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Best Brand Activations - May 2019

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This month, we selected the 10
best practice examples for brand
Explore cases from Peroni, Klarna
that decided to go offline for a
change or Adidas creatively using
AirDrop. Check how AirBnB builds
their brand by caring about the ones
in need...

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Best Brand Activations - May 2019

  1. 1. MAY 2019 welcome to our snapshot: the best brand activations, may 2019 This month, we selected the 10 best practice examples for brand activation. Explore cases from Peroni, Klarna that decided to go offline for a change or Adidas creatively using AirDrop. Check how AirBnB builds their brand by caring about the ones in need. signmesh research team monitors what is happening out there every day. If you need more best practice examples, get in touch with us, Fabiola Lewandowska
  2. 2. The creative hub that celebrates up-and-coming talent in the world of fashion and drink is expanding to several cities across Europe. Peroni teamed up with 10 artists who made artwork and installations inspired by the brewing company. Recently launched in Paris, the immersive experience features an expressions studio where guests can watch a two-minute film about the artists involved in the activation. Outside the main area, there will be a phone featuring pre-recorded messages from the artists talking about their experiences. Additionally there will be gelato made by Michelin-star chef Killian Crowley on the spot. In addition to Paris, the creative hub will also launch in Barcelona and Stockholm in the near future. Read more – BRAND ACTIVATION House Of Peroni Launches Across Europe
  3. 3. The Body Shop launches an in-store recycling scheme encouraging people to return their used bottles. Launched in partnership with ethical sourcing platform Plastics For Change, the scheme empowers people to make a change by inviting them to return their used bottles to select stores and receive vouchers in exchange.The initiative is available in the UK, Australia, Canada, France and Germany. As part of its fight against plastic pollution, the high street beauty chain will also purchase 250 tonnes of Community Trade plastic from Bengaluru, India to use in nearly three million of its 250ml haircare bottles. Read more – BRAND ACTIVATION The Body Shop Launches In-Store Recycling Scheme
  4. 4. AirBnB hosts in the U.S. are now able to donate a portion of their income to non-profit organisations. Hosts will have the option to tell AirBnB the percentage they wish to donate - anywhere from 1% to 100% of their earnings - and the company will send the funds over to a non-profit that helps people find shelter. 100% of the host’s contributions will go to leading charitable organizations such as All Hands and Hearts, the Make-A-Wish Foundation, the International Rescue Committee, and Mercy Corps. Those who donate will also get updates about how their contributions have helped an individual or family find a home. The feature will initially debut in the U.S., however, a global rollout is expected in the near future. Read more – BRAND ACTIVATION AirBnB Lets Hosts Donate To Communities In Need
  5. 5. The new signing store provides employment opportunities for the deaf and hard-of-hearing community. Located in Guangzhou, the store aims to raise awareness for the deaf and hard-of-hearing community by providing them with career opportunities. The store is installed with writing pads and double-sided display screens so customers who are not familiar with sign language can write down their orders. The signing store also features artwork and unique merchandise designed by hearing-impaired artists. For those who want to learn more about sign language, there will workshops hosted at the store. Read more – BRAND ACTIVATION Starbucks Opens Sign Language Store In China
  6. 6. The company is testing a new app-based service that uses real-time location to deliver orders to drivers in motion. Called "The Traffic Jam Whopper", the service uses an app which allows drivers to place orders and get food delivered to them while stuck in traffic. Burger King uses Google’s real-time traffic reports to identify areas with traffic jams. The drivers, however, need to be within a 3-kilometer radius in order for the food to arrive hot and the drinks to be cold. The fast food chain firstly tested the service in Mexico City, and has further plans to expand it to Los Angeles, Sao Paulo and Shanghai. Read more – BRAND ACTIVATION Burger King To Deliver Burgers To Drivers Stuck In Traffic
  7. 7. Payments provider Klarna is set to open a pop-up in London featuring top retailers offering fashion, styling, beauty treatments, events and more. The Swedish company has partnered with some of the UK’s biggest brands including ASOS, In The Style, Beauty Bay and more. Located in London’s Covent Garden, the double storey pop-up will offer a mixture of lifestyle events, styling sessions, masterclasses and free beauty treatments. Customers will also be able to purchase products from coveted brands such as Finery, Schuh and Swoon. The initiative will showcase Klarna’s in-store capabilities, with customers being able to "pay later" via their smartphones. Read more – BRAND ACTIVATION Swedish Bank To Open Fashion Pop-Up In London
  8. 8. Adidas gifted randomly chosen Coachella attendees with shoes via Apple’s Airdrop. Sportswear brand Adidas rewarded a randomly selected number of Coachella attendees with a new sneaker collaboration with musician Childish Gambino a.k.a. Donald Glover via Apple’s AirDrop. They received a picture of the shoe called "Nizza," and if they accepted it, they received a free pair of them if they picked them up within one hour. A note, coming with the shoes, asked the lucky "winners" to wear them, keep them on for the duration of the festival and watch Childish Gambino’s show to promote the collaboration. Read more – BRAND ACTIVATION Adidas Giving Out Free Shoes Via AirDrop
  9. 9. The fast food chain is set to open a hotel in Palm Springs, California. Called The Bell Hotel & Resort, the hotel will feature taco-themed rooms which will be available for a limited amount of time. It will also feature a poolside cocktail bar and an on-site saloon where guests will be able to request Taco Bell-inspired nail art and beauty treatments. Additionally there will be a Taco Bell restaurant with some new menu items. According to the company, The Bell will be an adults-only resort with a minimum age limit of 18. Further details about the hotel & resort have yet to be announced. Read more – BRAND ACTIVATION Taco Bell To Launch Hotel And Resort
  10. 10. The Swedish clothing brand launches product transparency for all garments on its online shopping site. For each garment, customers will now be able to find details such as production country, supplier names, factory names and addresses as well as the number of workers in the factories. Additionally it is possible to find further information about the materials used to make a specific garment. Available in 47 H&M’s online markets, the initiative also applies to the majority of H&M HOME interior products. Customers shopping in physical stores can also access the details by simply using the H&M app to scan the price tag on a product. Read more – BRAND ACTIVATION H&M Brings Product Transparency To Online Apparel
  11. 11. The fast food chain has created a miniature version of its restaurant called McHive. The tiny structure, which is located in Sweden, is designed to house thousands of bees. It features a scaled down version of every aspect of a traditional McDonald’s branch, including a Drive-Thru hatch, golden arches, and adverts on windows. In an effort to lessen their environmental impact, some of McDonald’s restaurants in Sweden have begun installing beehives on their rooftops. The McHive project, which was designed by Nordic ad agency NORD DDB, aims to celebrate the beehives. Read more – BRAND ACTIVATION World’s Tiniest McDonald’s Is Catered To Bees
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