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5 Marketing Myths Busted

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5 Marketing Myths Busted

  1. 1. 5 myths marketingBUSTED!! brought to you by
  2. 2. MYTH 1 Targeted marketing is based on gender, age, nationality, location and income groups answer: false TRUTH: Two individuals of the same age, gender, nationality and spending power may not necessarily prefer the same product or service. Luxury retail and service industries are known to cater to people from different backgrounds and age groups. Real targeted marketing is about communicating with people having similar behaviour patterns dictated by their lifestyle preferences. Today’s high tech data mining tools and customer analytics allow you to target only those who have the propensity to spend on your products/services. smartcast AD+VANTAGE • Our multi-sourcing capability and expertise in data mining and customer analytics helps us identify people with lifestyle preferences for your offerings. • Our data also includes details of people who prefer your competitors over you. • Data with such depth can only be populated by powerful tech tools (not through lists5 myths collected from exhibitions or populated by call centres) marketingBUSTED!!
  3. 3. MYTH 2 Digital marketing is targeted marketing answer: false TRUTH: Digital marketing (sms, email, social media) is just a cheaper form of traditional marketing (billboards, radio, television). It is still broadcasting to a large audience, most of whom are not your customers. Targeted marketing can be done using both digital and traditional media, provided it is capturing the attention of people who want products/services that are either provided by you or your competitors. smartcast AD+VANTAGE • We offer pre-populated lists and can create custom lists based on demographics and lifestyle habits of UAE residents (no blue collar workers). • We have multiple layers of information on each prospect from at least 15 different sources to create a super profile for these individuals.5 myths • We have built this information over 30 months and have kept it updated on a daily basis. marketing • The best part is that, you can choose your channel of communication. We offer voice, sms, email, courier or social media channels to get in touch with people most likely to be your customers.BUSTED!!
  4. 4. MYTH 3 ROI is measured by emails clicked, facebook ‘likes’, twitter followers, etc. answer: false TRUTH: Opened emails, facebook likes and twitter followers are just the first few metres covered in a marketing marathon. Okay, so 10,000 people like you on facebook. Now what? Do they love your brand enough to start spending on your offerings? To become a marketing superstar, you have to show hard dollar figures earned exclusively by the marketing team’s activities. And these activities should not always be about discounts. It should be about engaging the right people, incentivising them, improving loyalty and developing an undisputed case on how your marketing strategy is reaping in the profits. smartcast AD+VANTAGE • We can help you engage with the right people and implement your strategy • We believe in showcasing marketing ROI in dollars (because that’s the fastest way to becoming a marketing superstar)5 myths • The best part is, when you buy our solution our marketing consultation comes free marketingBUSTED!!
  5. 5. MYTH 4 The best email campaign is a perfect message blasted to a huge audience answer: false TRUTH: Forget email blasts. It’s time to stop spamming just about anyone. Also, there is no such thing as creating the perfect communication. The best email campaigns are the ones where you identify the ideal prospects. Send out multiple messages. See which one works. See who’s responding and who’s not. Fine-tune the message. Fine-tune the prospect list. And most importantly, keep the engagement model improving with each campaign. Do not just measure the no. of emails opened. Count the number of dollars earned per campaign. smartcast AD+VANTAGE • We charge per “qualified prospect” and not for a telephone database • We charge per campaign and not for one email blast5 myths • Both the message and prospect list is fine-tuned during each campaign marketing • We believe in a sustainable brand over a one-time surge in customers • We ensure you track and measure each campaign purely in dollarsBUSTED!!
  6. 6. MYTH 5 A top-tier marketing agency knows your customer best answer: false TRUTH: No one knows your customer like you do. If you are capturing data on every customer that engages with you, then that treasure of knowledge is lying somewhere in your organisation. If you use customer analytics effectively, you can immediately know who your best customer is and understand them better than any survey or agency can tell you. Believe it or not, the power rests in your hands. Stop paying an agency for a monthly “metrics” report or to get 10,000 likes on facebook or 20,000 followers on twitter. Today’s school kids can monitor social media traffic and influence people. So why shouldn’t you? smartcast AD+VANTAGE • If you have your own database of customer information, you can use our data mining expertise • You can also lease our tools for visual customer analytics5 myths • Any decision maker with the right questions will find elusive answers lying hidden in marketing the database without the need to depend on ITBUSTED!!