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Should you provide a copywriting discount now for the promise of "more work later"?

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In this presentation of the "How to start an SEO copywriting business" series, I address how to handle a situation that you will likely face many times: a new client wants your copywriting services, but at a first-time discount - with the promise of a lot of work later.

Find out how to deal with this touchy client issue by holding to your rates, while still keeping the client (assuming they're genuine with their promise of more work).

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Should you provide a copywriting discount now for the promise of "more work later"?

  1. 1. How to start an SEO copywritingbusiness Should you provide a discount if the client promises “more work” later?
  2. 2. What the prospect says... - We want to “try you out first” before giving you a lot of work. - We need you to “work with us” this one time. - We know we can push a lot of volume your way.
  3. 3. Suddenly, your brain starts workingovertime “Wow, I could use a bunch of new work! This is exciting!” “What if I don’t discount my rates? Will I be walking away from a super profitable freelance copywriting client?” “I wonder if this person is lying to me?”
  4. 4. Stay calm and carry on (with yournormal copywriting rates.) - Don’t get paid peanuts - hold to your rates. - Unless the client is willing to commit to the additional work in writing - and you can offer them a volume discount - don’t do it.
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  7. 7. Questions? Here’s how to reach me -Industry-endorsed SEO Copywriting Certification training - Writing services - Customized SEO content training Twitter: @heatherlloyd