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The Innovation Journey @ ProductTank SG


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The Innovation Journey @ ProductTank SG

  1. The Innovation Journey Creating Innovative Options for Competitive Advantage
  2. @scottebales 66% said driving innovation by adopting new technologies was their top concern INSIGHT 66%
  3. @scottebales 62% INSIGHT 62% noted disruptive technologies would present the greatest challenge
  4. @scottebales 84 INSIGHT 84% noted disruptors would challenge their businesses directly in the next two years %
  5. The Challenge A decade of constant digital disruption has left most industries vulnerable. Mature, stable systems, processes and infrastructure limit the capabilities and culture of multinational companies Key industries under threat: Financial Services, Insurance, Education, Media & Health Care and those industries competing with new technologies
  6. Call to Action: Develop new culture and capabilities to drive the creation of tomorrow’s organisations, today The Challenge Innovation is now TOP 5 for 65%+ of organisations Corporate self awareness & realisation of limitations means Heads of Innovation looking to partners to help evolve into innovative cultures & test new grounds
  7. @scottebales What Am I Doing Wrong?
  8. @scottebales KEEP CALM 
  9. @scottebales cloud computing
  10. @scottebales API economy
  11. @scottebales distributed ecosystems
  12. @scottebales smart machines & artificial intelligence
  13. @scottebales autonomous vehicles
  14. @scottebales the Internet of Things
  15. @scottebales OTT
  16. @scottebales
  17. @scottebales How Should We Compete? Innovation needed to drive new product development and compete against challengers in ITC and Fintech INSIGHT
  18. @scottebales learn first / govern second reconsider the risks the new normal security is day zero loose coupling get practical with new tech start with why
  19. CollaborationCapabilityCultureContext
  20. The Context in which innovation & digital operate is the first and most critical building block. Creating the right structure, space and support could make or break your innovation program before you even start. Want to attract the best talent? Context is critical Want to build successful ventures? Context provides the head space Want to a pursue bold goals? Context is the foundation stone. workplace trust aligned goals performance management leaders engagement Context
  21. Context Horizons: Establishing the foreseeable goals, objectives and parameters of your Innovation Success Corporate Context: Understanding and planning the structures, vehicles and assets that support innovation Enablement: Understand and plan the instruments, processes and procedures for guiding the innovation journey Space: What is the space that will enable innovation success at your company? Balance: Investigation into the people that will champion innovation, and those that will positively challenge. Ying & Yang
  22. Next comes Culture, innovation and digital will test even the most progressive of organisations. So there needs to be a clear, committed goal to give the organisation to develop a culture that fosters the powers of innovation and digital. This can be a tough battle. Want to encourage people to raise ideas? Culture is the catalyst Want to develop ideas, even if 9 out 10 will fail? Culture ensures failure is a lesson, not a failure Want to develop a curious workforce? One that will have the perspective to pursue new ideas. Culture is the catalyst for curiosity. experimentation curiosity start with why free thinking lessons, not failure customer centric Culture
  23. Culture Customer First: Establishing the foundations of true customer centric culture; customer development, MVPs, engagement modelling Experimentation: Development of an experimentation culture to learn through hypothesis testing Empathy: Activation of empathy programs to connect the organisation with ‘first-hand’ customer narratives to drive insightful ideation Why? Development of higher purpose questions Curiosity: Equipping key organisation functions with abilities to investigate opportunities, threats and problems
  24. @scottebales
  25. You have the Context & Culture, now you need the Capabilities to pursue those bold goals. Without tools, frameworks, and methods to drive the process of innovation and digital discovery, ideas will remain just ideas. Or worse, poorly executed projects. Ideas are cheap, the difference between good and great comes in the execution. Want to explore ideas with minimal waste? Fail fast. Capability turns idea execution into science Want to remove the emotion or assumptions from decision making? Capability makes those decisions objective Want to find new ways to unlock you existing workforce? Capability can give them the tools and development path partners leadership talent agile sandpit lean startup design thinking experimentation Capability
  26. Capability Learn: Partnering with Learning & Development to equip organisation through practical learning experiences Frameworks: Equip best-practise innovation frameworks across problem discovery and validation Inspire: Activate key strategic focus areas to proactively pursue excellence, ideation and customer based validation Talent: Enable self-selected individuals and teams with the resources to pursue opportunities. Building internal champions Account: Establishment of Innovation Accounting to quantity the value created through innovation
  27. Last, you need to be open to finding insight and resources in places you’ve never explored. Who knows what type of skills you will need to execute on an idea. Having the right collaboration model not only helps build bridges to new or adjacent skills, it also creates powerful need models for co-innovation. Want to tap the insight of another industry? Collaboration will find a model that benefits both Looking for a unique perspective? Collaboration surrounds you with ones you’ve never considered Want to learn from the world’s leading startups? Collaboration can help find a mutually beneficial way forward content technology partners customers scientific senior leadership startups champions Collaboration
  28. @scottebales OPEN
 BIG Experiment Empathize Generate Prototype Test
  29. Collaboration Think Different: Community building beyond corporate boundaries into complementary, challenger and synergy domains See Different: Engagement of key community members such as startups, thought leaders, New Canvas: Developing new canvas’, technologies and spaces to embrace technology advancements and partner strengths Higher Purpose : Value chain and ecosystem exploration to enable a higher purpose. “Nobody buys a mortgage, they buy a home” Market Activation: Establish new market activation and customer growth models normally only possible for startups
  30. Innovation Value Context Culture Capability Collaboration HORIZON 1 Focused pursuit of near term goals. Activation of internal pipeline HORIZON 2 Pursuit of new lines of business, products or business
  31. IDEA SUBMISSION THE ASK L1 L2 L3 - POC POV Growing The Value
  32. 4 P’s of Innovators Problem Passion Purpose Principles
  33. @scottebales ISAAC LIM D.O.B. 29 JUN 2007
  34. @scottebales
  35. @scottebales
  36. @scottebales
  37. @scottebales 17
  38. @scottebales
  39. @scottebales
  40. @scottebales opinion democratised
  41. @scottebales
  42. @scottebales
  43. @scottebales mobile utilities life integrated context aware
  44. @scottebales empower lifestyle anytime... anywhere... experiences, not products
  45. P E R S O N A W H AT ’ S T H E I R C O N T E X T ? W H AT A R E T H E Y T RY I N G T O A C H I E V E ? H O W C A N Y O U A D D VA L U E ? E X E R C I S E
  46. Facts Factual information about your target customer. Pain State the problem you believe your target customers have, that your solution solves for. Goals What goals are they trying to accomplish through the behavior, that your solution will do better? Behavior Existing behavior they exhibit now, because they don’t have your solution. Greg G E T T H E T E M P L AT E S C O T T E B A L E S . C O M / P E R S O N A S
  48. @scottebales get out of the building + understand citizens create experiences, not policies build, measure & learn find a problem your passionate about find a digital mentor