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Scratch 3 - challenge 3

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Activity: make a simple scratch game. You control the cat with your cursor keys and it has to catch some bananas moving around the screen while avoiding an enemy.
NOTE: It looks awful online but if you save it and open it with LibreOffice it looks OK (plus: you can edit it freely!).

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Scratch 3 - challenge 3

  1. 1. Scratch Challenge 3 Challenge 3: Make the cat move controlled by the cursor keys and collect 3 oranges that appear randomly scattered around the screen Goal 1: make the cat move using the cursor keys – remember our first lesson! Goal 2: detect if the orange is being touched and make it hide Goal 3: make the oranges appear on a random position at the beginning of the program execution Extra challenge: make the oranges move around the screen randomly Extra Challenge 2: Each time the cat grabs an orange, make the score go up by 1. You will have to create a variable named “score” Samuel Landete Benavente 1/2
  2. 2. Scratch Challenge 3 Extra Challenge 3: Make an enemy that moves around the screen randomly (or aims at the sprite) and take a life each time it touches the cat. Extra challenge 4: Make a 1 min countdown clock that the cat has to beat – or else, game over. Extra Challenge 5: Make an introduction screen and 2 ending screen (“Game Over” and “You won”) Extra Challenge 6: Add music and sound effects. Samuel Landete Benavente 2/2