment in india best ivf center in india fertility treatment india icsi fertility treatment best treatment for infertility 79 N/A 75 49 32 30 29 N/A 9 15 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 6 31 10 3 6 2 17 13 N/A 15 66 65 34 28 20 20 55 1  Structured SEO exercise has helped achieve this position against 28 million+ competing websites based on this topic in India.  Surpassed the ranking of popular websites like,,, etc.  On a global search site -, we are at No.9 28 achieved #1 rank in the search results on Data as on January 4, 2015
  29. 29. Parents of Fertility on Facebook 29 Fan base of 41,600+ Targeted Audience Spreading awareness and opinion building on symptoms, precautions and treatment options ‘Helping Families’ Live survey Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Campaign Google adwords campaign & eMailer campaign started in April 2013, targeting to achieve minimum 1,000 responses through online media Achieved 1,176 spontaneous responses for the survey Fertility Awareness : Helping Families Survey
  30. 30. Fertility Awareness Week 2013 Break The Silence Campaign
  31. 31. Goals of Fertility Awareness Week 2013 During the week hosted an online web congresses featuring fertility experts, sharing their insights on the following topics: • What is Infertility? • Barriers to Infertility • Treatment Options and Access Objective: • To stimulate conversation and awareness about infertility and starting families • Drive traffic to and Helping Families ‘Web- Chat’ • Web-chat allowed participants to understand the urgency of treatment and help them over come knowledge barriers around infertility and access to treatment • Direct participants to seek help through online clinic locator
  33. 33. Mediums / Platforms of Campaign Fertility Awareness Week 2013 Digital Platforms – Online Clinic Locator on Online Free booklet to download answering various conceptions with regards to infertility. Developed Microsite and hosted week long web-congress Web congress promotion through social media (Facebook) and online promotion Social Media Platforms – • Branded Channel (Parents of Fertility)YouTube • Facebook (Parents of Fertility)
  34. 34. Fertility Awareness: Break The Silence Campaign 35 228,000+ views for the web congress with 1,100+ messages with queries posted for KOLs
  35. 35. Fertility Awareness : YouTube for Video Viral Sharing 1.17+ mio views on YouTube alone Click here to watch 36
  36. 36. Fertility Awareness: Using Facebook 37
  37. 37. (Notable Indian Publications –The Hindu, Indian Express, Dainik Jagran, Deccan Chronicle, Rajasthan Patrika, Asian Age, Mumbai Mirror, Lokmat Times, Perfect Woman Magazine, Femina magazine) Fertility Awareness: Public Relations • Positive media coverage in 150+ leading publications – national/regional dailies & magazines • Total readership achieved – 70 million • Half hour featured slot on India’s # 1 national territorial TV Channel ‘Doordarshan’ Fertility Awareness: Online Media Rooms Archival and sharing via newsroom (Feature stories generated out of MSI Fertility PR campaign)
  38. 38. Fertility Awareness: Public Relations 39
  39. 39. Fertility Awareness: Press Conference 40 • 1st ever study on Infertility in India • Engaged leading KOLs and shared platform at the press conference • News media coverage of more than 75 print & online publications, with a cumulative readership on 37+ million
  40. 40. Outcomes of the Campaign Key Performance Indicatives for the success of Fertility Awareness Week 2013 Average viewers per day for Web- congress: 35,000+ Total Viewers for the week: 2,28,000+ Total patients approached to doctor for consultation: 300+ Total questions posted to doctors: 1,100+ We encouraged the couples to discuss their fertility problems among themselves and with their doctor or fertility specialist.
  41. 41. Increased outreach and awareness by using cost effective low cost promotion mediums such as SEO, SMO etc. Combined reach to 375 mio targeted audience
  42. 42. Fertility Awareness Month 2014 Take The Next Baby Steps Campaign
  43. 43. Campaign Objectives 44  To increase awareness of the impact of age on fertility amongst couples aged over 40 years  To encourage couples aged below 40 to seek help early at the participating fertility clinics
  44. 44. Fertility Awareness Month - August 2014 45 Digital Platforms – Microsite - Online Find a Clinic tool on the Microsite for Online Voucher Download on Online Educational Video answering various conceptions with regards to infertility. Digital Engagement with the Focused TG using Facebook Branded YouTube Channel (Parents of Fertility) for TG Engagement
  45. 45. Online Media Channels – Advertising Promotion, Conversation Build up to Drive Traffic to the Microsite Advertising & Promotion For Driving Traffic Google Yahoo Facebook YouTube Vimeo LinkedIn Twitter Email Marketing Voice SMS Bulk Messages QR Code SEM on potential Portals along with existing SEO 46 Conversation Marketing Word-of-Mouth For Driving Traffic Forums Participatio n Social Media Using Facebook Fanpage & Leverage on MSI SoMe Networks Aggregator Inclusions Cross Platform Content Promotion Q n A portals Groups and discussion blog Participatio n
  46. 46. Fertility Awareness Month Microsite
  47. 47. Sales Conversion Fertility Cycle Pick Up Defining Key Audience Segments basis behavior, location, demographics Microsite Development Consolidating resources on a web based platform i.e. Fertility Education Video, Fertility Myths, Video Gallery Online Promotion & Conversation Marketing - For Driving Traffic to the FAM 2014 microsite WWW Reaching out to Target Audience Lead Acquisition – Online Reaching out to FAM Participating Centres Lead Conversion – Offline FAM Voucher Redemption at the Fertility Centres Prospective Leads unused vouchers to be engaged Business Opportunity Leads not converted into Consumers Merck Serono Fertility Fertility Awareness Month [FAM] 2014 Call to Action Mechanism Lead Acquisition & Conversion Cycle Potential TG – Unique Visitors to the website Potential Leads – Using CTAs Reach 74,00,000+ Unique Visits ~ 35%of The Reach Leads Acquired ~2% of The Engaged Audience Sales Conversion 1:4 Ratio of the Lead Conversion Engaged Audience ~ 12% of Unique Visits Lead Conversion ~ 20% of the Lead Acquired
  48. 48. Awards and Accolades... Internal and External… in the year 2014…
  49. 49. MSI AWARD 2014 for Operation Excellence awarded to Multi Channel Marketing Initiatives led by MSI Communications and the Cross Functional MCM Task Force
  50. 50. Landmark Achievement… FIVE Awards at the CMO Asia Awards 2014 for outstanding work in Healthcare Communications, Social Media and Digital Media Marketing domains at an APAC level 1. Asia Healthcare Excellence Awards Best Marketing Campaign Fertility Awareness Week 2013 2. Social Media & Digital Marketing Excellence Awards Best Integrated Digital Campaign Fertility Awareness Week 2013 3. Social Media & Digital Marketing Excellence Awards Best Integrated Digital Campaign Fertility Awareness Week 2013 4. Social Media & Digital Marketing Excellence Awards Best Use of Social Networks Merck Serono India Social Media Channels 5. Social Media & Digital Marketing Excellence Awards Best Corporate Blog Merck Serono India Blog
  51. 51. Awards and Recognition from Internal and Industry Bodies
  52. 52. Thank You.