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School, college & teachers

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School, college & teachers

  1. 1. SCHOOL, COLLEGE & TEACHERS EDUCATION PROGRAMME Sandipan Dhar Let Us care for You, Kolkata, West Bengal 13th November 2010
  2. 2. SCHOOL EDUCATION PROGRAMMETopics Covered:HIV/AIDSBlood donation,Organ donation &Thalassaemia Intervention
  4. 4. COLLEGE EDUCATION PROGRAMMECamps on HIV/AIDS,Blood donation & Camps,Why Organ Donation &Thalassaemia Intervention
  5. 5. WHY COLLEGE STUDENTS• Major Part of Donor Movement• Self Motivators or Motivators• Lead the path in this Future Movement
  6. 6. LUCY OUTREACH• Community Outreach - an important part ofthe B.Ed.• Thus, from this very thought we arelaunching "Certificate course" for the studentsundergoing B.Ed curriculum.
  7. 7. Course content (short outline):a) Blood Science & Blood Donor Motivationb) Intervention of HIV/AIDSc) Intervention & detection of Thalassaemiad) Awareness programme for Eye & Body Donation
  8. 8. Course Objective:i) Motivate and create volunteers teachers.ii) Guide interested school teachers.iii) Assimilate the concept of voluntary works in thefield of welfare activities.iv) Develop interested school teachers as socialworkers; master motivators.v) Equip them with scientific communicationtechnique and the art of Man- management based onmotivation.
  9. 9. Learning Method: Lecture Board work Slide presentation followed by group discussion.
  10. 10. Duration of Lecture:a) Blood Science & Blood Donor Motivation 20 minutesb) Thalassaemia Intervention 30 minutesc) HIV-AIDS Intervention 120 minutesd) Eye & Body donation 30 minutes
  11. 11. Course Content (Broad outline): Theory & Practical1. Blood Science & Blood Donor Motivation2. HIV/AIDS Intervention3. Thalassaemia Intervention & Detection4. Eye & Body donation
  12. 12. COURSE DURATIONAugust - April
  13. 13. Day wise distributionTheory:a) Blood & Thalassaemia awareness : 1 Dayb) HIV/AIDS & Eye and Body donation awareness : 1 DayTheory classes to be concluded by October.Practical:Blood bank VisitParticipation in School education ProgrammeParticipation in Thalassaemia detectionEye & Posthumous body donationParticipation in Blood donation CampSurvey Report of Blood bank visit and analysis report of school EducationProgramme
  14. 14. Distribution of marksa) Thalassaemia detection- 10 marksb) Participation in school programme- 20 marksc) Participation in blood donation camp- 20 marksd) Survey & analysis report- 10 markse) Eye & posthumous body donation- 10 marksf) Written examination- 30 marks