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Nature at its Best

  1. Nature at its Best Created by: Sara N. Lopez
  2.  Nature is all around us it comes in different shapes, forms, and colors.
  3. It can be small and have petals composing a beautiful flower
  4.  It can be composed of smaller flowers creating one single big flower
  5.  It can be found in between feathers
  6.  It can contain a long neck and beak
  7.  It can be found in the ground
  8.  Nature goes through different stages…..
  9.  From live, bright and green
  10.  To dull, cracked and brown
  11.  Yet nature still retains its beauty in all seasons
  12.  Nature is beautiful at all times in the days first hours or even in the days last hours
  13.  Some nature has texture to it
  14.  Some nature contributes to us in ways we could never think of
  15.  It can provide us with fruits… whether they fall
  16.  Or whether we have to obtain it on our own
  17.  It can grow even in our own back yard
  18.  Some of nature greatest views are unimaginable
  19.  Just feel the magic in the air
  20.  It is not until we look deep into nature that we will understand it… but even then some don’t understand it
  21.  Some will see a weed, but some will see a wish…….
  22.  We never noticed the beauty because we where to busy trying to create it ~Unknown
  23. Credits  Special thanks to El Salvador for its beautiful scenery  And to the people who allowed me to use them in my pictures