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Cro preso for growth hackers conf nov 2013 ellis updated

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Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is the most profitable growth lever available to marketers and growth hackers. Sean Ellis invented the word growth hacking and shows how CRO amplifies all customer acquisition channels, improving ROI of existing channels and opening new profitable growth channels.

This presentation shows a process for driving continuous improvement of the effectiveness of your website in meeting your business objectives while also improving the experience for your customers.

CRO is the secret weapon of all effective growth hackers and marketers. Learn some of the key questions you can ask to uncover why visitors aren't converting and the process for applying this information to improve conversions through rapid testing and analysis.

Want more CRO tips? Get the free 12 chapter guide to conversion rate optimization at

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Cro preso for growth hackers conf nov 2013 ellis updated

  1. Conversion Rate Optimization Stacking the Odds for Growth Sean Ellis Nov 7th, 2013 Founder/CEO Qualaroo, Twitter: @SeanEllis Twitter @SeanEllis 1
  2. Most Important Lesson Learned Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) the most profitable lever for growth Twitter @SeanEllis 2
  3. What is Conversion Rate Optimization? A process for creating a more effective websites For you: maximize your business objectives For customers: improve their experience Twitter @SeanEllis 3
  4. The Power of CRO • Amplifies all customer acquisition channels • Makes all marketing more profitable • Opens new profitable growth channels • Improves customer happiness • Always room for improvement Twitter @SeanEllis 4
  5. Pre-Req: Verify Product/Market Fit Large group wants/needs your product – “must have” Measure your P/M Fit Free at Twitter @SeanEllis 5
  6. CRO = Tune Value Delivery Machine New Visitor Goal: Max % that reach MH experience Must-Have Must-Have experience experience Twitter @SeanEllis 6
  7. Steps to Better Conversions Twitter @SeanEllis 7
  8. What do you need to Understand? • Must have experience • Visitor intent and motivations • Blockages in conversion process Twitter @SeanEllis 8
  9. Understand “Must Have” Users Ask questions like following… • How would you feel without X? (Very disappointed) • What is the primary benefit you receive? • Why is that benefit important for you? Twitter @SeanEllis 9
  10. Power of Intent Intent Twitter @SeanEllis 10
  11. Understand Initial Intent/Desire Target 1st Time Visitors Twitter @SeanEllis 11
  12. Uncover Points of Friction • User testing (live or online) • Survey to uncover conversion issues “What’s the one thing that nearly stopped you from purchasing?” Twitter @SeanEllis 12
  13. Example: $60K of Friction • Triggered by cart abandon prediction setting • Identified cart browser issue • Caused $60K in lost sales Client undisclosed Twitter @SeanEllis 13
  14. Feedback Sample Size? • Feedback sample size not important* • Goal: inspiration for breakthrough tests • Feedback from one user can provide inspiration * Samples does matter for testing Twitter @SeanEllis 14
  15. Decide on Your CRO Toolkit Twitter @SeanEllis 15
  16. Prioritize Testing Plan • List key customer intent (from research) • List friction to solve (from research) • Determine baseline conversions • Consider potential lift from tests • Script your first ten tests Twitter @SeanEllis 16
  17. Baseline Funnel Conversions Twitter @SeanEllis 17
  18. Optimize Value Delivery Machine Hook Promise Goals • • • Max % that reach MH experience Desire – Friction = Conversion Rate Build desire, reduce friction Must-Have Must-Have experience experience Twitter @SeanEllis 18
  19. CRE* Recommends Bold Targeted Tests * Twitter @SeanEllis 19
  20. Applied to Every Onramp (Dropbox) Hoo Hm me (ssy eppag ( y n ag e nc h e ch) ) aree hhar S ) l iliee S nnd) FF ee d (SS ( are hhare) ) er SS r tt ldder ooaaee o FFol laab r l b ooll (CC ( Twitter @SeanEllis 20
  21. Repeat Process Frequently Always a better way to do everything… Twitter @SeanEllis 21
  22. Want more CRO tips? Get free 12 chapter guide to conversion rate optimization Sean Ellis Founder/CEO of Qualaroo Twitter: @SeanEllis Twitter @SeanEllis 22