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Ready Reference Quiz 5.pptx

  1. World of Library and Information Science by S.K. Kori for UCG-NET, MPPSC, SET, KVS, NVS, DSSSB, RSMSSB and other LIS exam. Competition Class of LIS
  2. PERT is a technique for PERT is a technique for Ans: system analysis ‘Staff manual’ is a record which gives information about Ans: modifications introduced in Organizational charts show the structure of an organization in the way Ans: horizontal and vertical The methods of estimating funds for libraries are propotional method of details and Ans: per capita The number of principles of management identified by H. Fayol was Ans: fourteen Preparation of library budget without considering previous year’s budget is known Ans: zero base budget
  3. PODSCORB was developed by Ans: Gulick and Urwick The slogan ‘Best books in the largest number at the least cost’ said Ans: Melvil Dewey. Authority file is used in Ans: technical division Cost benefit analysis means Ans: performance evaluation based on H. Fayol belonged to Ans: Classical school of Management For acquisition of 6000 books in a library in a year, Dr. S. R. Ranganathan in his staff formula has recommended Ans: one professional staff
  4. Organization structure is the Ans: blue print of structure of an organization The description of relation between work and time by using the charts is known as Ans: Gantt chart The process of analysing a given job into different distinct items is known as Ans: job analysis The fastest charging system is Ans: Brown system PPBS relates to Ans: budget.
  5. Face Book is Ans: Social Networking Site Research Gate Ans: Academic Networking Site Oovoo is Ans: Video Networking Site Flickr is Ans: Photo Networking Site DRUPAL is Ans: Content Management Software Moodle is Ans: Learning Management Software
  6. Dspace is Ans: Digital Library Software NewGenLib is Ans: Integrated Library Management Software HTML File related to Ans: Web Format JPG File related to Ans: Image Format AVI File related to Ans: Film Format Library Trends related to Ans: University of Illinois
  7. Information Today and Tomorrow Information (ISI) Ans: NISSAT Science Citation Index International (UMI) related to Ans: Institute for Scientific Dissertations Abstracts International related to Ans:University Microfilm World of Learning is arranged Ans: Geographical Sears List of Subject Headings is arranged Ans: Alphabetical Roget’s International Thesaurus Ans: Topical
  8. Indian National Bibliography is arranged Ans: Classified The Right to Information Act Year Ans: 2005 Universal Declaration of Human Rights Ans: 1948 Information Technology Act (India) Ans: 2000 Digital Millennium Act Ans: 1998 International Conference on Cataloguing Principles Ans: 1961
  9. International Meeting of Cataloguing Experts Ans: 1969 International Symposium of Bibliographic Exchange format Ans: 1978 First CCF Users meeting Ans: 1990 NASSDOC related to Ans: Social Sciences DEVSIS related to Ans: Development Science INIS Ans: Nuclear Science
  10. • DESIDOC Ans: Defence Science CLRI is located to Ans: Chennai SENDOC is located to Ans: Hyderabad NASSDOC is located to Ans: New Delhi BARC is located to Ans: Mumbai