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Webinar: Semantic web for developers

  1. Webinar: Semantic Web for Developers March 20, 2013 Jürgen Jakobitsch Florian Huber Andreas Blumauer Semantic Web Company
  2. Andreas Blumauer: Introduction Jürgen Jakobitsch: PoolParty API Florian Huber: Apps and Examples Q&A
  3. About Solving the Semantic Puzzle § Semantic Web Company was founded 2001 in Vienna, Austria § 20 experts in information management, semantic web, text mining, coding, consulting & research § Product: PoolParty Suite (launched 2009) § Serving global 500 companies § EU- & US-based consulting services
  4. Customers § World Bank § Pearson § Roche Diagnostics § REEEP § Credit Suisse § British Museum § Wolters Kluwer § Education Services § Biogen Idec Australia § Wood MacKenzie § Daimler
  5. Solutions we o!er
  6. The core: Knowledge models Teach machines to extract meaning from data
  7. Thesaurus Editor
  8. Usage of open semantic standards Let your knowledge grow! 3. Align with § the „Semantic Web“ is a stack of enterprise data standards developed by W3C § extend local knowledge bases with a wealth of data from the web 2. Enrich graph with linked data § E.g. Freebase (Google), E.U., U.S., BBC, BestBuy, GeneOntology etc. 1. Create a knowledge § use standards also for graph internal data integration
  9. Technologies §100% Java §Application server and operating systems: Tomcat (Linux or Windows Server) §Database: Sesame RDF Triple Store (shipped together with PoolParty) §Programming Language (Client): Browser-based (Javascript/AJAX: YUI and ExtJS) §Thesaurus Server provides: §Web-based thesaurus editor (back end) §Web-based linked data front end §Wiki for collaborative vocabulary management §SPARQL endpoint per thesaurus §Thesaurus API (RESTful services for CRUD methods) §Admin dashboard (manage rollback mechanisms) §PoolParty Extractor and PoolParty Search are based on Apache Solr
  10. Andreas Blumauer: Introduction Jürgen Jakobitsch: PoolParty API Florian Huber: Apps and Examples Q&A
  11. PoolParty: APIs at a glance § Dereference § JNDI § MimeTypes § Bindable Local Repository § URI formats Manager § PPTSystem § SPARQL 1.1 § RepositoryConnections § ASK, SELECT, CONSTRUCT § Aggregate functions § PPX § Property Path § Extraction Service § Custom SPARQL functions § Mapping Service § Suggest Service § PPT - API § Project Services § PPS § List Services § Search Service § Thesaurus Services § Similarity Service § Suggest Service
  12. customized semantic applications end-user cms E X TR AC TOR wiki / browser Wiki/PP Browser RDF Graph Store content manager PPT, PPX, PPS API (REST) SPARQL endpoint Linked data front end developer thesaurus editor admin dashboard thesaurus manager THESAURUS SERVER
  13. Try it out!
  14. Andreas Blumauer: Introduction Jürgen Jakobitsch: PoolParty API Florian Huber: Apps and Examples Q&A
  15. Integration & Solutions ● GBPN: ● reegle API: ● PoolParty Semantic Search: ● Concept Drift:
  16. Global Buildings Performance Network Knowledge platform using Semantic Technologies and Linked Open Data “… aims to help the building sector e!ectively reduce its impact on climate change.” Built on Drupal CMS Consistent Tagging of Blog entries and RSS feeds: LOD GBPN Taxonomy Provide a common terminology and facilitate international research collaboration
  17. GBPN Thesaurus Connected to PoolParty Server to use Semantic Technologies and LOD ● Thesaurus development and management ● Synchronization over SPARQL endpoint and RDF/XML
  18. based on Drupal PoolParty Thesaurus Manager Drupal taxonomy RDF/XML
  19. reegle API: goals Provides an API for Automatic Tag Extraction and a Content Pool in the "eld of clean energy and climate relevant resources. Consistently tagged documents make information more accessible. Tagged documents can be stored in a common semantic index, the reegle API content pool.
  20. reegle API: core functions Automatic Tag Extraction Content Pool
  21. reegle API users Use Cases & Examples OpenEI Provides a widget to suggest related articles to their readers. Eldis Uses the reegle API to o!er their users a “what do we mean by” info box that includes de"nitions and synonyms. weAdapt A knowledge sharing and collaboration platform which uses the reegle API for consistent tagging, ensuring consistency of message.
  22. reegle API services API Documentation ● Extract Service ● Content Pool Push Service ● Similar Documents Service* ● Recommended Documents Service* * with Request Builder
  23. reegle API dashboard Dashboard
  24. reegle API request builder Request Builder
  25. reegle API statistics Statistics – Extraction & Content Pool
  26. Learn more PoolParty videos § PoolParty Suite Overview § PoolParty Thesaurus Manager 3.1 § Creating seed vocabularies with SKOSsy Documentation Demozone § Knowledge discoverer FAQs § PoolParty Search
  27. Contact Andreas Blumauer CEO, Semantic Web Company GmbH Neubaugasse 1/8 A-1070 Vienna +43 1 4021235 Partner network