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Customer Care Training Courses

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Customer Care Training Courses will teach your staff how to offer better customer care. Customer care depend on staff acting with professionalism and self confidence. It will help new staff gain an understanding or works well as refresher for trained staff. Good customer care is VITAL for your business/organisation as it increases your reputation and improves job satisfaction. It also improves your staffs listening and responding skills and gives them an understanding of individual need. the course is suitable for anyone who comes into contact with customers either on the telephone or in person be your staff in management or customer facing roles. It will help with your teams problem solving skills helping them to identify and overcome difficult situations. The course lasts for 6 hours and a certificate of attendance will be issued at the end of the course. The course can be delivered in one of our training centres or a location better suited to your staff. you can also have the course tailor made to suit your specific requirements.

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Customer Care Training Courses

  1. 1. Customer Care Course Description: Good customer care depends on staff acting with professionalism and self-confidence. This course will help new staff to practice good customer care and is an enjoyable refresher for more experienced staff. Good customer care is vital for your organisation’s reputation. It also improves job satisfaction. This course will help improve your skills in listening to clients, and colleagues and understanding individual needs so that you can provide what they really want, where and when they want it. The course is suitable for anyone who comes into contact with customers – either on the telephone or in person. It is of equal benefit to people new to customer care, and to those with more experience who wish to improve their skills. From management to customers. This course will ensure you can listen well, establish customer needs and handle tricky situations – that is, give good customer service. You will know how to check your organisation is using its resources wisely and providing good value for money. There will be opportunities to develop your communication skills and focus on customer needs. Course Outline: • Your ‘customers’ • Who they are (Person Centred Care) • How they see you • What they want from you • Customer care and customer service - two sides of the same coin • The values, vision and mission of your organisation - how customer service helps achieve all three • The skills of providing good service in person • Dealing with complaints • Telephone do’s and don’ts • Building relationships • Assertiveness • Personal presentation • Professionalism (GSCC) • Communication • Maintaining dignity, respect and choice (customers right) Course Duration: 6hrs Assessment: The trainer will carry out an on-going assessment during the course Certification: All delegates will receive a certificate of attendance Location: The course can be delivered at locations to suit the client or at one of our training venues Maximum number of delegates per trainer is 15 Telephone: 0845 468 0870 Pathway College putting you first Web: Birmingham: 0121 369 0100 Email: