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RAB Community Presentation

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Presentation to the Moffett Restoration Advisory Board May 11, 2017.

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RAB Community Presentation

  1. 1. RAB Community Update Greg Unangst Community Co-Chair May 11, 2017
  2. 2. RAB Background • The Moffett RAB has been meeting since October 1994 under Navy auspices and support – Initial meetings were monthly – Around 2006 meetings were every other month – Starting in 2012 meetings were every quarter – Starting in 2016 meetings were twice a year • 1995 RAB Charter has not been amended? • Navy activity reverting to a Monitor & Maintenance mode
  3. 3. RAB Mission & Purpose Section II of 1995 Charter • Mission: To advise the Navy authorities responsible for the environmental cleanup effort at MOFFETT, a 1992 Base Realignment and Closure military installation. • Purpose: The RAB is the principal forum where the concerns and issues of the people living in the community discuss and exchange information about the MOFFETT environmental cleanup program, with the DOD, the Navy, MEW, NASA (and/or the appropriate landowner(s) of MOFFETT), Federal, State and local regulators, any Local Reuse Authority that may arise, and representatives of the community.
  4. 4. CHARTER OF THE UNIFIED COMMUNITY ADVISORY BOARD (UCAB) FOR THE TUCSON INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT AREA (TIAA) SUPERFUND SITE I. NAME This organization shall be known as the Unified Community Advisory Board (UCAB). The UCAB will fulfill all requirements of 10 USC Section 2705 (c) for the Technical Review Committee at Department of Defense Installations. II. PURPOSE A. Provide an opportunity for the Tucson community to participate in the decision-making process for the cleanup at the TIAA Superfund Site. B. Provide a direct line of communication between the community, the US Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA), the US Air Force (USAF), the Air National Guard (ANG), and the various regulatory agencies involved in the TIAA Superfund Site environmental cleanup program. C. Facilitate a proactive and expedient cleanup at the site, while taking community values and desires into account. This will involve keeping all possible segments of the community informed of the progress and decisions to be made regarding cleanup processes
  5. 5. MEW – Moffett Plume
  6. 6. Site 28 Vapor Intrusion Study Area
  7. 7. NASA Ames Planning Districts From 2002 NASA Development Plan
  8. 8. Regional Groundwater Remediation Program
  9. 9. Potential Stevens Creek Bridge Locations From MV City Council Study Session 4/25/2017
  10. 10. RAB Community Members Meeting April13, 2017 • Attended by 9 RAB Community Members • Recommended staying separate from MEW CAB • Investigate possible alternating meetings with EPA and Navy • Investigate involvement by a university (Stanford, Berkeley, Carnegie – Mellon, SJSU< etc.) • Continue efforts to expand RAB community outreach
  11. 11. Near Term Activities • Start to amend & revise the RAB Charter • Continue to conduct outreach to tenant organizations and responsible parties