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SK Pharma - Pharmaceutical company

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SK Pharma is a multinational corporation, one of the global leaders in development and production of generic and biosimilar pharmaceuticals. Website:

SK Pharma - Pharmaceutical company

  1. 1. SK PHARMA GROUP Quality. Innovation. Professionalism..
  2. 2. A Brief Introduction…
  3. 3. SK PHARMA Group:
  4. 4. Primary Methods of Cooperation
  5. 5. Our Working Process
  6. 6. SK PHARMA Distributes Worldwide:
  7. 7. Our Product Groups:
  8. 8. Our Polices:
  9. 9. SK PHARMA Advantages
  10. 10. SK PHARMA Activity:
  11. 11. SK PHARMA is the one-stop solution for introduction of new products: Our company complies with all demands, including registration, marketing, promotion, and distribution Our creative and dynamic team is constantly monitoring new technologies to improve promotion of our products International, multilingual, and experienced staff Strong lobbying department for introduction of new pharmaceutical solutions Consistently selected as recipients of governmental tenders
  12. 12. Our goal is to provide the most advanced pharmaceutical solutions to patients
  13. 13. Thank you, SK PHARMA: Tel: 972-3-6114543 Fax: 972-3-7512601 Location: SK GARAN Ltd. Moshe Aviv Tower, Jabotinski 7, 27th Floor Ramat Gan, Israel E-mail: website: