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  2. CONJUNCTION Conjunction are the words that conjoin words, phrases, clauses together in a sentence. For example : And , or , When
  3. TYPE OF CONJUNCTION Coordinating conjunctions Subordinating conjunctions Correlative conjunctions
  4. COORDINATING CONJUNCTIONS These are the single words that Link phrase or elements For, And , Nor, But, Or, Yet, So. Theses conjunctions never comes at the beginning or the sentence.
  5. SUBORDINATING CONJUNCTIONS This type of conjunctions include words like Because, If, Although, Since, Until, and While. Theses conjunctions are use to introduce independent clause. We can use these conjunctions at the beginning of the sentence.
  6. CORRELATIVE CONJUNCTIONS Theses conjunctions are pairs of words that works together to connect two parts of sentences that have equal value. For example: Either/Or Neither/Nor Not only/ But also Both/ And
  7. INTERJECTION An interjection is word that express the sudden emotions of a speaker. Such as Joy, sorrow, excitement, shock, approval, or anger .
  8. TYPES OF INTERJECTION Interjection of Greeting Interjection of Joy Interjection of Attention Interjection of Approval Interjection of Surprise Interjection of Sorrow
  9. INTERJECTION OF GREETING Theses interjection express the emotions of warmth to meet with someone Hey, Hi, Hello
  10. INTERJECTION OF JOY These interjection are use to express the sudden pleasure/ happiness Example: Good , wow, hurrah, congratulations.
  11. INTERJECTION OF ATTENTION These interjection are used to get someone's attention towards us For example Listen! Look! Shh! Behold!
  12. INTERJECTION OF APPROVAL These interjection are used to express approval or agreement in a sentence. For example: Bravo! Well done! Brilliant!
  13. INTERJECTION OF SURPRISE These interjection are used to express the feeling of surprise. For example: What ! Oh! Ha!
  14. INTERJECTION OF SORROW These interjection are used to express the emotions of Sorrow. For example: Allas! Ouch! Opss!