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Digital marketing for restaurants

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Digital marketing for restaurants

  1. 1. Digital Marketing ForRestaurantsA Field Guide forDelighting Guests signal 1
  2. 2. These questions have been further complicated by seismic shifts in consumer behavior and media consumption habits. Treating all guests the same using mass-marketing methods is no longer effective. Today, consumers demand individualized and highly relevant communications. Giving your guests the great At Signal, our goal is to be a As a restaurateur, tackling digital marketing experiences they expect in this resource to help create those for the first time can seem daunting. environment can be a challenge. opportunities. This digital But the right digital marketing marketing field guide collects tools can greatly simplify how the insights we have gained What should your strategy be? you communicate with and from our customers’ most learn from your guests. They successful digital campaigns and How much should you spend on each can help you create real value our deep research of restaurant- communication channel? for your customers through marketing best practices. We’re digital marketing — and generate confident that these seven a meaningful return for your recommendations will help youWhich methods can produce the most ROI? business. lay the groundwork for success as you develop and implementAnd how can you ensure that your corporate your own digital marketing plan. and local marketing efforts remain in sync?
  3. 3. Index 1 5Develop Your Digital Content Strategy Deliver Offers That Work Goals Influences, Offer Types, Redemption Rates by Channel, Timing and Delivery 2 6 Define a Test Market Pilot Groups, Stakeholders, Growth Rates Personalize Content for Each of Your Unique Audiences Segmentation Methods 3 Build Your Audience 7 Promotions, Incentives Track Your Success Performance Indicators 4 Learn About Your Customers Survey Methods, Response Rates, Summary Questions to Ask
  4. 4. 1 Develop your digitalcontent strategy Goals
  5. 5. Are you interested in building a large database of brand- connected customers? Are you trying to grow sales through timely offers that drive This is the “take a step back” moment: a time toanalyze your digital marketing goals and identify the incremental foot traffic and strategies that are most likely to meet them. Since capture greater share of wallet?we know this is the hard part, let’s make it easier by asking a few basic questions: Are you launching a high-profile new menu item? Are you trying to build and deepen customer relationships through social media? 8 9
  6. 6. No matter your goals, nor where you are in your marketing Those of you who have already started and lifecycle, Signal can help you construct or enhance your have a list can focus on enhancing your digital digital strategy to garner the desired results. communications with guests by:If you’re interested in building similar restaurants can help you Extending your communications beyond email to includeyour database or fan following, imagine what’s possible. This platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and text messaging.create an acquisition strategy audience-building phase is onefor the next 12 months. What of the most exciting, and we Improving the relevance of your communications by segmentingis the pie-in-the-sky number have some great case studies to your customer base and personalizing messages to their uniqueof engaged fans that you share about customers who have interests, schedules, and platform preferences.want to hit? Looking at the done it well. Signal will coverbenchmark growth rates and this in Section 3. Gaining deeper insights into your guests using reporting capabilitiessubscription totals for other made possible by using a single platform for digital marketing Establishing a consistent workflow across channels to minimize the complexity of scheduling, approving, and sending your messages. Later in this document, Signal will offer tips in each of these areas to help you develop a concrete plan of action. 10 11
  7. 7. If you’re launching a new If you’re tasked with building No matter what you’re tasked With Signal, you can collectitem, the biggest priority is customer relationships via with, we want to ensure that email addresses from yourcreating the exposure, buzz, social media, you should think your strategy is focused on mobile subscribers by asking forand incentives for people to about creating protocols and customer empathy, relevance, their email via text or textinggive it a try. To get the word out, turnaround times for responding and understanding. From what them a link to a web opt-inSignal recommends a cross- to customer concerns posted we’ve learned, understanding form. You can ask your emailchannel approach to reach to social networks. If you preference is key to both subscribers to add their mobilea wide audience and engage start listening to your guests acquisition and retention. Some numbers to their account byeach customer through their over social media, which of your guests may prefer a offering them a link to updatepreferred channel for marketing communications will require morning email. Others may their preferences and profile.communications. With the a response, and which won’t? favor timely text-message And you can ask your socialamount of marketing noise What’s an acceptable response coupons. And others may solely media followers if they aredistracting consumers these time to customer inquiries over rely upon your social media interested in receiving email ordays, it’s important to permeate Facebook and Twitter? The best presence for news, support, mobile alerts. Many guests arethe “field of indifference” and brands on social networks excel information, and offers. A only interested in getting theirsend customers a relevant at listening and responding. cross-channel approach lets you information from your brandpersonalized message the way And they focus on elevating the incorporate the right methods on Twitter or Facebook. Butthey prefer to be reached. To get prominence of their fans — not to reach all of your current and offering your subscribers ayour new menu item on people’s themselves. future guests effectively. choice allows you to delivertrays, it will be important to your content to each of themincentivize those people who appropriately and effectively.may be willing to give it a try. 12 13
  8. 8. By activating and engaging new customers, learning moreabout them, and sending them more relevant offers using How can you get there?their preferred delivery method, you can cultivate stronger If you’re just getting started in email or mobile, customer relationships and create more value for your the first thing you’ll want to do is pick a test market.guests using digital media. This, in turn, will lead to higher offer-redemption rates and more repeat visits. 14 15
  9. 9. 2 Define atest market Pilot Groups Stakeholders Growth Rates
  10. 10. To oversee these efforts, you’ll To begin implementation, we need a vendor who can help suggest that you work with you create a hierarchal account a select group of franchise structure and workflow, and operators in a specified market you’ll need to select a test to roll out your new digital market. program. Consider starting with two to three regions as the What we mean by hierarchal pilot group. Nielsen Designated account structure is the ability Market Areas (DMAs), 2 the to organize your restaurants’ standard for defining regional marketing programs, much like U.S. markets, work great for this. you organize your restaurant management process. The operators in these regions Franchises are local and often can help create the playbook are run by an owner-operator, that documents the ways in while those local franchises are which the program is rolled then overseen by distributed out, measured, and improved regional managers who answer upon. By reducing the number to key figures at the corporate of people involved initially, level. Signal’s application you will be able to rapidly For digital marketing, we recommend a “think global, act allows you to map your digital implement the program with local” approach that enables local franchisees to play less risk. Proving value and marketing programs directly to a role. If you give individual store managers their own the same system. The workflow documenting the effort has thesubscription list, and sometimes their own social presence, acts as a mechanism to preserve added benefit of encouragingthey can access and build upon their immediate customer brand standards and prevent adoption by other franchises. base while still taking advantage of nationally directed abuses by requiring approvals When putting together your test for marketing actions within the campaigns from corporate. plan, you should specifically application. For example, it can identify the stakeholders who be set to require the approval will be responsible for managing of a regional manager before an it, training the employees on email can go out. 18 19
  11. 11. the program, and reporting on Existing data on North In our work for our restaurant If you can set up POS to registerits success. The program can be American restaurant email clients, our experience has coupons redeemed, that willtracked using key performance lists shows a wide range of been that client lists grow over greatly help to simplify theindicators, which we will discuss subscription rates, with the time to reach an average of 300 redemption-tracking process. Ifin-depth later, but the main majority of lists having less than mobile subscribers and 1,500 you can’t, you can use a simpletwo to focus on at first are 500 subscribers and the next- email subscribers per store counter card behind the registeracquisition and redemption. highest percent having more location after three years, with on a clipboard to get started.You’ll want to see that your than 5,000 subscribers. This is top-performing stores attracting Though elementary, this form ofaudience is growing, and that no doubt a reflection of the fact close to 1,500 subscribers for tracking is certainly better thanyour offers are registering with that the restaurant market is text and 7,500 subscribers for none, and the success metricsconsumers and driving them to numerically dominated by small, email. 4 These numbers may will inspire other stores to getthe store. independent restaurants on one at first appear small, but if serious. end and large chain operations you consider the fact that the on the other. average QSR generates about 20,000 unique customer visits per month, it becomes clear that digital is a very effective way to connect with your most loyal North American Restaurant customers.5 Email List Sizes3 over 5000 13% 3000–5000 1000–3000 2% 4% 500–1000 under 500 10% 71% Percentage of Lists with a Given Number of Email Subscribers 20 21
  12. 12. 3build your audience Promotions Incentives
  13. 13. If you are like many restaurateurs, you’re not currently Incentives for subscriptions: pursuing digital marketing, are doing email marketing Little Caesar’s gave out a free small pizza to anyoneonly, or are using separate systems for your SMS and email who signed up and shared his or her address. In one DMA region, this attracted 18,000 subscribers in efforts. By migrating to a cross-channel system, you can under 60 days.6 The value of a subscriber to them start gleaning more information about your subscribers, was greater than the loss of one small pie, and they including their background and channel preferences. viewed this as a huge success.Using a tool like Signal, you can Cross-channel promotions are Culver’s offers new subscribers a free value mealinitially upload your separate a surefire way to speed the upon signing up, and has seen a fantastic response tolists and later deploy tactics to initiation and development of this offer.eliminate duplicate identities. deeper customer relationships.Over time, you will develop a Our efforts powering more thanconsolidated digital platform 150,000 of these successful Slim Chickens restaurant in Arkansas gives out a freethat enables you to get a more campaigns gives us a nice drink with any meal purchase if you show that youunified view of your customers. vantage point on what works. have recently signed up.You will also be able to build We are excited to share someyour audience more effectively real-world examples of effectiveby connecting with existing and approaches for growing yournew subscribers effectively over subscriber base and drawingmultiple channels. them into your brand. 24 25
  14. 14. Sweepstakes offers: Live audience engagement:Sweepstakes have been the most popular approach for effective If you already have a partnership with a local sports team, you canlist-building among Signal customers. By complementing traditional leverage your ad buys to get subscriptions. A sports trivia or pollmeans of contest entry such as text and web with social media game is often enough to activate the audience and get them to joinintegration (Twitter, Facebook), our customers have obtained high your list. After one regional ice cream brand ran a promotion at agrowth rates. football game, it saw a 35% open rate on its follow-up emails. 10 By executing a Facebook sweepstakes tied to a movie Outside of sweepstakes and promotions, if your budget is tight you release, one local brand acquired 80,000 subscribers can use pre-existing planned events, point-of-purchase incentives, in six weeks. 7 and email to integrate calls to action (CTAs) into existing media buys. Here are some tips: More recently, a national brand received 1.5 million requests for a mixed-value promotional coupon in Add a text CTA to your tray liners and in-store signage just two weeks. 8 Post sign-up CTAs on your Facebook and Twitter walls One standalone restaurant ran a Facebook $ Gather sign-ups at a festival or parade sweepstakes for a $250 gift card and received over 6,000 entries—all of whom became new subscribers.9 Use existing radio and television ad buys to prompt subscriptions 26 27
  15. 15. 4 learnabout yourcustomers Survey Methods Response Rates Questions to Ask
  16. 16. You’ve got subscribers! Now what? It’s time to learn more No matter what you’re asking, we recommend limiting your mobile- about their behaviors and preferences. This will help you specific survey interaction to three to five questions. The more questions you ask, the more likely that participants will drop offdevelop much richer relationships with them and keep them before completing the survey.11 Good mobile survey campaigns yieldon your list for the long haul. To understand your customers, 40% response rates, and completion rates exceeding 90% for thoseyou should ensure you are working with the right vendor to who opt to respond.12 According to University of Texas, other survey implement tracking, build analytics, survey your members, methods have the following response rates: and mine your customer database for trends.The restaurants we work with IP for iPhone, SD for standardengage their guests in creative feature phone, and OT forways to uncover more than just other. Later, the customer could Online:a mobile phone number. Good segment its audience based 30% average responseinformation to capture includes upon this response to deliverfood preference, customer age, device-appropriate content.and favorite time of day to visit. Email:A brief mobile or web survey One survey principle that Signal believes in is challenging your 40% average responseis often the easiest way to getthese details. assumptions. One of the most powerful questions is to justOne Signal customer asked its ask customers, “Would you Direct Mail:entire list what type of phone be interested in X?” It’s the 50% average response13they had via text, giving people easiest way to get a true marketthe option to respond with BB assessment on a concept or ideafor BlackBerry, AD for Android, that you’re considering. 30 31
  17. 17. When starting to gather On top of surveying, tools likeinsights, view it as a long-term Signal enable you to identifyrelationship. Don’t feel the need trends in the data of yourto survey your customers every marketing messages. Perhaps aweek. Instead, start by asking a message sent on a Wednesdayfew questions each month. And about a family dinner had aremember to put the consumer 40% open rate, and a messagein control. Reassure them that sent on a separate weekdaythe survey is only to improve about a couples’ night had onlyyour relationship, and that their a 10% open rate. One couldpersonal data will be protected. assume this may mean peopleThis will help increase in your vicinity are more likelyparticipation. to consider your restaurant Once you’ve developed some insights about what for dining with their kids on your customers want, you can begin to craft compelling, weekdays. Insights like this are highly targeted offers. often hiding in plain sight in your campaign data. 32 33
  18. 18. 5 DeliverOffers that Work Influences Offer TypesRedemption Rates by Channel Timing and Delivery
  19. 19. A recent Harris poll15 asked, “What is most important to consumers when deciding where to eat, based on different meals?” The answer highlighted the relative importance of decision-making drivers. Harris Poll on Dining Habits Percent of respondants who say it’s an extremely important or very important factor. Developing a deep understanding of what your customers value will make your offers more effective. price location 50%Coupons are used by roughly a third of QSR diners, mood 47% and are heavily sought by people who research 41% restaurants online. 14 Offers 23% Knowing what is influencing people helps you to understand their psychology when you craft your offer. Below we help you determine what offers work best, via what channel, at what time of day. 36 37
  20. 20. Which offers work best? Most successful offers: By working with our customers to analyze what factorsimpacted the success of their campaigns, we identified the BO best-performing offer types. Here’s what we found. GO -$1 Success factors:High face values Longer redemption periods BOGO The classic buy-one- Dollar Off It’s crazy what peopleConsumers prefer coupons with The longer a customer has to get-one-free offer can be a great will do to save a dollar. One Signalhigher face values as they provide redeem an offer, the higher your method to drive floor traffic and customer saw 430 additional salesa greater incentive to purchase total redemption rate will be. Be increase ticket totals. Evidence has of an item in one day with a $1 offthe product. sure to also consider the lead shown that this offer type increases deal.17 times associated with the various sales up to 13%.16High discount rates  methods of coupon distributionConsumers respond more favorably as you determine the optimalto coupons that offer a higher- expiration period.percentage discount on the averagepurchase price. Security FREE To reduce counterfeiting, takeSeasonality advantage of solutions that preventOfferings targeted for the season the coupon image from appearing Loss Leader Any size soft drink Free Upgrade Low-cost meal size(such as ice cream in the summer on screen, limit the number of for a dollar? Loss-leader incentives upgrades are a great way to getand chili in the winter) are more coupons that can be printed, and like this can get people in the people through the drive through,likely to motivate response. send the coupon directly to the door during slow hours. We’ve had especially in the increasingly hot printer. This simple move both customers tell us about people summers. We’ve seen this deal typeImagery prevents most potential problems turning around in their car while lead to a 33% redemption rate.18If the coupon is for a food and allows you to leverage the heading to another restaurantproduct, featuring an image of the tracking power of the Internet. to visit our client’s because theyproduct always helps to reinforceits taste appeal. received a timely loss-leader offer. 38 39
  21. 21. Which channel should I use? The Power of Mobile (Average 8 to 20% redemption rate)20, 21, 22What channels make the most sense for your offers? Here are some Mobile marketing is a great channel for many reasons: its intimacy,observations. Keep in mind that for freestanding inserts and direct directness, high read rates, high clickthrough, immediacy, andmail, offer redemption rates hang around the 1 to 4% mark.19 Just timeliness. It’s particularly ideal for real-time offers and alerts, suchmore evidence that offers targeted directly at the consumer have as deals designed to drive lunch traffic or weekend specials.higher redemption rates than mass-distributed coupons. Immediacy 83% of texts read within 1 hour. 23 Engagement Share: On the mobile web, 46% of people looking 14–20% Percent Redeemed at restaurant locations, and 29% at the menu. 24 High clickthrough Mobile: Mobile marketing has 3 to 5 times the reported 8–20% Percent Redeemed clickthrough rate of other mediums. 25 High redemption The most successful programs sport coupon Email: redemption rates of up to 69%. 26 2–15% Percent Redeemed Direct Mail: 2% Percent Redeemed 40 41
  22. 22. The Potency of Email The Potential of Social (Average 2 to 15% redemption rate)27,28,29 (Average 14 to 20% redemption rate)32,33Email is considered the “tried and true” digital marketing channel. Social media is the fastest-growing channel of all and offers multiple Its advantages include ubiquity, low cost, sophisticated tracking advantages. It’s free, has an incredibly high user volume, is acapabilities, high-activity periods, personalization capability, and trusted channel, offers utility as the face of brand, has high click- legacy lists. It’s great for morning offers to attract people to your through rates, and has a propensity to go viral through sharing. restaurant for dinner or the weekend. 30 According to eMarketer, 37% of Facebook users like fan pages just to receive coupons and deals.34 Though data tracking social media’s Cost effectiveness is limited, case studies have shown deals leading to Email is inexpensive, often costing well redemption rates of up to 20%.35 under a penny per email message. High adoption rates Legacy lists There are over 45 million36 smartphones in the U.S., more than 100Chances are you already have a database of guest email addresses. million Twitter users,37 and over 800 million Facebook users.38It’s easy to get started with email offers when you already have an opted-in group of brand-interested customers. Heavy usage for research On the mobile web, 46% of people look at High-activity periods restaurant locations, and 29% at menus.39Email open rates and click rates are very high in the early morning, and also attractive in mid-afternoon and early evening.31 Engagement periods The social network activity rate on Twitter and Facebook is highest in the morning, during lunch, and in late evening. Social posts are a great way to catch attention of consumers on their morning bus ride, or the last few online minutes of the day. 40 Cost Outside of paying a license fee for a solid engagement tool, messaging on Twitter and Facebook is essentially free. 42 43
  23. 23. When should I send offers? As you can see, breakfast is the Lunch is the most popular most spontaneous decision, QSR visit, so offers sent shortly followed by lunch, and lastly before lunch can be very dinner, which people tend to successful in driving visits. ponder most deeply. One could 41 These offers should ideally be“Day of week is very important. We see substantially higher assume lunch offers should be communicated via text or social redemption rates on weekends than say a Thursday.” sent within the hour before local network, as email is not heavily – Signal Customer, New Media Manager lunch time, and dinner offers used during the lunch period. any time after 5 p.m., yet the earlier the better. Dinner offers work best You’re probably wondering what the best time of day is to delivered in the early evening,send offers. Engaging your guests at the right time can make To summarize, the rate and are also acceptable in the the difference between people reading and ignoring your of discount, urgency, and morning via email or tweet. emails and texts. The best way to know the optimal time to seasonality of your offer have a Convenience and value are the crucial impact on redemption most important factors drivingsend is through testing, but there’s plenty of solid benchmark rates. The greater the deal, the QSR decision-making. data available to provide directional insights. Google Think more likely it will be redeemed. Insights asked the question, “When are dining decisions When planning your offers, being made?” to compile the following data. consider that breakfast deals are a crapshoot, as breakfast is the least-visited QSR option, Majority of Diners are Planning Where to Eat and the decision is rarely made How far in advance do diners decide which restaurant to go to? based upon factors you can control. Breakfast Lunch Dinner Always go to the same place Less than an hour An hour or more Impulse 44 45
  24. 24. 6 personalizecontent for each of yourUnique Audiences Which offers work best? Which channel should I use? When should I send offers?
  25. 25. According to a Forrester Research study, Another way to segment is still benefit from a master list, nearly $144 million will be wasted by 2014 by age attributes, collected but can have some sub-segments when you ask for birthday to target on and improve ROI. on emails that get lost in inbox clutter due to a lack information. Would you address For instance, you could set up of relevancy. 42 Marketing fails when companies the over-60 crowd of diners the a segment for those interested ignore customer expectations and take customer same way as the college kids? in only family sized-deals, relationships for granted by sending too many It’s unlikely. Segmentation can weeknight deals, or late-night untargeted messages. help you target your tone as well deals. You could segment by as your offers. menu items, creating sub-groups for submarine, salad, and pizzaAs we’ve established, customers commonplace gives you an A third recommendation is to lovers. Or you could segmentare full of valuable information opportunity to outperform the create segments based upon vegetarians from meat-lovers.that can help you market to norm, steal customers from the deal interests. This way you’llthem more effectively. Armed competition, and deliver the bestwith all the great insights return on your marketing’ve collected, your focus Data has shown that segmentation can help you achieveshould be on creating highly One way to begin segmenting up to a 90% increase in open rates, and a 46% increasetargeted and personalized is to create similar groups in clickthrough. 43 More importantly, you can improvemessaging. Products like Signal of customers based on data attributes collected, and quickly relationships by sparing your guests from junk mail.offer all the tools necessaryto do this very efficiently. As execute alternative offers andwe’ve observed working with test different call-to-actionrestaurant marketers, too many language to subgroups withinof you are missing this important a segment to test their relativecomponent to keeping your effectiveness. As your databasesubscribers engaged. The continues to grow, the benefitsfact that such targeting is not of this segmenting approach will become increasingly evident. 48 49
  26. 26. 7 track your successPerformance Indicators
  27. 27. Now that you’re creating great relationships with your In addition, you should get comfortable with cohort analyses to help customers and sending personalized relevant offers, it’s track stickiness. Simply put, cohort analysis means dividing your subscribers into groups to better profile your list. For example, bytime to track your success. Without a way to measure your dividing your list into groups based on length of subscriptions, you program, you won’t know what management decisions to can see if most of your customers have been involved 1 to 3 months, make during the program’s lifecycle. We’ve narrowed it 3 to 6, 6 to 9, or up to a year or more. This is a useful indicator of how down to nine performance indicators that you can begin successful you’ve been in retaining subscribers long term. tracking immediately. Response Acquisition Tracking response is easy if you know what to measure. Often click- through rates, open rates, and survey response rates are the metricsEvery opt-in or new follower is a win. By reviewing the volume of that can best help you determine what subject lines and offerspermission-based opt-ins over time, you can gauge your success register best with your audience.on a campaign-by-campaign basis. The Signal platform allows youto easily identify which ads or promotions in a campaign led to newsubscribers, a key for determining which tactics you should focus on Redemption ratein future campaigns. How many people opened the coupon, and of those how many actually showed up in store to redeem it? Redemption is a true metric of how compelling your offers are. If people are opening Stickiness but not redeeming them, it’s time to rethink your offer strategy. If aIt’s critical to retain subscribers and maintain valuable touch points third or more of your offers sent are being redeemed, you’re doingwith your guests. To ensure stickiness, your CTAs when asking for something right.the initial subscription should clearly and honestly state the contentpeople will receive when they join your list. If your unsubscribe rateis over 10%, you’re doing something wrong. 44 52 53
  28. 28. Average sales per redemption Response timeBy looking at ticket totals when a purchase is made with a marketing When managing customer relationships through social networks oroffer redeemed, you can start to see if you are getting true ROI out of email, you should track how long it takes your team to respond tothese offers. If you compare this figure to non-offer ticket totals – how customer issues and complaints. Once you see your initial average,does it stack up? As apparel retailers such as the Gap and Banana and the volume of issues, you can set a goal for where you want to be.Republic have proven, sometimes a small discount can be the nudgeto drive additional purchases. Average cost per acquired subscriber or fanHow much did it cost you to acquire a subscriber? If you ran abillboard advertisement for $10,000 and were told you would get500,000 impressions, that’s roughly $.02 per impression. If 10%of people opt in, you’ve paid $10,000 for 50,000 subscribers —$.20 for each converted subscriber. This figure should go into yourcalculations to help you understand if your program is profitable. Average value of a subscriberLooking at redemption rates, the average number of digital “offer-holding” visits each month, and the average ticket total of these visits,you can start to put together the average monthly value of a subscriber. Customer satisfactionWhen you survey customers, add a question about satisfaction and askthem how they feel about your menu, customer service, and ambiance.Service companies (Netflix, Comcast) have mastered this art. Look tothem for inspiration. Similarly, you should use your social analyticstoolset to track the “brand sentiment” online. If it’s mainly negative,you should figure out what’s necessary to remedy that. 54 55
  29. 29. summary About Signal“All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; Signal develops and provides marketing solutions the point is to discover them.” - Galileo Galilei designed to help companies acquire, retain and develop customer relationships via mobile, social, web and email.You’ve made it to the end of industries, the opportunity The company’s easy-to-use software-as-a-service cross-our digital field guide, and we to be a recognized leader in channel campaign management platform (Signal) enableshope you’ve gathered some restaurant marketing is yours for marketers to rapidly develop, execute, and analyzethought-provoking insights along the taking. campaigns using multiple channels, all feeding a commonthe way. With a cross-channel As you embark upon your digital customer database embracing the concept of a universalstrategy focused on customerunderstanding, you’re headed marketing plan, the guiding profile. Used by many leading brands, retailers, onlinein the right direction. We’d like principle we hope you follow services, agencies, and broadcast media, Signal processesyou to consider this document is to power your engagement millions of customer interactions each a handbook for testing. We efforts through empathy andhope you test our tips, break our relevancy. As you learn aboutbenchmarks, and create a new your customers’ behaviors and www.signalhq.comdigital case study of your own. preferences, you can integrate those insights into yourAt this point, you are ready marketing messages. Using this hello@signalhq.comto go out and blaze trails for approach, you will be able tothe restaurant world. With make choices that deepen your 877–450–0075the bar currently set lower for customer relationships throughintelligence-driven offers in sincerity, relevance, and respect.restaurants than in many other 57
  30. 30. Notes 25. higher-study1. Research of Signal’s top 50 QSRs 26. achieves-69-redemption-rate-with-sms-10675/3. 27. Research of Signal’s top 50 QSRsstatistics 28. Research of Signal’s top 50 QSRs 29. report_WP.pdf6. Research of Signal’s top 50 QSRs 30. Ibid. 31. Ibid.8. Ibid. 32. with-facebook/9. Ibid. 33. Ibid. 34. 35. 36. 37. 38. 39. 40. Research of Signal’s top 50 QSRs 41. Ibid. 42.,1769,1286,00.html18. Ibid. 43. 44. Research of Signal’s top 50 QSRs21. 58 59