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Be an enterprise social network rockstar

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Be an enterprise social network rockstar

  2. This deck is for those who want to optimize their effectiveness in a workplace Enterprise Social Network (ESN)
  3. An ESN is an internal-only social network used within a firm that is used to network with other employees. ESN’s are like Facebook, Linked-in, Instagram, Slideshare & Twitter all rolled into one. There are lots of great ones. I’ve personally used Jive & Yammer, which are both good options Seealso: HUH? WTF IS AN ESN?
  4. So let’s ROCK ON!
  5. 1 1. People love pretty pictures Upload a Profile Picturethat reinforces your personal brand message 2. People read your CV Take time to tell the right professional story on your profile 3. On any social network, you are your tags Add profile tags that define your professional interests and skills so that people and content can find you PIMP YOUR PROFILE
  6. 2 Content remains king, queen, prime minister, and president. However, don’t stress about content. 1. You don’t need to come up with everything yourself ESN’s work like Twitter. So long as you site the source and, if required, get permission, you can cross-post great content, which is relevant to your firm. Some of the best discussions you’ll have will be based on Internet content, loaded into the ESN as a discussion starter 2. You can share the load with others Consider using a ESN Custodian program, especially if you are part of a space. It works like this: If you have 8 pals, each one needs only take the lead once per week, which means you have 2 months of fresh content with nobody feeling overloaded POST: PRESENT & FUTURE
  7. 3 KNOW WHAT'S UP 1.Keep a clean house Stay on top of your News/Activity Feed. Block book two 10-minute slots every day in Outlook for ESN grooming 2.Chime in ESN threads are asynchronous, but it helps to explicitly maintain momentum, even if it’s an “I agree” post
  8. 4 Using @mention alerts people / places that you're talking about them. 1. Mention People - If you want attention in the ocean of "hey look at me", you need to mention people. ESN’s notify people mentioned after the @ that you are talking about them. When someone is @mentioned in a piece of content, a status update, or elsewhere, a notification of the activity flows into their News Feed 2. Mention Spaces - Add links to groups as well. Members of groups you mention should see an @mention in their news feed as well 3. Mention Content - Add links to other content as well MENTION LIKE MAD
  9. 5 Tags underlie everything about how a social network works. If you don't use them, you're just using a poorly threaded discussion forum. Just like you use the @mention to tag people and places, you use the #hashtag to tag keywords. 1. Tag Keywords using Hashtags If you want people to discover your content, you must tag your content so that it pops up in their News Feed or Search Results. Figure out over time what the defacto hashtags are for your firm TAG LIKE TOMORROW (is the zombie apocalypse)
  10. 6 1. Share content If you want to really grab someone's attention, use the ESN’s Share function, which sends an email with a link back But replace the default text and add a personalized call-to-action 2. Share with Subject Matter Experts Here's an idea. If you post a new bit of content, just do a search for relevant tags and share your post with the authors of the first 3 results in the search SHARE, SHARE, SHARE
  11. 7 1. Like & Bookmark Doesn’t it feel great when someone likes your post? Well, it feels great to everyone else too. It takes less than a second to like something, but it creates a lasting self-supporting impact 2. Follow sites & people Spend time to curate your News Feed by making sure that you subscribe to what will help you 3. Send a Shout Out! An ESN is a great place to send a Shout Out! However, tag people’s line managers when you do so SPREAD THE LOVE
  12. 8 DEVELOP YOUR VOICE An Enterprise Social Network is not a place for stuffy Corporate Speak. A casual-Friday writing tone tends to engage the best. However, ESN’s are not places for drunk texting either. You need to find the right balance. And always remember, whatever you say on an ESN must comply with corporate policies and flame wars are childish.
  13. 9 Ruthlessly build your fan base Followership is key to building a brand on an ESN because when someone follows you, your space, or your tags, you pop up in their News Feed, and you've grabbed a little bit of organizational attention for that fleeting moment If you are invisible on your ESN, so is your contribution Link back aggressively • Email Signatures • Your Internal Intranet site • Your Sharepoint document repository • Your meeting minutes • Powerpoint presentations • Heck, embroider your office tie with your ESN Space URL! MARKET PERSISTENTLY
  14. 10 Let me explain with a practical example…. This document you're reading is a living document of best-practices and I want to hear from you Have you got good suggestions to add to the list of 8*? Please post your ideas to the Slideshare thread below this deck! BE COLLABORATIVE
  15. 11 ASSORTED POWER-USER TIPS • Power users know what time of the day their community is most active, and post then to maximize hits • Communications professionals know that any time you write, you should have explicit Think-Feel-Do goals. Upon reading what you have to say, what should the audience think? How should they feel? What do you want them to do? Your writing should achieve all 3 • You know how good coaches ask open-ended questions that invite you to discover your own 'ah-ha' moments? Good ESN content is the same. It uses words, sentence structures, and grammar that encourages people to get engaged and share ownership of the topic. Grab a good Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) for Dummies book
  16. BECOME AN ESN ROCK STAR! 1. Pimp your Profile 2. Post content 3. Know what's up 4. Mention like Mad 5. Tag 6. Share, share, share 7. Spread the Love 8. Develop your Voice 9. Market Persistently 10. Be Collaborative 11. All that other stuff
  17. A APPENDIX: WHEN TO USE AN ESN Controlled/Hierarchical/Structured Organic/Tag-based/Unstructured Transactional Discussions Strategic Discussions Knowledge Management Document ManagementIncident Management Enterprise Chat
  18. A APPENDIX: WHEN TO USE AN ESN Controlled/Hierarchical/Structured Organic/Tag-based/Unstructured Transactional Discussions Strategic Discussions Ask for help solving your immediate problem Fix/report/track a bug or service request Ask a one-on-one question where the answer is time specific Ask a question where the answer is useful to someone else, somewhere else, or somewhen else Discuss a topic / document / proposal Store Project Documents Manage Project Plan Manage Actions Identify and network with SMEs Communicate with / report to immediate and secondary stakeholders Ideation
  19. A APPENDIX: WHEN TO USE AN ESN Sharepoint MS Lync / Email / IM Enterprise Social Network JIRA Controlled/Hierarchical/Structured Organic/Tag-based/Unstructured Transactional Discussions Strategic Discussions Pick up the phone or walk over to their desk
  20. A APPENDIX: WHEN TO USE AN ESN Use an Enterprise Social Network when: • You want to have ongoing discussions rather than one-off transactions • You want to transform discussions between individuals into legacy enterprise knowledge • You want to create the opportunity for random insight – someone outside of your immediate stakeholder team discovers your content and riffs innovation in their separate context or adds new content to your context • You are OK with unstructured “tag-based” organization – you don’t require deep, structured hierarchies like directory trees • You want to imbue content with emotional / interpersonal engagement – create teams and feeling of teamwork through content sharing • Context matters to one’s understanding of content – the discussion around the deck is just as important as the slides in the deck
  21. CREATIVE COMMONS ATTRIBUTIONS Title Slide: Intro Slide: WTF Slide: Rock On Slide: Pimp Slide: Post Slide: What’s Up Slide: Mention Slide: Zombies Slide: Share Slide: Love Slide: Voice Slide: Market Slide: Collaborative Slide:
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