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Epm 1 2_2_instl_config

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EPM 122 installation & Configuration Guide

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Epm 1 2_2_instl_config

  1. 1. Title:EPM11.1.2.2 InstallationandConfigurationSteps CreatedBy:DeekshaGupta CreatedDate:31st Jan 2015 ModifiedBy: ModifiedDate: PART I – SetupVM Step1: Copythe BlankVM. Step2:Rename the VMname accordingly.
  2. 2. Step3:Openthe VM folderandstartthe .vmx file.
  3. 3. Step4: Nowfirstchange the VMsettings a) Assignatleast2GB of memory
  4. 4. b) Change ‘SharedFolders’setting
  5. 5. c) Change the VMname
  6. 6. Step5: NowPoweronthe VM. Step6: Change the IPand computername of VM.
  7. 7. PART II– EPM11.1.2.2 Installation Step1: Copythe unzippedEPMfilestoC drive of VM.
  8. 8. Step2: Copythe Oracle foldertoC drive of VM. Step3: Install the Oracle Client(EPMA andHFMconfigurationusesit)
  9. 9. Step4: Runthe installTool.cmd tool a) Selectlanguage English
  10. 10. b) The welcome screenwill checkthe prerequisite like hostname /OperatingSystem/Memory/ Oracle Client.Checkif all are available ornotandClickon Next. c) Enterthe locationof Middleware Home andclickon next.
  11. 11. d) Select‘NewInstallation’asinstall type andclickonnext. e) Uncheck all productcomponentsandcheckthe product(s) whichclientrequiresandclickonnext. NOTE: expandthe FoundationComponentsandconfirmthat‘WeblogicApplicationServer’should be selectedelse itwill give issueswhile configuration.
  12. 12. Nowit will promptthe belowerror: The above error saysto install IIS,whichwill be usedtoconfigure Application server. f) Install IIS (i) Go to start -> All Programs -> Administrative Tools ->Manage Your Server
  13. 13. (ii) ClickAddorremove a role (iii) Selectcustomconfigurationandclickonnext
  14. 14. (iv) SelectApplicationserver(IIS,ASP.NET) andclickonnext (v) Nowselectbothof the additional tools(bothare optional butare usedbythe EPMwhile installation).
  15. 15. (vi) Clickonfinish.
  16. 16. g) Nowproceedwiththe installationagain. Clickon OKfor the warningas we have alreadyinstalledASP.NetwhileinstallingIIS. h) Clickon Next.Thiswill take some minutestoinstall.
  17. 17. i) Clickon finish Ignore the oracle commonfilesfailure message,asIhave installedoracle onanotherserver,there is no needof oui (oracle universal installer) toinstall againonthisVM. PART III – EPMConfiguration Step1: Start upDatabase.(AsI am havingOracle installedonanotherserversoIneedtostart up oracle VM).
  18. 18. Step2: configuration: a) Go to start -> All Programs -> Oracle EPM system ->FoundationServices ->EPMSystem Configurator(all instances) b) we can go withthe defaultEPMOracle instance name andclick next
  19. 19. c) create schemafor SharedServicesonOracle’sVM. d) mentionserver,port,SID,username andpasswordforSharedServicesandclickonnext
  20. 20. e) configuringHyperionFoundation: 1) selectsubcomponentsunderHyperionFoundationandclickonnext
  21. 21. The warningshowsthat Oracle Data AccessClientisnotinstalled. Oracle Data Provider(ODP) for.NET2.0, fromthe Oracle Data AccessComponentpackage,hasnot beeninstalled. Thisis a requirementof the Performance ManagementArchitectDimensionServer. Performa custominstallationof the Oracle clientsoftware onthe PerformanceManagement ArchitectDimensionServer.Fromthe listof available componentsmake sure Oracle Data Provider for .NET2.0 is selected. i) Openoui.exe toinstallthe missingoracle dataaccessclient.
  22. 22. ii) selectcustomandclicknext.
  23. 23. iii) ensure thatOracle dataproviderfor.NET2.0 is checkedinthe listandclickNext.
  24. 24. 2) Nowagain go backto the configuratorandconfigure DBfor Performance Management ArchitectandCalculationManager. Thistime it will notgive anywarning. 3) SelectDeploywebapplicationstoa new domainandprovide apassword.
  25. 25. 4) Do NOT check‘Deploythe webapplicationstoa single managedserver’elseitwill create a single service (Managedservername:EPMServer0) andwill use single port(9000) for all the products.
  26. 26. ClickYes
  27. 27. 5) Give SharedServicesAdminpassword
  28. 28. 6) Clicknextandthiswill take some time tocomplete. 7) Clickon taskpanel buttononce all componentsgetssuccessfullyconfiguredand completed.
  29. 29. f) Nowconfigure R&A 1) SelectcomponentsunderReportingandAnalysis 2) Create schemafor R&A on Oracle VM.
  30. 30. 3) Select‘Performfirst-time configuration’andclickokif any warningispromptedrelatedto UTF-8
  31. 31. 4) SelectDeploytoexistingdomainelse itwill create multipleservicesforsingle component and differentdomains.
  32. 32. 5) Clickon taskpanel when all the componentsgetconfiguredandcompletedsuccessfully.
  33. 33. g) Configure Essbase: 1) selectcomponentsunderEssbase 2) Create schemafor EASon Oracle VM.
  34. 34. 3) SelectPerformfirst-timeconfiguration
  35. 35. 4) selectTaskPanel buttononce all the componentsgetsconfiguredandcompleted successfully.
  36. 36. h) configure HFM 1) SelectcomponentsunderFinancial Management 2) Create schemafor HFMon oracle VM.
  37. 37. 3) Selectperformfirsttime configurationandprovideusernameandpassword
  38. 38. To solve the above problem follow the below instructions: a) Copythe tnsnames.orafile from C:appAdministratorproduct11.1.0client_1networkadminsample to C:appAdministratorproduct11.1.0client_1networkadmin b) make necessarychangestothe file
  39. 39. 4) comingback to HFM configuration,now itwill notshow thattnsnames.orawarning.Click OK if itpromptsfor UTF-8 warning.
  40. 40. 5) Nowprovide username andpasswordforDCOM (DistributedComponentObjectModel) user.It isrequiredasHFM isbasedon C++ architecture. Innext release i.e. it will not be required.
  41. 41. Note : Give appropriate name insteadof defaultone (EPM122test/Administrator) else itwillmake issueswill configurationof HFM. 6) Addclusterto HFM, this isusedforload balancingpurpose,if one clusterfailsthenthe data will gettransferredtoanothercluster.
  42. 42. 7) clickon task panel afterall the componentsgetconfiguredsuccessfully.
  43. 43. i) Configure Planning 1) Selectthe componentsunderPlanning 2) Create Schemafor planningonoracle VM
  44. 44. 3) SelectPerformfirsttime configurationandprovidethe userandpasswordcreatedfor planning.
  45. 45. Nowgo to run and type services.mscandchangesthe Startup type fromAutomaticto Manual and start the servicesinthe requiredorder. --------------------------------------------------------------------END------------------------------------------------------------

EPM 122 installation & Configuration Guide


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