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Od 2

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Od 2

  1. 1. Models and Theories
  2. 2. What is OD?• Planned change• Educative change• Learning change• Participative change• Holistic change• Systematic change
  3. 3. How will you bring change?
  4. 4. Force Field Analysis: Kurt Lewin• Unfreezing – Situation – Structure – Habits• Moving – Support – Climate – Action• Refreezing – Reinforcement – Benefits
  5. 5. Seven-stage Model: Ronald Lippitt• Developing a need for change• Establishing a change relationship• Diagnosing• Alternatives routes and goals• Actual change efforts• Stabilizing change• Termination
  6. 6. Burke and Litwin Model• First order change (Transactional) – Continuous, incremental, evolutionary, small • Structure, practices, systems• Second order change (Transformational) – Radical, revolutionary, drastic • Mission, strategy, leadership
  7. 7. Systems Theory• A set of interrelated objects• Elements in interaction• Two or more interdependent parts• Porous boundary• Exchange of information and resources
  8. 8. Systems Features• Elaborated• Differentiated• Specialized• Complex• Equifinality
  9. 9. Behavior Change/Modification through Force Field Analysis• Smoking• Learning• Interpersonal relationships• Productivity• Punctuality