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  1. 1. ACCOMPLISHED SOFTWARE TEST LEAD Certified Scrum Master, offering 11.5 years’ rich experience in End-to-End Software Testing with specialization in Automation, System Testing, Integration Testing, Web Application Testing, Black Box Testing and back end Testing. Domain Specialization: Retail –Point of Sale, Retail – applications, Finance (Money Transfer) and Tech Vertical Aiming senior level assignments in Software Test Management/Scrum Master with an organization of repute across globally. KEY SKILLS Software Testing Lifecycle Management (Test Planning, Test Strategy, Test Estimation) Waterfall, Agile & V Model Methodology Test Automation Management Software Quality Assurance Defect Analysis, Validation & Verification Project Execution; Project Transition Iteration/Sprint Planning Stakeholder Management PROFILE SUMMARY  Proficient in Software Test Life Cycle, including Test Strategy Definition, Test Plan Creation, Test Design, Test Estimation, Test Execution, Test Data Creation & Validation, Test Review and Defect Reporting & Retesting  Unique experience in managing projects of value up to $500+ Million, using Agile/Scrum methodologies, for key stakeholder in Tesco  Expertise in creation & execution of QA testing processes with strong understanding of software quality processes with sound knowledge of ISO 9001: 2000 and CMMI Level 5 processes  Contributed to successful release of various products and improved the test coverage by providing active feedback on continuous basis to the QA teams  Highly skilled in Test Automation Management using tools such as Selenium/Web Drivers, Win Runner, Load Runner, Rational DDTS, WAST, Test Director, Maven, Test NG, Visual Studio & DOT Net framework with XML  Rich experience of working as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) and leading teams for incorporating industry best practices, techniques & methodologies  Strong analytical, planning, and organizational skills with expertise in establishing / maintaining high level of customer trust and confidence.  Analysis of standard Metrics & Derived metrics & improved quality and reduced cost by expanding automation to applicable projects WORK EXPERIENCE Years : Description 2 Year : Scrum Master (Currently) + Team Lead @ TESCO 4 years : Test Lead @ TESCO 2.5 Years : Principal Software Engineer @ TESCO 3.5 Years : Consultant @ SONATA SOFTWARE, BANGALORE Responsibilities:  Setting up test environments; developing test strategy, test plan, test cases, test suits, scenarios, test data & requirement traceability matrix; validating requirements with test cases and generating reports using Quality Centre  Leading the software quality process involving review of product functions, test specifications & documentation, defect prevention, metrics collection, team leadership and analysis, debugging & resolution of issues; monitoring the quality (functional and usability) of all deliveries made by the team SANJAY D.S. Mobile: +91 – 9632233566 / 9886733736 E-Mail: /
  2. 2.  Managing defect lifecycle including defect creation, defect tracking and root cause analysis of defects; creating quality assurance documents like traceability matrix, defect trend charts and metric reports  Test Estimations using Functional point method, 3 point method & poker card Method  Automated all End2End test cases using Web driver  Code optimization/ refactoring to improve efficiency of automation code  Involved in Identifying and Creating the Business component & Generic Scripts.  Involved in designing the hybrid Automation framework & In-house automation frame work.  Involved in identifying object locators and creating .Page factory using Fire-Path & IE-developers.  Involved in Identifying the E2E scenario & Creating the Reusable methods & Generic methods.  Experience in debugging and modification of existing scripts.  Executed test scripts on IE, Firefox & Google chrome  Driving projects, including project estimation, requirement gathering, gap analysis, creation of WBS, testing, go-live assistance & post implementation support; implementing project plans within deadlines  Running SCRUM meetings & SCRUM of SCRUMS, facilitating Sprint Planning & Review meetings, facilitating Sprint Retrospective meetings, managing the Product & Sprint backlog, Burndown charts  and authoring Sprint artefacts and processes  Led a high-performing Software Testing Team of 9 members, through all phases of testing life cycle; Setting performance expectations including goals, objectives with KPIs & assessment criteria; conducting annual performance reviews for team members; developing mechanisms for resolving team conflicts Accomplishments:  Successfully completed a Transition Project from onsite London to offshore in 1 year  Won Best Resource Management Award initiative in 2011  Successfully overcame challenges related with quality, cost and schedule during execution of projects.  Established effective measures to enhance software engineering processes to reduce the number of faults by <2%  Built an effective strategy thereby benefiting multiple account both in terms of productivity and business growth  Analyzed data & identified opportunities to reduce waste and improve team productivity  Excellent track record of improving productivity, efficiency, and bottom-line performance through process automation, knowledge documentation, regular knowledge transfer measures  Steered high quality deliveries from the offshore development facility resulting in Client Satisfaction Rating of Blue Refer to Annexure for project details TECHNICAL SKILLS Automation Tools: Selenium/Web Drivers, In-House developed Automation frame work using Visual studio .Net Frame work & XML for TC’s generation Win Runner, Load Runner, Rational DDTS, WAST, HP ALM, Maven, Test NG, Knowledge of QTP. Defect Tracking Tools: Clear Quest, Quality Center/HP ALM Project Tools: MS-Project, MS Office & MS Visio Configuration Management: VSS, Clear case, Share Point, SVN Operating Systems: Windows (XP Pro, 8.1), Linux Languages: C, C++, Java 1.7, HTML, DHTML, Advanced Java, C# RDBMS: ORACLE, SQL Apps Server: Web Sphere Application Server, Oracle Application Server, JBOSS, Web Logic Models: CMM & Cloud Testing, Virtualization using Blade Servers Project Skills Primary Skills: Expertise in Test Planning & Strategy, Test Planning in Waterfall model, V-Model & Agile methodologies. Additional Roles: Release planning, Test Program Management, QA Delivery Management, Work management, Project Management Certifications  Certified Scrum Master (CSM) from Scrum Alliance.  Under gone SQAM (Software quality assurance & management) training at IISC (Indian Institute of Science).
  3. 3. EDUCATION  Pursuing MBA (Information Science) from Sikkim-Manipal University  Bachelor of Engineering (Electronics & Communication) from Kuvempu University, in 2003 TRAININGS ATTENDED  Formal Method Project Management (PMP) in Tesco  Win Runner and Load Runner by Sonata Software ANNEXURE PROJECT DETAILS At Tesco HSC: Period: Sep-07 till Aug 2015 Title: Central File Management (CFM) Role: Scrum Master/Test Lead Team Size: 9 Tools: WEPOS & POS Ready OS, BeetleSX, Winpos Software, Retalix Software, Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Scope: CFM as a process is designed for sending changes to tills and CBO application configurations by a Retalix Data Deployment (RDD) File. This file contained various tables holding configuration values that could alter the layout of a till keyboard (POS) to printing a coupon. The changes are requested from any area of the business which aimed to deliver a CFM’able change thereby supporting the business to delivering changes / benefits like promotions, price changes, card range maintenance, Message/template maintenance, product maintenance, tender maintenance, key board changes, so on to customers. The request was inclusive of all relevant data needed to create a change. Changes were scheduled into an appropriate sprint. These changes were keyed in the CRS box & a RDD is generated which is deployed on the test store, tested &then released to live. Title: Customer Service Desk Role: Automation Test Lead/Scrum Master Team Size: 5 Tools: Windows XP, .Net Framework 3.5, Oracle 11i, Microsoft Visual Studio 2008, Microsoft Sql Server 2008 Scope: Customer Service Desk Rewrite Solution aimed to replace the old CSD solution for simplifying & aligning business processes, improve performance, diagnostics & scalability, to leverage strategic data sources and add new functionalities to the system. The main objective of rewriting CSD Application in new IT platform was to make the application faster and more robust, reduced queues at desks, and increased customer satisfaction at kiosks. Title: Check Out BackOffice Role: Test Lead Team Size: 12 Tools: WEPOS & POS Ready OS, BeetleSX, Winpos Software, Retalix Software, Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Scope: CBO Application (earlier known as Storeline) was a completely open, fully integrated and cross - functional Point of Sale (POS) Software System. It was a multi-concept functionality that delivered a fully integrated POS solution to meet all business needs. It was open by design supports industry standards, was hardware independent and could be integrated with other 3rd party retail applications. Retalix’s Store’s POS and Back Office Software System for all store formats helped to improve productivity, control costs, and increase sales. Retalix Store Point is the POST to HOST Software Solution for stores offered in Tesco today. The frontend (POS) managed all selling processes while backend (CBO) managed the PLU details, coupons, promotions, reports, messages, so on. Advanced Promotion Features enabled a single point of update for pricing and promotions across all retail formats. It was integrated with other applications like Tesco Back Office (TB), Self Service Checkout (SSC), Multi-Purpose Computer (MPC) and Petrol Filling Station (PFS). Title: International Money Transfer (IMT) Team Size: 3 Tools: Windows XP, .Net Framework 3.5, Oracle 11i, Microsoft Visual Studio 2008, Microsoft Sql Server 2008 Description: IMT is a service which allows customers to transfer money quickly and securely from a Tesco store in the UK to be collected at a Tesco store in different part of world. This service is provided on Customer service desk (CSD) till only. Money transfer is done via third party application, Money gram, which is accessed via CSD application.
  4. 4. Title: New Till Build Team Size: 3 Description: New Till Build on BeetleSX & SX+ which is provided by Fijitsu, which is part of the next till builds was introduced in Tesco for an operational build with POS ready OS (POS ready to replace WEPOS) and a new application build to incorporate fuel Application, Scan As You Shop (SAYS) Application & How Am I Doing Application, Customer Service Desk (CSD) and widescreen development like Tesco Touch applications. Title: TTCM & Tesco Touch application. Team Size: 4 Description: The aim of the New Till Widescreen project is to deliver widescreen touch screens into stores on the tills, replacing the BA83 screen with Snikey keys. The goal is to replace the hard keys with touch screen keys that are more flexible to allow for the incorporation of new functionality. As a part of the New Till Widescreen project, one of the deliverables is the Tesco Touch Configuration manager tool which will provide the ability to create and maintain the Tesco Touch keyboard configurations and variant pick list images. The tool will create the required files and make them available to the relevant CRS to package with the RDD file to be distributed to the tills via DSM (SCCM when the implementation is complete) to reflect the keyboard configurations. Title: Pick List Management System (PLMS) Team Size: 4 Description: ‘Pick lists’ are displayed at tills, ‘self-service’ checkouts, ‘self-service’ produce scales and ‘scan as you shop’ self-checkouts. The pick list displayed at each device differs in content and format, due to separate manual processes that are in place to update them. This project was initiated to implement a solution that will enable the business to manage the pick list via central server and also trigger an automatic update to pick lists displayed in store. Company: Sonata Software Ltd., Bangalore June 2004 to Sep 2007 Designation: Consultant. Title: IDeWeb Application Team Size: 6 Description: IDeWeb is the first solution to automate, integrate, manage, and reconcile your development processes and information - from product planning and resource allocation to product portfolio management and financials. IDeWeb achieve faster time to market, Increase development productivity, Maximize product throughput, Achieve predictability, Realize product development excellence. IDeWeb is an interactive, real-time system that provides information about all the projects your company or division has in development and therefore has profound effects on your company's day-to-day activities. Our marketing team calls this Development Chain Management. When you look at IDeWeb, you do so from your own perspective—the role you play— because IDeWeb is different things to different people. It has various modules like ID Process, which is concerned with the administrator settings, portfolios & pipelines, Resource Management & Phase review. This application can be used in various environments like windows, Linux. Large amount of data can be updated & mapped via MS project & MS Excel with the help of client. Title: E-Quest Team Size: 2 Description: This software package is for Computerized Online Examination. It is being developed in ASP .NET. This software package handles different user roles like System Administrator, Test Designer, Test Taker and Test Administrator. Test Designers will be able to design a test and publish the test. Test Administrator will be able to Add candidates, Schedule Test, Evaluate the test papers of the candidates and view the Results. System Administrators can Add Users, manage users in the System & Test Taker can write the test online. Technologies:Windows 2000/NT, Web Sphere, OAS, JBOSS & J2EE. ASP.Net (Development) Personal Details: Date of Birth : 15/10/1976 Passport: Valid till 2019 Marital Status : Married