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Legends,grade 6

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Legends,grade 6

  1. 1. Grade 6
  2. 2. What is a legend?  A legend is a semi-true story which has been passed on from person-to-person , usually through oral tradition  It has important meaning or symbolism and it’s used to scare, teach, inform, or entertain.  Legends usually involve heroic characters or fantastic places
  3. 3. The Legend of King Arthur King Arthur is a British legend who existed during the medieval times and is believed to have led the defense of Britain against the Saxon
  4. 4. Basic vocabulary revision The Legend of King Arthur A WIZARD (Merlin) A CROWN A SWORD (Excalibur) A KNIGHT (Lancelot, Bedwere..) A CASTLE (Camelot)
  5. 5. What are some other legends? Bigfoot (Sasquatch) Bigfoot is a creature that resembles an ape but is also purported to have some human characteristics.
  6. 6. The Legend of Atlantis THE LOST CITY – It is believed that there was an island named Atlantis, which was also a continent but it got sink over a period of a night time.
  7. 7. The legend of Robin Hood He was a thief who fought against the injustice and tyranny by stealing from the rich and giving the money to the poor.
  8. 8. Useful links • • • tton_hoo_index.html